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Hann Pan: Who Is She? Jennifer Pan’s Mother

Hann Pan
  • Hann Pan was a Vietnamese political refugee.
  • He is a survivor of the Pan couple’s murder in November 2010
  • Hann, a political refugee, and Bich Ha Pan met only after they moved to Canada.
  • On November 8, 2010, Jennifer Pan planned to murder her parents at their home in Unionville, Markham, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • He is almost certainly in his late 60s, though whether he has remarried is unknown.

Who is Hann Pan?

Hann Pan was a Vietnamese political refugee. Hann Pan is a survivor of the Pan couple’s murder in November 2010. He is a migrant who arrived in Canada in the late 1980s and began a family. He and his wife were examples of immigrant success stories. However, the family would face a terrible tragedy in 2010 when Hann was murdered in the first degree.

Hann Pan’s Life

Hann Pan was most likely born in 1953. Hann, a political refugee, and Bich Ha Pan met only after they moved to Canada.

They had both fled Vietnam separately after the fall of Saigon.

They met, married, and had two children, Jennifer and Felix.

Hann and Bich met and married in Toronto before moving to Scarborough. Jennifer was born in 1986, and Felix, their son, was born three years later.

The Vietnamese couple found work at Magna International, a manufacturer of auto parts.

Hann and his wife were able to purchase a large house on a quiet residential street with their salaries.


Hann Pan fled Vietnam and settled in Canada in 1979.

Hann began his career at Magna International as a tool and diemaker, and his wife worked in the same factory making auto parts.

Hann worked hard for money because he wanted to provide for his children and wife.

By 2004, the Pan family had saved enough money to purchase a “large” house with a two-car garage on a residential street in Markham, a city with a sizable Asian population.

Bich drove a Lexus ES 300, while Hann drove a Mercedes Benz C Class W203.

The couple had saved $200,000 in total. Despite this, the family led a very disciplined and frugal life in a beautiful house.

Hann Pan and Bich Han had two children

Pan’s children appeared to be near-perfect. Felix Pan, his son, attended a prestigious university and studied mechanical engineering.

Hann allegedly wanted his son to design cars, as opposed to him, who was only allowed to assemble them.

Hann stated that his daughter, Jennifer Pan, did not have the stomach for academia and preferred that she pursue a career in pharmacology.

Jennifer, on the other hand, began piano lessons at the age of four, as well as figure skating lessons, for which she trained most days of the week.

Jennifer was an Olympic-caliber figure skater, a Grammy-nominated pianist, and an A+ student.

Jennifer, according to Hann, aspired to be a doctor.

He later admitted, however, that she lacked the stomach for it and that he preferred she pursue a career in pharmacy.

What Became of Hann Pan and His Wife?

On November 8, 2010, Jennifer Pan planned to murder her parents at their home in Unionville, Markham, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area.

As a result, she hired three men: Eric Shawn or “Sniper” Carty, Lenford Roy Crawford, and David Mylvaganam.

Everything went exactly as she had planned. Her parents were taken to the basement and shot; her mother died and her father was placed in an induced coma.

She was initially free, and no one suspected her. Her plan was thwarted when her father awoke from an artificial coma.

Jennifer, His Daughter, Said Following The Incident

A surveillance camera caught three gunmen outside the Pan house on the night of the murder.

Jennifer, Hann and Bich’s daughter, said the attackers broke into the house and tied one of her hands behind her back with a shoelace.

The perpetrators then tied her to a railing on the second floor.

Hann Pan
Jenifer Pan planned the murder of her parents. Source: truecrimedaily

She went on to say that the men had taken her parents, Hann and Bich, to the basement and that the last thing she heard were gunshots.

Jennifer, Hann and Bich’s daughter, initially stated that the attackers entered the house and one of them tied her hand behind her back with a shoelace.

Jennifer then dialed 911 and informed the operator that men had tied her up and she had heard gunshots.

She complained that her father went outside yelling and pleading with her to hurry up.

Soon after, help arrived and took Hann and his wife to the hospital.

Doctors placed Hann in a coma, but his wife Bich had already died in the basement.

According to police reports, Pann’s wife, Bich, was shot several times in the back before being fatally shot in the back of the head.

Jennifer had been found tied up, exactly as she had described on the call.

The Story of Hann Pan’s Daughter Didn’t Make Sense

Jennifer appeared to be a bereaved daughter from the outside.

She appeared to be a survivor of a terrible invasion in which her mother died and she nearly lost her father as well.

However, a growing number of people and investigators began to question her story.

People initially wondered why she didn’t have a single scar despite having committed such a violent crime.

The officers were also taken aback when Jennifer stated on the phone that her father had fled the house screaming.

They assumed that in such situations, a father would rather look for his child.

From the start, officials were skeptical of Hann’s daughter’s story and began to monitor her.

People also wondered why Jennifer didn’t cry at her mother’s funeral.

Hann Pan Awakened From a Coma

The police had made no further progress in the murder of the Pan couple. All they had so far was Jennifer’s story.

