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Jack Benny’s wife, Mary Livingstone: His gay rumors

Jack Benny
  • Jack Benny was an American entertainer.
  • Benny used to play the violin on the vaudeville circuit before becoming one of the twentieth century’s most prominent entertainers with a prominent comedic career in radio, television, and film.
  • He was famous for his comedic timing and ability to make people laugh with just a pause or a single expression, such as his signature exasperated summation, “Well!
  • His radio and television shows were popular, and he had a significant impact on the sitcom subgenre from 1932 until his death in 1974.

Late comedian and radio and television celebrity Jack Benny married radio comedienne Mary Livingston in 1927, and they were married for over four decades until he died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 80.

The marriage of Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone

Jack Benny’s wife, Livingstone, was 12 years old at the time of their first meeting, and the former was dating her older sister.

They reconnected when Livingstone, then 17, and her family visited California, specifically Los Angeles, while he was in the same city for a show.

But after two weeks of regular dates, they split up, only to reunite two years later, in 1927.

The couple allegedly met while Livingstone was working as a lingerie salesgirl at the May Company department store in downtown Los Angeles.

When he accepted an invitation to go on a double date from a friend who had married her sister, Babe, the American entertainer invited her along to keep him company.

This time, their chemistry was strong, and the late comedian eventually asked for a second date with her.

She declined him at first because she was seeing another man, but he persisted.

Jack Benny
jack benny with his wife, Mary Livingston. Source: pinterest

He was said to have purchased so much women’s hosiery from her at the May Company that he assisted her in setting sales records.

He also kept in touch with her while traveling and paid her daily visits.

On January 14, 1927, one week after he proposed, they married at the Clayton Hotel in Waukegan, Illinois.

When NBC offered Benny a spot on their network in 1932, Livingstone became a regular cast member of The Jack Benny Program.

She stayed with the show until 1960 when she left the entertainment industry.

She died on June 30, 1983, five days after her 78th birthday, from heart disease at her home in Holmby Hills, after writing a biography of her husband.

In 1934, Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone adopted a child

In 1934, Jack adopted a two-week-old girl named Joanie.

Joanie, who is in her late eighties, has vivid memories and “absolutely” adores her father.

“He was a truly nice man,” she told Closer Weekly. She also mentioned that her father’s friend Abbe Lane had said that, despite working with many insane comedians, Benny was the best.

“I’m not sure if I came in first or second, but I think the show came in first,” Joanie added.

That was all right. We were actually very close because my mother didn’t like to go out much, so I went to all the baseball games with my dad,” according to the outlet.

According to Joanie, her father was a celebrity who rarely lost his temper and enjoyed interacting with fans wherever he went.

“He was fond of signing autographs.” “He was obsessed with being famous,” she recalled.

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The real story behind Jack Benny’s gay rumors

While speaking, renowned comedian Benny adopted a feminine demeanor and made queer-like hand gestures.

The numerous on-screen antics of The Jack Benny Program gave his viewers the impression that he was gay.

If the 1960s had modern social media breakthroughs like today, people might have discovered he wasn’t gay through his own social media posts or by closely following whoever he was dating.

However, viewers believed what they saw because they could only see the late television icon during his show.