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Jalynn Elordi- Jacob Elordi Sister Dating?

Jalynn Elordi
  • Jalynn Elordi is the famous actor Jacob Elordi’s younger sister.
  • Jalynn Elordi is a professional photographer.
  • Jacob spoke on The Ellen Show and discussed his naked scene, fear of spiders, and other topics.

Who is Jalynn Elordi?

Jalynn Elordi is the famous actor Jacob Elordi’s younger sister. She was born and raised in the Australian state of Queensland. Her parents’ names are John and Melissa Elordi.

Her two siblings are a brother and a sister. Isabella Elordi is her sister, and Jacob is her brother.

She is a professional photographer.

Relationship Between Brothers

On the set of The Kissing Booth, Jacob met Joey King. Within a few months, they started dating each other.

In the year 2017, they began dating.

By mid-June 2019, he appeared to have moved on with American model Cari Flowers.

Their romance, however, did not last long.

Jacob and Zendaya began dating on the set of Euphoria.

People assumed Jacob was Zendaya’s boyfriend.

The duo was spotted kissing on a New York City street.

They were photographed vacationing together in Greece, attending award presentations, and seeing movies together.

However, they will split up in September 2020.

On his 24th birthday, he was pictured with model Kaia Gerber.

According to the source, they were only friends at first, but their passion blossomed when they were released from quarantine.

They were genuinely committed to each other, according to E-news.

Jacob and Gerber also ended their relationship.

Jacob was the one who instigated the breakup because he felt the relationship was moving too quickly and he wanted to devote more time to his career.

Fear of being stung by a spider

Jacob spoke on The Ellen Show and discussed his naked scene, fear of spiders, and other topics.

Ellen began the interview by inquiring about Jacob’s appearance as an audience member on her show in 2017.

A little video clip showed Jacob standing between the audience and watching Ellen’s show.

He revealed that he was on Ellen’s show with a friend,

and he came to watch Ellen’s show because his friend had urged him to.

It’s incredible that Jacob was in the audience during the show and is now there for the interview.

Both he and his pal are now quite successful.

He then replied that he is quite tall and that his height is 6’5.

Jacob is an Australian native.

He grew up in Queensland before moving to America.

He stated that he relocated to America and then returned to Australia for a period of time,

but that when he returned to Australia, he became terrified of spiders and snakes.

It was strange for him because he was from Australia and had grown up seeing those creatures,

but after living in the US and returning home, he became afraid of them.

Jacob then revealed a spider.

He claimed to have seen a funnel-web spider in his garage, which terrified him.

He googled the spider after seeing it and discovered it could kill a person.

If a person is bitten by the spider, their muscles shut down after 30 minutes,

foam oozes out of their lips, and they die for no apparent cause.

Jacob then discussed his naked scene in Euphoria.

He is seen naked in the majority of the scenes.

Jacob claimed that he is now quite comfortable doing naked scenes because he has done a lot across many seasons.

He has now maintained ties with crew members, and becoming naked in front of them

is like getting naked in front of family to him.

Height and Age

Jalynn’s age is 22.

She stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Her exact weight is unknown.

She is of Australian nationality and follows the Christian faith.

Her ancestry is Basque.

Net Worth

Jalynn’s net worth is unknown.

A photographer earns an average annual pay of $50,000 to $70,000, according to the Australian salary distributor.

Her brother Jacob, on the other hand, is reported to have a net worth of $1 million.

Over the previous five years, he had amassed a fortune from his acting career.

Concerning Brother Jacob

Jacob is a well-known Australian actor.

He was born on June 26, 1997, in Brisbane, Australia, and grew up there.

Jacob has two sisters.

He rose to prominence as a result of the Netflix film The Kissing Booth.

Jalynn Elordi
Elordi with her brother Jacob source: PopBuzz

Jacob Talked About His Nude Scene in Ellen’s Show

He stated that there is an intimacy coordinator who would advise him on whether he is comfortable being naked in certain scenarios.

Jacob made a joke about his family being a naked friendly family.

He became accustomed to those scenarios since the character required it.

Ellen also mentioned that he was an audience member on her show in 2017.

He also mentioned that he came with Joey King.

Brother’s First Talk Show

Jacob came on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote Kissing Booth 3.

He picked up an American accent in school.

He always aspired to become an actor from a very young age.

Jacob used to listen to a lot of Eminem songs to master the American accent.

He described spending six months in Australia with his parents during the first covid wave.

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Elordi’s Facts

Jacob played a brief role in Pirates of the Caribbean: “Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

He confessed that he was a great admirer of High School Musical in an interview.

On the sets of the Kissing Booth, he learned to ride a bike.

During his high school years, he was highly interested in photography.

He promotes his talent through social media. He has an Australian accent, which adds to his allure.