But then Hann awoke from his coma three days later, and the case took a harsh new turn.

The doctors argued that Hann’s recovery from a coma after being shot in the face at close range was a miracle.

Hann remembered every detail of what happened in his house, the night he nearly died and lost his wife Bich, shortly after regaining consciousness.

To everyone’s surprise, Hann described the incident differently than his daughter, Jennifer.

He revealed what actually occurred

Hann Pan testified in court that the killers took him from his bedroom at gunpoint and that he saw another man with a gun speaking softly with his daughter.

He stated that her daughter was not imprisoned.

One of the men, according to Pan, asked him, “Where’s the f-king money?”

He also stated that they forced him to sit in the TV room with his wife. A third man then held a gun to her head.

According to the Vietnamese immigrant, he told the gunmen he only had $60 in his wallet.

The man with the gun then called him a liar and shot him in the head.

He explained how they covered his head with a blanket after taking him and his wife to the basement.

Hann claimed that one of the men shot him in the head with a gun, causing him to lose consciousness.

When he came to, he discovered his wife Bich Pan dead on the floor.

Three bullets were fired into his wife’s head, killing her instantly.

Soon after, the shooters struck the husband in the back and through the face with one bullet.

Additional Insights From Hann Pan’s Wife Murder Investigations

The police recovered some text messages from Jennifer’s phone after Hann stated what really happened.

It was revealed that Jennifer’s boyfriend, Daniel, had introduced her to the well-known hitman whom he had met through his drug dealings. Jennifer stated in one of the texts from the conversation, “I did everything for you.”

Jennifer and her boyfriend allegedly planned to hire a professional thug for $10,000 to murder her parents.

After her parents died, Hann and Bich’s daughter would have inherited $500,000, according to reports.

Jennifer then signaled the men on November 8th, 2010. Mylvaganam was the name of one of the men. They carried out the killings soon after.

After waking up from a coma, Hann recalled his daughter coming down the stairs and conversing with one of the men.

Jennifer Pan and four other men were arrested by police

Jennifer was only interviewed by police the night after the murder. They didn’t arrest Hann’s daughter until November 22, 2010.

During her third interview at the Markham Police Station, she admitted to hiring killers but claimed she hired them to kill her.

Jennifer Pan made the decision to murder her parents in response to their oppressive discipline of her.

Jennifer Pan intended to kill her parents at their home. Eric Shawn, also known as Sniper Carty, Lenford Roy Crawford, and David Mylvaganam was hired for the job.

Jennifer Pan’s and the killers’ trial began on March 19, 2014, in Newmarket and lasted ten months.

All initially pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder, and murder conspiracy.

More than 100 messages were exchanged between Pan and Wong in the six hours preceding the murder, according to police.

Hann testified that he and his wife had $200,000 in savings and life insurance policies with their two children as beneficiaries.

Pan and her boyfriend Daniel later told a different story during interrogation.

The irregularity was that Pan was not attacked; the criminals did not blindfold her, take her to the basement, or shoot at her.

On December 13, 2014, the court found Jennifer, Daniel Wong, Mylvaganam, Carty, and Crawford guilty and sentenced them to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Before Jennifer went to prison, her father, Hann, expressed his hope that she would reflect on what had happened to her family and become a more honest person.

He, on the other hand, sought a ban that would prevent Jennifer from ever contacting him or the rest of his family again.

Jennifer Pan’s Current Location

Jennifer was serving her sentence at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ontario when this story was published in 2016.

Her boyfriend, Wong, was transferred from Lindsay to Collins Bay Institution in Kingston, Ontario.

Mylvaganam attended Atlantic Institution in Renous, New Brunswick, Canada.

Crawford was incarcerated at the Kent Institution in Agassiz, British Columbia. Carty was at the Millhaven Assessment Unit in the province.

He later requested to be transferred to a federal prison in Western or Atlantic Canada.

He went to Kent, however, and died in his cell on April 26, 2018.

According to sources, when Hann’s daughter has served 25 years in prison, which will be in 2039, she may request the procedural benefit of parole.

Jennifer may be able to return to the streets if this is found to be admissible.

What Was Hann Pan’s Remark To His Daughter?

After the verdict, Jennifer’s father, Hann, stated that when he lost his wife, he also lost his daughter.

He also stated that he no longer feels like he has a family. Contrary to popular belief, he stated that he did not consider himself fortunate to be alive.

Hann and his son Felix stopped communicating with Jennifer after her conviction.

After the incident, Pan’s son, Felix, relocated to the East Coast to work for a private technology firm.

Toronto Life mentioned Because of his injuries, Jennifer’s father was unable to work.

He had anxiety attacks, insomnia, and nightmares for a while. He also gave up gardening, car maintenance, and music listening.

He was said to be staying with relatives nearby.

Hann attempted to sell the family home after his recovery, but no one was interested.

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What happened to Hann Pan today?

Hann Pan is almost certainly in his late 60s, though whether he has remarried is unknown.

He could still be in contact with his son, Felix. However, it appears that he is not the same person he was before November 2010.