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Is Scott Disick Dating Sofia Richie? Know The Truth

Scott Disick
  • Scott Disick is a social media personality.
  • Scott and Sofia Richie’s celebrity relationship is without a doubt the most complicated.
  • It all started on May 28, 2017, when TMZ first reported Sofia and Scott were dating.
  • According to a source, Sofia ended their relationship due to Scott’s drinking problem and old issues.

Who is Scott Disick?

Scott Disick is a social media personality. Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s celebrity relationship is without a doubt the most complicated. The couple has been dating for a few years, but there has been a lot of gossip about their age gap, Scott’s infidelity, Sofia being the third wheel between Scott and Kourtney, and many other things.

Is Scott Disick and Sofia Richie still dating or have they called it quits?

If you’ve been reading the gossip column, you’ve probably heard that Scott Disick and Sofia are splitting up in May 2020.

Fans who were rooting for the couple were disappointed by the news.

The shocking news arrived just days after Disick celebrated his 37th birthday.

They called it quits, according to an insider, with no bad blood between them.

Scott’s health issues were reportedly the main reason for their divorce.

According to an insider, Sofia considered leaving Scott just so he could focus on his health. According to the source,

“Sofia believes Scott is overburdened right now and believes it is best for them to be apart so he can focus on himself.”

She is only concerned with him and his well-being, and the decision to divorce was primarily hers.

Sofia has been spending time with her family and has removed the majority of her belongings from Scott’s house.”

The lovebirds were having trouble adjusting to Scott’s mental health in the weeks leading up to their affair.

At the time, a source close to the couple said Sofia is open to giving him space so he can focus on himself first.

However, it appears that the couple is back together, as an insider told US Magazine that they are back on.

A source told the outlet that “they are hanging out again romantically” just a few days after their split was announced. It’s back up and running.”

Furthermore, Sofia has yet to delete any pictures of the true, adding to the claims that they are definitely together.

It appears that the couple’s new lifestyle of staying apart didn’t work out so well.

When Did Sofia and Scott Start Dating?

It all started on May 28, 2017, when TMZ first reported Sofia and Scott Disick were dating.

“Just so everyone can get their panties out of their asses, Scott and I are just homies #relax,” Sofia tweeted at the time.

Twitter has since been decommissioned.

Scott Disick was also making headlines at the time due to his random hookups with Bella Thorne and Chloe Bartoli.

But everything changed the next month when they were spotted strolling arm in arm-in Malibu.

Around the same time, Lionel Richie’s daughter joined the reality star for dinner in Los Angeles.

A few months later, the duo’s mutual friend Alex Monopoly appeared to make their relationship official when he shared a photo of the two kissings.

Scott Disick
Scott Disick with Sofia Richie. Source: eonline

He also included a picture of a desert in which he presumably congratulated Scott and Sofia on their marriage.

This isn’t the first time Scott and Sofia have allegedly broken up and reconnected.

Scott was photographed getting handsy with an unknown blonde during Kanye West’s album launch party in June 2018.

Apparently, the KUWTK star even stated that he was single while drunk.

Then, according to PEOPLE magazine, Sofia ended their romance.

According to a source, she ended their relationship due to Scott’s drinking problem and old issues.

Nonetheless, Scott quickly put the rumors to rest with a sarcastic Instagram post.

Sofia, too, put an end to all the rumors about their breakup after sharing a cute photo of the couple.

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Has Sofia’s father, Lionel Richie, accepted her relationship with Scott despite the age difference?

It’s heartbreaking for any parent to see their child enter into a bad relationship.

So it’s not surprising that Lionel remains skeptical of his youngest child’s relationship.

According to a source, “Lionel has accepted their relationship but isn’t entirely 100 percent on board with Scott, owing to the age difference and Sofia’s youth.”

It went on to say,

“Lionel, on the other hand, can see how happy Sofia is, so he is definitely making more of an effort with Scott.”

Lionel and his second wife, Diane Alexander Richie, have a daughter named Sofia and a son named Miles Richies.

He was previously married to Brenda Harvey-Richie, with whom he has a daughter named Nicole Richie.