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Jane Pauley Speaks About Her Health And Sickness She Suffered

Jane Pauley
  • Who is Jane Pauley?
  • Jane Pauley’s Health Problems
  •  Pauley Named as ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Special Host To commemorate the 40th anniversary
  • However, specific segments have yet to be revealed.

Who is Jane Pauley?

Jane Pauley, the CBS Sunday Morning anchor and correspondent, is certainly familiar to you. She is well-known for her reporting abilities, beauty, and her happy marriage to her spouse. However, were you aware of her health problems?

If not, don’t worry! We’ll shed some light on the difficulties Jane endured as a result of her health.

Jane Pauley’s Health Problems

Jane made her comeback with CBS’s Sunday Morning after over 30 years away from NBC’s Today,

and she still looked fresh and attractive with her basic, yet sleek, short hairstyle and her wonderful smile.

But did you know that the ever-smiling face once stunned her fans and colleagues by announcing that she suffered from depression and bipolar disorders while on leave from NBC’s Today in 2001?

Jane even wrote an autobiography called ‘Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue,’ which was published in 2004 and detailed her battle with the condition.

Jane had hives on her skin since she was seven years old, according to an excerpt from her book.

The hives used to appear and disappear on their own schedule.

However, the hives reappeared permanently in March 1999,

while Jane was on vacation with her husband, Garry Pauley, and her three children, Ross, Rachel, and Thomas.

She began to develop red itching rashes on her finger pads, feet, and, most frighteningly, her face.

Jane was now having difficulty appearing in front of the camera as a result of this.

Jane was then given steroids to help treat her hives.

The drug eventually had the desired effect of reducing hives, but it also had a side effect of causing Jane’s mood to become unstable.

She went from being incredibly enthusiastic to sad and began procrastinating, unable to concentrate.

Jane’s physique became responsive to the antidepressant, which irritated her doctor.

Jane was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a year of treatment.

The sickness was only controlled when Jane’s body responded to the lithium treatment and her mood swings were normalized.

Jane began writing her biography in 2001, detailing how her childhood hives led to her psychiatric institutionalization.

But, instead of working on the book, Jane returned to work soon after her recovery.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Today on August 31, 2014,

Jane stated that her battle with the disease transformed her life and that she is now more prepared to achieve success.

Jane currently works as a correspondent and anchor for CBS Sunday Morning and spends quality time with her husband,

who has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

Jane Pauley
Pauley with her husband source: Fabiosa

Pauley Named as ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Special Host To commemorate the 40th anniversary

CBS Sunday Morning will move to primetime for one night only to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a special on September 14, 2018, at 8 p.m. eastern.

“Sunday’s Best: Celebrating 40 Years of ‘CBS Sunday Morning,'” the show will be titled.

Pauley has been announced as the special’s host. Rand Morrison, a ten-time Emmy winner, has also been named executive producer.

Correspondents will also profile key entertainment figures and take an in-depth look at the worlds of art, architecture, and design, among other things.

Lee Cowan, Rita Braver, Mo Rocca, Tracy Smith, and Martha Teichner are among the high-profile correspondents,

while Ted Koppel, Serena Altschul, Nancy Giles, Luke Burbank, David Pogue, Conor Knighton, Faith Salie, Steve Hartman,

and Anthony Mason is among the contributing correspondents.

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However, specific segments have yet to be revealed.

The special show, which first aired on January 28, 1979, with Charles Kuralt as the anchor,

was succeeded in 1994 by Charles Osgood, who held the role until he stepped down in September 2016,

before eventually passing the baton to Jane Pauley.