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Introducing John Connelly, spouse of Sandra Smith

John Connelly
  • the anchor of the program America’s Newsroom is well-known.
  • Sandra and John initially ran into each other sometime around 2004.
  • John and Sandra are taking in the anniversary meal.
  • On a date night, Sandra Smith and her husband.

Sandra Smith, the anchor of the program America’s Newsroom, is well-known.

The 39-year-old blonde has a flourishing career and a loving marriage with her spouse and children.

Sandra Smith and John Connelly have been married since 2010 and have a lovely connection.

The pair has no complaints at all about their life together thus far.

But today, we’re going to go into some complex information regarding Sandra Smith’s husband John, and their union.

John Connelly: Who Is He?

Sandra Smith, a noted FOX news reporter, is married to John.

Since leaving his position as Managing Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Azul Partners in 2017, he has been working for himself.

He was the Director of Product Marketing at the CME Group before to joining Azul.

In addition, he worked for Terra Nova Trading, LLC, where he first met Sandra, his future wife.

He received his education at The School of the Art Institute and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

He earned a degree in painting upon graduation.

When and where did Sandra Smith and John Conolly get married?

Sandra and John Conolly are enjoying their happy marriage.

They married on May 1st, 2010, after several years of dating.

Although other reports claim they were married on May 2, this is obviously untrue.

She even always posts an anniversary message with her hubby on May 1.

This further demonstrates that they were married on May 1st, not May 2.

Conolly, John The wedding anniversary of Sandra Smith

Their wedding date is May 1st, according to Sandra’s Instagram anniversary post. Sandra Smith on Instagram

In front of their friends and family, they were married in Holy Name Cathedral.

The traditional black and white colour scheme was chosen by the bride and husband.

John wore a black tuxedo, and his wife chose a long white gown with flower appliques.

John never truly had a long-term relationship with anyone until his marriage.

In an interview, he stated that he was actively hunting for a suitor but had not yet succeeded.

How Did Sandra Meet John Conolly, Her Husband? For John, it was “love at first sight.”

Sandra and John initially ran into each other sometime around 2004.

The Outnumbered host was starting her first day as a sales trader in her native Chicago at the time.

She had recently left her post-college job at a hedge fund and moved to the city from New York.

In 2004, Sandra Smith and John Conolly began dating.

John and Sandra are taking in the anniversary meal.

John Connelly
John Connelly Source: Briefly news

As soon as she got to work, the company’s owner began introducing Sandra to her co-workers.

And as you would have imagined, John was a trader at the company.

John knew the moment he laid eyes on Sandra that he was going to marry her.

According to John, who spoke to the Chicago Tribune, “I knew then that she was the girl I was going to marry.”

In contrast, Sandra initially thought of John as a “tall, bow tie-wearing, wavy-haired, and nerdy yet gorgeous guy.”

Early on in their relationship, Sandra and John had to deal with the difficulty of being apart.

Sandra had just started working at the company when John and Sandra first met.

Soon after, Sandra moved into her own apartment in the sky with a view of DuSable Harbor.

Sandra then extended a welcome to John to tour the residence.

Together, they enjoyed themselves while sipping Veuve Clicquot champagne.

They chose to leave at that point.

The pair went to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for their first date.

She brought her cousins on the second date, and he called his mother and stepfather, and they all went to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

On a date night, Sandra Smith and her husband.

On a date, Sandra and her John Connelly.

However, when Sandra received a job offer from Bloomberg Television in New York, things became difficult.

Later, Smith relocated to New York, while John was employed in Chicago.

Every couple finds it difficult to live apart, and Sandra and John were no exception.

John never voiced any complaints despite all of that.

Instead, he was relentlessly advancing Sandra. After a year, FOX Business called her to interview her for a reporting post.

Sandra believed she would have to remain in New York permanently at the moment.

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But destiny had other plans! John sold his company in the beginning of 2011 and relocated to New York.

The team hasn’t looked back since then.

John and Sandra Smith are parents to two kids, and John wants the kids to have a large backyard.
Sandra and John are the proud parents of a boy and a girl who are both very cute.

On August 23, 2013, they welcomed Cora Belle Connelly into the world. They then had a boy in 2015, becoming parents for the second time.

The FOX news reporter prefers to maintain her children’s privacy behind closed doors. Because of this, she hardly ever posts images of them, and when she does, their faces are typically obscured.

May 28, 2017 — Sandra Smith

Furthermore, John stated that he would want to have a larger home for the kids during his interview with the Chicago Tribune.

I’m really insistent about kids having their own backyard, he remarked. I like to make long-term plans.

Sandra and John Connelly are very different ages. Among them

There is a 12-year age difference between Sandra and John.

Sandra is currently 39 years old, while her spouse is 51.

The age gap between them didn’t matter, though; in fact, it encouraged Sandra to pursue him even more.

She stated:

It goes without saying that I conducted some research on him before we started dating; everyone does

He hadn’t had many relationships.

I benefited from that in some way.

He acquired all these other experiences, including working and traveling.

If I hadn’t met John Conolly at that point in his life, I don’t think I would have understood him completely.

John also argued that he had little choice but to put off marriage or wait for someone better.

Thank God the two were able to connect.

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John Connelly, Sandra’s husband, and both of them are active on social media

Conolly is active on Facebook and frequently posts pictures of his family.

Sandra, his wife, is also very active on social media.

She has respectable following on Twitter and Instagram, where she is active.

She has more than 50.5k followers on Instagram as of 2021 under the handle @sandrasmithfox.

Likewise, as of 2021, she has more than 216.8k followers on Twitter.