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Heidi Hamilton

Heidi Hamilton

Who is Heidi Hamilton?

Heidi Hamilton is a voice-over artist, radio personality, television host, and podcaster. Heidi Hamilton is the co-host of the Heidi & Frank Show on Los Angeles’ KLOS-FM (95.5). Heidi also hosts the After Hours podcast with Frosty Stilwell and Frank Kramer. She also hosts Dish Nation on television.

Early Life and Childhood

Heidi Hamilton was born in the United States on September 24, 1973, in Batesville, Indiana. Heidi’s age is 48.

Heidi’s father was a former US military veteran who also worked as a furniture maker and refinisher. In addition, she and her older brother were raised in Indiana.

Sadly, her father passed away in March 2018.

Education Details

Heidi Hamilton attended the University of Cincinnati after graduating from high school in Indiana and earning a bachelor of arts in broadcast journalism.

Professional Career

Hamilton began her radio career in September 2000, when she was hired as the co-host of The Frosty, Heidi, & Frank Show in Los Angeles, alongside Frank Kramer and Frost Stilwell.

Furthermore, the radio show quickly became the most popular mid-day talk show in Los Angeles. However, after Frosty’s retirement, the show’s format shifted.

As a result, Heidi and Frank began broadcasting The Heidi & Frank Show on KLOS-FM (95.5) in September 2012.

Furthermore, Frosty returned to the show in September 2016 but was fired in March 2020.

Heidi has done independent films, voiceovers, commercials, guest appearances on numerous television shows, and spokesperson endorsements in addition to her extensive radio experience.

Heidi Hamilton
Heidi Hamilton as a podcast host. Source: youtube

She is not only a radio host but also a television host. Heidi is the host of the nationally syndicated television show Dish Nation. Dish Nation is also a Fox Entertainment News Show.

Heidi revealed what it was like for her when her wife shaved her after back surgery in a March 2021 episode of Dish Nation. Aside from hosting Dish Nation, she has also hosted That Sex Show (2013) on Logo Tv.

She has also appeared on 25 Words or Less as a cast member alongside Meredith Vieira, Orlando Jones, Cristela Alonzo, Ross Mathews, and Colton Dunn.

Heidi’s first appearance on 25 Words or Less was during Season 2 Episode 107. Heidi was the $10,000 winner on 25 Words or Less in February 2021.

Net Worth and Salary

Heidi Hamilton earns $110,000 per year.

For the past two decades, she has worked as a radio personality, voiceover actress, and television personality in the east. As a result, there is no doubt that Heidi has amassed substantial career earnings over the years. Heidi is worth $2 million.

Relationship Status

Heidi Hamilton has a happy marriage with her wife Cris. Heidi used to call her wife “Italian” before revealing her real name.

Furthermore, she first shared a photo of herself and Cris in June 2021, during Pride Month.

Furthermore, in October 2021, Heidi posted a photo of herself and her wife dressed in white on her Instagram account. Heidi and her wife Cris live in Encino, California, with their dog pets and cats.

She is an openly gay radio host. Heidi, on the other hand, was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend named Joe during her senior year of high school.

Furthermore, Heidi and her boyfriend dated for a few years before splitting up. Heidi developed a major crush on her female volleyball coach after their breakup.

She has also spoken about her first sexual encounters with both men and women. Heidi currently has no husband and is married to her partner Cris.

Body Measurements

She is a woman of average height. Heidi stands 5 ft 9 in tall ( approx 1.75m ).

Social Media

Her Instagram handle is @heldihamiltonhost.

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  • Heidi had spine surgery in December 2020, which was a success after years of sciatica, excruciating back, and leg pain.
  • She also received a catheter in October 2021 after her bladder was damaged.
  • She has a happy marriage with her wife Cris.
  • Heidi is worth $2 million.
  • Heidi stands 5 ft 9 in tall ( approx 1.75m ).