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Hannah Berner Supports Wisconsin Badgers with College Photos

Hannah Berner
  • The Badgers have won 31 NCAA national championships and 21 national team titles that have yet to be awarded by the NCAA.
  • After an accident, the former Badgers tennis player was forced to retire.
  • She now shows her love and support for the team by sharing throwback photos of herself as a Wisconsin Badgers tennis player.
  • Some of the photos were of her with her teammates at the time, as well as one with the University’s mascot, Buckingham U. Badger.
  • Currently, the ex-Badgers player is breaking into the comedy scene by directing, editing, and acting in Instagram videos and hosting her podcasts, Berning in Hell and Giggly Squad.

Hannah Berner posted a series of photos from her time as a University of Wisconsin-Madison tennis player on her Instagram on October 14, 2022. Berner, a former Wisconsin Badgers tennis player, scribbled “go badgers” next to the images to show her support for the Wisconsin Badgers – the athletic teams representing the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Hannah Berner: A Closer Look

With a resume that includes stints as a professional tennis player, a saleswoman and a part of Bravo TV’s Summer House series, the Brooklyn native is on her way to pursuing a career in standup comedy.

Berner explained that as a child, she had no desire to be a standup comedian.

“I fell into it through trial and error with other careers, but nothing has felt more fun for me than comedy,” she explained to Education and Career News.

She also stated that she has always been drawn to funny people and enjoys writing, performing, and making people laugh.

She was involved in drama class while in middle school, which gave her the confidence to speak publicly and pursue a career in the performing arts.

Hannah Berner
Hannah Berner supporting Wisconsin Badgers. Source: instagram

Berner expected to make tennis her career after competing professionally and as a collegiate athlete at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

However, after being injured in a car accident, she reconsidered her goals.

After graduating from college, she began making her own funny videos for Instagram.

As a result, she was cast in the 2019 Bravo TV series Summer House.

As a result, Berner was given the opportunity to co-host the Bravo Chat Room.

She appeared on the show for three seasons before deciding to leave and pursue other opportunities.

Given these opportunities, including two wildly successful podcasts with over 20 million downloads, Berning in Hell and Giggly Squad, it’s reasonable to assume the former tennis player is well on her way to ruling the comedy industry.

However, Berner pointed out that, like many artistic careers, standup comedy does not follow a linear path, such as becoming a teacher or a lawyer.

“There are no rules except that you have to write as many jokes as you can and try them out on stage,” she told the Education and Career News outlet.