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Is Aaron Burriss And Venorica Got Married Or Not? Know Everything About Them

Aaron Burriss
  • Aaron Burriss launched Lazyron Studios, his YouTube channel where he continues to post amusing videos such as parodies, pranks, sketches, and challenges, as well as vlogs.
  • He has appeared on a number of other YouTube channels, including ‘POPSUGAR Girls’ Guide’ for the video ‘How to Break Up (but Nicely) With Aaron Burriss’ for the channel’s ‘Pour Decisions With Candace section.
  •  He appeared in the video “Running Into Your Ex-Girlfriend” on the channel “LeendaDProductions.”

Who is Aaron Burriss?

Aaron Burriss is a popular Filipino YouTuber who is best known for his Lazyron Studios channel. Aaron Burriss created video diaries, challenge videos, comedies, and parodies on his YouTube account.

Aaron Burriss, how old are you?

Aaron Burriss will be 32 years old in 2020.

He was born on February 4, 1989, in the Philippines.

His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He was also born to Filipino parents.

His mother’s maiden name is Maribel Burriss, and his father’s name is Adam Burris.

He didn’t remain long, and when he was around a year old, he relocated to Montana.

He and his family then moved to Lexington, Kentucky, and eventually to North Carolina.

He has two brothers: YouTubers Alex Burriss, Alex Wassabi, and Andrew Burriss.

His sister’s name is Mariah. Similarly, he is an American citizen of Filipino descent.

Aaron Burriss’s Education

Aaron Burriss went on to attend a private school in Kentucky, where he excelled in both academics and sports.

After his family migrated to North Carolina, he attended middle school there.

His middle school experience, on the other hand, was abysmal since he was the small, chubby boy with braces and slanted eyes who was often taunted and harassed.

As a result, he began to study intensively for excellent marks in order to avoid bullying.

He transferred to high school again in his final year, and he also underwent a physical makeover, dropping weight.

In addition, he attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he made good friends with Ant, Kyle, and Zach, who only feature in his films occasionally.

What is Aaron Burriss’s net worth?

Aaron Burriss, a successful YouTuber, has earned substantial wealth.

Because of his solid source of income, he has been able to handle his money on his own and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

His yearly income and net wealth, however, remain unknown.

However, according to internet sources, his net worth is about $3 million, and he makes an average of $3,000 every day.

Aaron Burriss’s Girlfriend

The current relationship status of Aaron Burriss is unclear.

He might be in a relationship or he could be single.

He has been tight-lipped about his present dating situation.

Similarly, he continues to share images as a close friend with Veronica, one of the Merrell twins.

Aaron Burriss
Aaron Burriss and his wife Veronica.Source: YouTube

His dog’s name is Guppy. They are regularly seen together in YouTube videos.

They may, however, simply be best buddies who make YouTube videos together.

Their current relationship status is unclear.

Nonetheless, he may eventually meet his ideal mate. He also has a history of past partnerships.

He dated fellow YouTuber Kimmy Dufresne, who was frequent in his videos when they were together.

They divorced in April of this year, though.

He was also dating Sarah Wolfgang, a YouTuber, and part of the k-pop girl group ‘Tahiti.’

The pair was together for nearly a year, from mid-2016 to mid-2017.

Aaron Burriss’s height?

Aaron Burriss has a fantastic personality, and his social media profiles are followed by people who have fit physical physiques.

He stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 86 kilograms.

He has dark brown eyes and black hair as well.

More Facts About Aaron Burriss

Full Name: Aaron Burriss
Age: 32 years
Birthday: 04 Feb
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Aquarius
Marital status: single
Net Worth: $3 million
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Profession: Youtuber
Sibling: Alex Burriss, Andrew Burriss., Mariah
Father: Adam Burris
Mother: Maribel Burriss

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Aaron Burriss’s professional history

In his professional life, Aaron Burriss is a YouTuber from the Philippines renowned for his channel ‘Lazyron Studios.’

He was a slacker in college who was always seeking quicker methods to finish things and alternatives to stardom.

Even the most mundane duties in his life, such as putting the rubbish outside or walking his dog Hiccup, were uninteresting to him.

As a result, he started Lazyron Studios, his YouTube channel, on March 30, 2013.

He frequently posts humorous videos like parodies, pranks, skits, and challenges, as well as vlogs.

His fan following expanded gradually, and he began publishing one video every day.

Some of his most popular videos have included his brothers.

He also frequently features on his younger brother Alex’s YouTube channel, ‘Wassabi Productions.’

He has also highlighted several of his pals on his channel.

He has also been on several other YouTube channels, including ‘POPSUGAR Girls’ Guide’ for the video ‘How to Break Up (but Nicely) With Aaron Burriss’ for the channel’s ‘Pour Decisions With Candace segment.

He also starred in the video “Running Into Your Ex-Girlfriend” on the “LeendaDProductions” channel.

Similarly, he has been uploading entertaining movies to his own YouTube account for quite some time.

“HE ONLY HAS 2 YEARS TO LIVE!!!” is one of the channel’s most watched and popular uploads.

This article was published on November 7, 2016, and has almost 7,820,691 views.

“Brother Tag” has received 4.5 million views, “ICE COLD CONDOM CHALLENGE PRANK ft. ALEX WASSABI” has received 3.9 million views, “Smoothie Challenge ft. Wassabi Productions” has received 3.5 million views, and “BABY PUG BARKED AT ME FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!” has received 3.2 million views.

He usually collaborates alongside his brother and the Merrel Twins.

He has regularly been spotted sharing videos with his best buddy Veronica.

A recent joint video is “She Took Me Away For My Birthday!!”