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Inside Estelle Berglin’s Life: Her Childhood, Boyfriend, Career, and More

Estelle Berglin
  • Estelle Berglin is an Instagram model, personal trainer, and fitness influencer
  • Berglin’s works as a marketing manager.
  • Berglin Is An Untrained Videographer
  • She’s Never Consumed Alcohol

Estelle Berglin is an Instagram model, personal trainer, and fitness influencer. Estelle Berglin was formerly renowned for her connection with Julius Dein, an internet magician. Berglin is also a fashionista, blogger, and YouTuber.

She educates about female health, economical fashion hauls, beauty techniques, and trip destination insider secrets.

Berglin has established herself as a digital nomad, sharing with her admirers all about her trips, fitness activities, and the behind-the-scenes of her life.

Estelle Berglin’s Childhood

Estelle Berglin was born in Sweden on April 26th, 1997.

She grew up in Umea, an eastern Swedish city famous for its museums and cultural institutions.

It is a university town and educational center, as well as a center for technical and medical research.

Berglin is a Taurus, and she believes that has something to do with who she is.

She has indicated that her personality type is INFJ, which means that she is an Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging person.

Berglin’s works as a marketing manager

Estelle is the daughter of Dignitas AB marketing and sales manager Joakim Berglin.

He has worked for the company since 2010.

He has spent most of his career in B2-B and B2C sales and management.

Prior to that, Berglin’s father worked as a marketing manager for Kommuninfo AB and as a sales director for TDC Försäljning AB.

She has an older brother

William Berglin, the beauty blogger Estelle’s younger brother, graduated in June 2020.

Berglin released a collection of images from his convocation.

William has appeared in several of Estelle’s YouTube videos.

Estelle Berglin’s brother plays soccer and was the captain of Ume FC Akademi, a local youth sports team.

Berglin Is An Untrained Videographer

Estelle Berglin’s first work out of college was as a filmmaker for ELLE Magazine.

She was 19 years old and set to graduate from high school at the time.

Estelle enrolled in Umea’s Dragonskolan, a high school.

In addition, she attended Bräntbergsskolan.

She also spent some time in Phuket, Thailand, where she studied bartending.

She never went to college.

Berglin chose to forego university in order to travel as much as possible.

She claims she hasn’t looked back since.

Berglin later left Elle to travel and experience life to the fullest.

She has spent most of her professional life working as a freelance videographer/photographer, post-production specialist, web/graphic designer, and online marketer.

Estelle Berglin
Estelle Berglin is a self-taught videographer Source: Pocket News Alert

She formerly worked as a content designer for STRONGER, an online clothing company.

BodyFight Sverige in Marbella, Spain, certified Estelle Berglin as a personal trainer.

The Umea native learned everything she knows through trial and error and YouTube watching.

Estelle is also a computer whiz.

She also speaks Spanish very well.

She attributes her personal development to works such as The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck, Ask And It’s Given, The Four Agreements, and 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.

Berglin claims that her parents introduced her to fitness at a young age.

She used to hang out in the gym with her folks as they worked out. Estelle was just five years old at the time.

“Leaving It Was My Biggest Achievement!” Estelle said of her hometown.

Berglin admitted on Instagram that she was dissatisfied with her hometown.

When she was 19, she decided to relocate to Barcelona.

Estelle admitted she didn’t have a plan but felt she needed to make a change for her life to improve.

She learned so much about herself and her independence after the relocation.

She talked about how meeting so many new people meant a lot to her and how it made her realize that life had more to offer.

All of these piqued her interest.

Berglin stated that the decision pushed her to continue pushing herself to live and travel outside of her comfort zone, which she believes to be one of her most significant accomplishments.

She’s Never Consumed Alcohol

When asked what her go-to drink is in her Instagram Q&A, Berglin stated that she has never used alcohol or any other form of substance and that she is a total water lover.

She emphasized that she had never agreed to such beverages, no matter how difficult, big or tiny the issue was.

She also strongly thinks that if one has a problem, it is best to sit with it and feel the pain rather than repress it with narcotics.

The Swedish said that this is important in order to identify the source of your problem.

She said that by doing so, one can work around the idea of coming up with a solution rather than pushing it away and leaving the situation alone.

Julius Dein’s Relationship with Estelle Berglin

Julius and Estelle have been dating since late August 2019.

On their one-year anniversary, August 26, 2020, Berglin’s boyfriend uploaded a beautiful photo of the two with the caption,

“Happy 1 year anniversary to my gorgeous diamond fantastic girlfriend Estelle Berglin, who captured my heart last year at my Sweden show.”

Congratulations on putting up with me for an entire year.

You are deserving of a large medal ( all my friends will agree).

Thank you for being my biggest fan, my rock, my role model, and for helping me become a better person.”

The magician concluded the rubric with “I you.”

Estelle Berglin
Estelle Berglin’s boyfriend Source: Celeb Pie

They made their first public appearance as a couple in November 2019, when they stepped out of a Porsche to attend Joshua Kane: Mythical Creatures, the Immersive Runway Experience at The Royal Exchange in London.

Following then, the couple published countless images of themselves on their individual social media accounts.

The pair was on vacation in Mexico in February 2020.

Dein had shared a couple of amazing films with his blonde lover at the time.

Due to the outbreak of covid 19, the two ended up staying in Mexico for a little longer than they had expected.

Why Did the Couple Stop Sharing Pictures of Each Other; Did They Split Up?

Fans haven’t been able to see either Julius or Berglin’s images on each other’s social media accounts in the last few months.

Many of their fans have speculated whether the magician model couple had called it quits in real life.

The pair, on the other hand, has not officially addressed the rumor.

Some feel the duo is still together and is just concentrating their activities a little more.

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Estelle’s Previous Relationships

Although Estelle has yet to provide details about her early romances, past posts from her moblogs indicate that the content producer has been involved in a few love ventures.

In February 2014, she shared a photo of an unknown man kicking sand on a beach.

What piqued her admirers’ interest was the image’s description, which said,

“My favorite photo, on my favorite boy, in my favorite location.”

While Estelle didn’t share much about the guy, the image’s caption led her admirers to believe he was her bae or anything similar to that.

The Scandinavian has also appeared in several exotic locations with a few other men in very strange settings – something that one would not do with their friends or family.

Estelle, on the other hand, has remained enigmatic about those instances.

According to some stories, Berglin dated a Swedish man named Anton before to her marriage to Julius Dein.