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Janna Breslin

Janna Breslin

Janna Breslin is a renowned American fitness trainer. Janna Breslin is also a model, nutritional therapist and the National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer of Scandinavian descent.

She is immensely popular across the world for being a self-made leading fitness trainer.

She started these all from a very young age and always tried to continue her journeys at any cost.

Such conceptions led her to achieve such great peaks in her life.

She has been the champion of 6 Bikini competitions and has been covered in 6 Magazines.

Early life and Childhood

Janna Breslin, 29, was born on February 17, 1990, under the sign of Aquarius in Thousand Oaks, California, USA. 

Janna was reared in Thousand Oaks as an only child by her father and mother, whose names and occupations have yet to be revealed.

She had an interest in sporting activities early on, and by the beginning of elementary school, she was participating in more than one discipline.

She was already doing cross-country running, track and field, and soccer at this age, but her main concentration at the time was gymnastics, which she did for seven years.

Janna began going to the gym around the start of (unspecified) high school, where she discovered a particular love for weight training.

She developed an exercise routine, followed it religiously for a few years, and chose to become a fitness model before the end of high school.

She was a member of the choir for four years while there.

Education Details

Janna Breslin enrolled at California State University Channel Islands in 2008, finishing with a bachelor’s degree in health communication in 2012, and participating in pole vaulting, high jumping, and other sports.

Professional Career

Breslin began her career as a bikini model immediately after graduating from high school, although she considered the position a transitory one.

She took on numerous positions while studying for her degree to get expertise in the field she initially pursued (in college).

She worked as a receptionist at a senior home in 2009, which she now admits was her favorite job.

After that, she became a pharmaceutical sales representative, a position she held for about a year until her entire team was laid off as overworked.

This was her last job before devoting herself entirely to modeling and fitness.

From the catwalk to the first page, this model’s career has taken her from the runway to the front page.

Janna, a model since 2008, qualified for various National Physique Committee events over the course of three years, earning six first-place trophies.

She changed her career path from swimwear modeling to fitness teaching around 2011.

This change was made feasible by the renown she gained from being featured on the front pages of several magazines.

Since then, she has been providing excellent training guidance to both men and women, saying that cellular health is at the heart of her program and that appropriate nutrition is the primary transformer of the human body.

As a result, she completed a number of nutrition courses over the years to expand her experience in the sector.

She also visits alternative medicine seminars on a monthly basis to bring her fans up to date on any groundbreaking fitness-boosting findings.

 In 2019, she spends most of her time on Instagram and Facebook, where she earns money by advertising food supplements and other healthy products.

Breslin also publishes exercise videos on a regular basis, covering a wide range of targeted body parts to teach her fans the most efficient methods of getting noticeable training results.

She can be featured in fitness magazines from time to time, however, photoshoots are not her first interest right now.

Net worth and Salary

The bulk of credible sources estimates Janna Breslin’s net worth to be close to $1 million,

She acquired it through appearing in numerous fitness magazines during her career, selling fitness advice on her app, and running various wellness programs.

Janna Breslin
Janna Breslin posing. Source: The Gentleman Racer

Because her profession is still gaining traction, the set sum is bound to rise.

Janna normally charges for her nutrition advice, but she occasionally gives it away for free.

One such example is when she explained why it’s necessary to consume 1,000mgs of Omega 3 on a daily basis.

It promotes brain functioning and reduces inflammation risks while also contributing to overall wellbeing and workout efficiency.

Regardless of Janna’s monetary incentive for assisting product placement with such postings, there’s no doubting that they’re generally valuable to her followers, whether or not they make a purchase.

Relationship Status

Janna Breslin’s romantic relationships are well-known and confirmed, despite the fact that she has never been keen to share such information with the media.

She is married to an unnamed man, and it appears that they enjoy touring the world together.

He is a pilot in the United States Air Force, and they married in the first half of 2014.

They are thought to have dated for at least a few years before their intimate wedding in a secret location.

It’s unclear if Janna dated anybody else before him.

They currently reside in San Diego, California, and have not revealed any plans to extend their family.

Mayday is the name of their dog.

Body Measurements

Janna Breslin stands 5feet 8inches (172cm) tall and weighs 139 pounds (63kgs).

Sources are currently unaware of her vital statistics, dress, shoe, and bra size, while her physical form is often regarded as voluptuous.

She has sparkling blue eyes, light brown natural hair, and a tanned skin tone.

Social Media

Janna is expected by her colleagues and clients to maintain her ubiquity on social media through continuous engagements with her followers, including updates about both her personal and professional life.

With a significant presence on the three major social media networks, Breslin appears to be well aware of how this practice may optimize her revenue and fame.

Her Facebook page has approximately 95,000 fans, her Twitter account has fewer than 4,000 followers, and her Instagram account has nearly 700,000 followers.

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  • Janna was born under the sign of Aquarius on the 17th of February 1990, in Thousand Oaks, California USA.
  • She is a 29year old Caucasian fitness instructor, model, nutritional therapist, and National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer of Scandinavian descent.
  • She’s best known to the world for her significant public presence across fashion magazine covers, and other media outlets, owing to the desired fit physique she tends to showcase.
  • Breslin is married to a man of unspecified details, and it looks like they enjoy traveling the world together.
  • He is a US Air Force pilot, whom she wed in the first half of 2014.
  • They are believed to have dated for at least a few years prior to their private ceremony at an undisclosed location.
  • The majority of authoritative sources estimate Janna’s net worth to be approaching $1 million.
  • Janna earned by lending her appearance to various fitness magazines throughout her career, as well as selling fitness advice on her app and conducting various wellness programs.