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Inside The Life Of Exodus Tyson: Mike Tyson’s Late Daughter

Exodus Tyson
  • Exodus Tyson is a celebrity child.
  • Tyson is the late daughter of boxer Mike Tyson and Sol Xochitl, his ex-girlfriend
  • Exodus was born in March 2005.
  • Tyson, late Exodus’ father, married Lakiha Spicer after resorting to cocaine to alleviate his anguish.

Who is Exodus Tyson?

Exodus Tyson is a celebrity child. Exodus Tyson is the late daughter of boxer Mike Tyson and Sol Xochitl, his ex-girlfriend. Tyson appeared untouchable in the 1980s, but over the years, he managed to tarnish his legacy with controversies, bad boy attitudes, and heartbreaking events.

Exodus Tyson’s Childhood

Exodus Tyson was born in March 2005. She had Jamaican ancestors on her father’s side and Mexican ancestors on her mother’s side.

Mike describes a time when Sol had just given birth to Exodus but had no money in his biography, Undisputed Truth.

Tyson had paid a sizable fine to a local man whose car he had damaged some time before the birth of Exodus.

Mike begged one of his friends to find him a fight so that he could make quick money to support his family and newborn baby.

Only this time it was against Ireland’s six-foot-six-inch-tall Kevin McBride. Exodus’ father would lose the fight in the sixth round.

This was Tyson’s final fight, and he retired shortly after.

Exodus Tyson
Exodus Tyson with her father. Source: heightline

Exodus died while playing on a treadmill iron. Mike and his girlfriend, Sol Xochitl, suffered a tragic loss on May 26, 2009, when their four-year-old daughter, Exodus, died.

Their daughter died after becoming entangled in a treadmill cord in her Phoenix home.

Her death is depicted in the documentary “Mike Tyson: The Knockout,” which also examines other aspects of his boxer’s life.

Miguel Leon, Exodus’ older brother, discovered his sister entangled in the cord

Miguel was only seven years old when he discovered his sister struggling with a treadmill cord, according to ABC News.

Exodus Tyson was playing at the time, according to police, when she fell into the cord, which “acted like a noose.”

Tyson, Exodus’ father, was in Las Vegas at the time and flew out to Phoenix as soon as he heard the news.

According to the news outlet, he then appeared at the hospital where Exodus was on life support before she died.

Leon located his sister and dialed his mother’s number, who was in another room.

She disconnected Exodus, dialed 911, and attempted CPR on her.

Tyson’s daughter was in the playroom while her mother was cleaning the house.

Sol sent her son in to check on his sister, who was found “in distress,” according to police.

The mother initially believed Exodus had been electrocuted, according to the statement.

When first responders arrived, the little girl was unresponsive, and they continued to save her life.

They immediately transported her to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, where she died at 11:45 a.m.

Sol Xochitl, Tyson’s mother, did everything she could to keep her daughter alive; Exodus’ mouth was filled with blood.

According to police, Exodus’ mother “did everything she could when this tragic accident occurred,” according to a 911 call made during the dark event.

According to Sgt Andy Hill, Xochitl started CPR and continued until police and firefighters arrived.

The dispatcher’s call to Exodus’ mother later revealed that she had discovered blood in her baby’s mouth.

The dispatcher told her to clear the blood and begin CPR, which she did.

According to reports, Xochitl was sobbing while still attempting to resuscitate her daughter.

Regardless, Sol would lose her shortly after taking her to the hospital.

Exodus’ death was ruled an accident, and 911 tapes captured the eerie phone conversations.

Phoenix Exodus’ death was determined to be accidental by police after an investigation. It was described as a “tragic accident” by law enforcement. Police Sgt. Andy Hill elaborated, saying,

“She either slipped or put her head in the loop, but it acted like a noose, and she was obviously unable to get herself free.”

According to the New York Daily News, the mother dialed 911 and told the dispatcher, “My baby! “She’s choking!”

Father Tyson later issued a statement shortly after his daughter’s death, saying,

The Tyson family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all of your prayers and support, and we respectfully request privacy during this difficult time. There are no words to describe our beloved Exodus’ tragic death.

Several news outlets and individuals called the death “preventable” and issued a warning about treadmill safety.

On Oprah, he admitted that if he had known, “there might have been a blame for it.” The boxer continued

“There will be a problem if someone is to blame.”

He recalled what went through his mind when he first heard the news on HBO’s Real Sports.

Mike’s first thought was to grab his gun and “go crazy.”

He stated that he had no idea who would be his target, but that it was “his best thinking at the time.”

Everything changed when he arrived at the hospital and saw his daughter. Following that, he claimed to have only felt pain and agony.

The former heavyweight boxing champion even turned to cocaine, claiming he needed the high to get through the ordeal.

Tyson has never been able to speak about his daughter without breaking down in an interview.

In fact, he couldn’t even finish the conversation in one of those sessions.

Tyson described his family as his “most valuable asset,” and he expressed gratitude for having the coping mechanisms to not react violently.

Mike’s Reaction to Exodus’ Death

Tyson, late Exodus’ father, married Lakiha Spicer after resorting to cocaine to alleviate his anguish.

The wedding took place just over a week after his daughter died.

Spicer, according to Tyson’s family members, has helped the former champion turn his life around and cope with the loss of his daughter.

Tyson now only smokes marijuana and has his own weed-related business.

Michael and Spicer have a daughter named Milan and a son named Morocco.

Lorna, Miguel, Rayna, and Amir are Mike’s other children from previous relationships.

According to the New York Times, Tyson considers himself to be the biological father of Gena, his ex-wife Monica Turner’s biological daughter.

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Exodus Tyson’s Brothers and Sisters

Mike has six children and has been married three times, excluding Exodus Tyson.

Exodus’ father had several children with various flings, girlfriends, and (temporary) life partners.

In 1988, he married Robin Givens for the first time. Givens became pregnant during their relationship but miscarried.

Givens claimed she was subjected to various forms of abuse by the boxer during their marriage, which ended in 1989.

Following Givens, the five-foot-ten fighter began to grow his family, which would eventually include seven children: Mikey Lorna, Miguel Leon, Exodus, Rayna, Amir, Milan, and Morocco.

Mikey Lorna, Exodus’ eldest half-sister, arrived first, sometime between 1990 and 1991.

Kimberly Scarborough, Tyson’s then-girlfriend, was Lorna’s mother.

Tyson then became the father of Rayna and Amir, the boxer’s second wife Monica Turner’s children.

Then he had two more kids, Miguel Leon and Exodus.

Milan and Morocco are Exodus’ younger half-siblings, whom her father had with his third and current wife, Lakiha Spicer.