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How Alejandro Speitzer Supports Gays?

Alejandro Speitzer
  • Alejandro is best known for his role in the Netflix crime series El Club. 
  • He is currently starring in Oscuro Deseo, also known as Dark Desire, a new Mexican thriller drama series on Netflix.
  • The show’s second season premiered in February 2022.
  • Alejandro Speitzer was incorrectly labeled gay because of his on-screen portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters.
  • Since the release of his new Netflix series, fans have been curious about the Mexican actor’s dating life.

Alejandro Speitzer was incorrectly labeled gay because of his on-screen portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters. However, since revealing his relationship with actress Ester Exposito, he has put gay rumors to rest.

Alejandro Speitzer is he gay?

Speitzer’s sexuality came under scrutiny after he portrayed a gay character, Ray Davila, in the 2011 television series La Reina Del Sur.

He shared a passionate on-screen kiss with Danilo Marquez co-star Emmanuel Orenday.

On June 29, 2019, the actor posted a photo of himself kissing his co-star Erick Elias in honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

The caption for the image was “Amor es Amor,” which translates to “Love is love” in English.

The photo shows the two actors sharing a passionate kiss.

The image, however, was later revealed to be a scene from the theatre play Straight, written by filmmaker and playwright Manolo Caro.

The play had its world premiere at Teatro Milan in Mexico.

However, as previously stated, Speitzer’s involvement with women and current dating life — which we will discuss below — demonstrate that he is not gay.

Meanwhile, the actor is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, and gay people frequently express their gratitude to him.

Speitzer, for example, posed in dresses for the “label-less” issue of Badhombre Magazine.

“Alejandro is a great ally, and in the years I’ve known him, he has always been committed to making minorities’ struggles visible through his work,” the outlet wrote in an editorial.

“Why is it that a cisgender straight man can wear a dress and be celebrated, while other people are killed in the streets for the same thing?” it continued.

“Why should clothing define someone’s gender identity rather than simply being another means of expression?”

In addition, the actor urged people to begin treating everyone equally.

“We live in a society where men are encouraged to distance themselves from their feminine side,” he said.

“This was a form of expression for me. Stop segmenting and recognize that the path of evolution for me begins with equality.”

Alejandro Speitzer Girlfriend: Does Alejandro Speitzer have a girlfriend?

Ester Exposito, the star of the Netflix show Elite, is currently dating the actor.

Ester Exposito is a popular Spanish actor.

In October 2019, the actor was seen spending time with Exposito and her mother on the streets of Madrid for the first time.

The actors have been dating for a long time, according to their Instagram.

Alejandro Speitzer
Alejandro Speitzer with his girlfriend, Ester Exposito. Source: hawtcelebs

On May 5, 2020, Speitzer confirmed their relationship by posting a cozy photo with Exposito on his Instagram account.

Similarly, actress Exposito posted a photo of Speitzer on her Instagram account on July 13, 2020.

“Roma e tu,” the caption said, accompanied by a heart emoji. The English caption reads, “Rome and you.”

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Alejandro Speitzer’s previous relationships

Prior to his relationship with Ester Exposito, the actor was in a relationship with his co-star Minnie West.

The two appeared together in Netflix’s El Club, also known as The Club.

According to reports, Alejandro dated Minnie West from 2014 until the couple divorced in 2019.

Throughout their relationship, the couple was seen actively sharing photos on their Instagram accounts.