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Jaden Smith Dating An Unknown Girlfriend After Divorce From Sarah Snyder?

Jaden Smith
  • Jaden Smith has remained silent about his dating status following his split from ex-girlfriend Sarah Snyder.
  • His appearance with the blonde raises new questions about his sexuality.
  • He just praised Tyler the Creator, his alleged ‘lover,’ on his Grammy win.

Jaden Smith has remained silent about his dating status following his split from ex-girlfriend Sarah Snyder. However, Jordan appears to be dating someone new. The rapper was recently photographed surfing with a strange blonde.

His appearance with the blonde raises new questions about his sexuality. He just praised Tyler the Creator, his alleged ‘lover,’ on his Grammy win. And now he’s allegedly hooking up with a woman.

In 2021, who is Jaden Smith dating? A Strange Lady Was Seen Surfing

Nonetheless, the answer to the question, “Who is Jaden Smith dating in 2021?”

It should be quite straightforward, but to be honest, it’s quite complicated.

According to the books, he is unmarried, but his recent outing calls his dating status into question.’

Jaden walks alongside a blonde female while holding a surfboard.

While we combat Covid-19, half of the world’s population is in lockdown owing to this catastrophic pandemic.

Similarly, the state of California declared an urgent lockdown a few days ago.

But it appears Jaden isn’t used to this social distance,

since he was caught surfing with a strange lady in Malibu.

Jaden was walking alongside his alleged “girlfriend” with a surfboard in his hand.

Will Smith’s son wore a black wetsuit, while the blonde beauty with the dimple

on her left cheek wore a black coat and baggy pants.

She wore her hair back and carried a towel and a green bag.

This is the first time Jaden has been seen with the lady,

and tabloids are immediately speculating that they are dating.

Jaden’s representative has yet to comment.

Jada Smith claims Jaden is practicing social distancing, but his actions speak for themselves.

Jada Pinkett-Smith commended her son for socially distancing himself on a recent edition of Red Table Talk.

Jaden travels a lot as a rapper, and due to the recent epidemic,

he is concerned about the health of his family, particularly his maternal grandma, Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

“You will see that Jaden is not here with us today because he is actually being a responsible young person!”

she said in the show. He’s been practicing social detachment

and traveling a lot, and his major worry has been Gammy.

So he’s decided to stay inside and is genuinely obeying commands.”

And his most recent performance proves otherwise. So much for social separation, as they say.

Smith, Jaden Previous relationships: Divorced Sarah Snyder

Jaden Smith
Smith with his girlfriend source: Daily Mail

The Karate Kid actor was in a two-year romance with actress and model Sarah Snyder in 2017.

According to reports, the earlier flames began to fade in early 2015.

Jaden and Sarah first appeared together at the 2015 New York Fashion Week,

when they displayed a lot of PDA. Just a few days later,

Sarah posted a photo of the couple with the caption, ‘Lit,’ clearly confirming the romance.

Unfortunately, Jaden and Sarah split up after sharing many sweet moments

and became relationship goals in their fandoms.

A source close to the pair told US Weekly at the time that “Jaden Smith broke it off because they

“started growing apart.” They’d been on the rocks for a time… and had ceased sharing hobbies.”

Interestingly, Sarah was pictured with Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio just a few months after their divorce.

Onlookers noticed them eating dinner with a large group of buddies.

Rumor has it that they hooked up, and knowing Leo, that’s not entirely out of the question.

Odessa Adlon’s daughter Pamela Adlon dated him. In 2018

Smith, 21, also dated Pamela Adlon’s daughter, Odessa Adlon.

When he went to her prom as her date in 2018, the two ignited suspicions.

They were together for around a year before splitting up.

At the time, a source claimed that Jaden kissed a female who wasn’t Odessa,

sending the message that they were no longer together.

Tyler, Jaden Smith’s boyfriend Is Jaden Smith Gay Or Pansexual, According to the Creator?

It all started when, seemingly out of nowhere, Jaden Smith shouted at Tyler,

\The Creator during the 2018 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival and said,

Tyler, the Creator is my f*cking boyfriend! That is correct.”

Tyler, The Creator nodded his head, ‘no,’ and smiled as the audience was taken aback by his revelation.

And, just when he appeared to be coming out of the closet,

Jaden tweeted about it, firmly cementing his sexuality.

We were all impressed by their alleged friendship,

but it all came to an end when Tyler commented, saying Jaden is simply trolling.

Jaden also praised his putative boyfriend Tyler after he won a Grammy for Igor in January 2020.

“My Boyfriend Just Won a Grammy,” he tweeted.

Furthermore, Jaden’s presence with the blond lady raises even more doubt about his sexuality.

That is something only time will tell!