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Guy Fieri’s Son Ryder Fieri Doing Now Bio With Age, Career, Relationship

Ryder Fieri
  • Ryder Fieri is the eldest son of celebrity chef Guy Fieri.
  • He attends Westlake High School in Westlake, California.
  • Since Guy’s early TV days, he has been assisting his father in the kitchen.
  • He is in a relationship with Sophia Soltanizadeh.

Ryder Fieri is the eldest son of celebrity chef Guy Fieri. His father rose to prominence after winning the second season of The Next Food Network Star in 2006.

Guy has since become the face of American culinary television, bringing in mass-market culture.

The guy is a very lucky man in the Fieri home.

He has two children and a wonderful marriage with his long-term wife.

Hunter, his oldest son, has already followed in his father’s footsteps.

Fieri, Ryder Early Childhood, and Education

He was born on December 31, 2005, as Guy Fieri’s second son to Lori Fieri.

Ryder is of Italian descent. Giuseppe Fieri, his great-grandfather, moved to the United States from Italy.

Ryder’s father was named initially Guy Ramsey Ferry, but he later changed his surname to the original version.

Ryder grew up in Santa Monica, California, for the most part.

He attends Westlake High School in Westlake, California.

His older brother Hunter, on the other hand, graduated from high school in 2015 and enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Hunter, his older brother, is following in their father’s footsteps

Hunter Fieri, the oldest of the Fieri children, was born on August 13, 1996.

Although we don’t know if Ryder has his father’s passion for cooking, Hunter has been working alongside him for several years.

Since Guy’s early TV days, he has been assisting his father in the kitchen.

Furthermore, according to a Delish article, he has worked in numerous of the Fieri family restaurants over the last few years.

Many of you may believe Hunter’s father assisted him in climbing the ladders swiftly, however, this is not the truth.

In fact, the Fieri, particularly Hunter, despises nepotism.

He is currently on the verge of becoming the next great thing in the food industry.

Is Ryder interested in cooking as well?

Guy hasn’t spoken anything about his youngest son’s interest so yet.

He has, however, indicated that his son is a baseball and pool player.

Ryder Fieri
Ryder Fieri Source: People

He enjoys basketball and formerly played for the Our Lady of Guadalupe Basketball team.

Ryder appears to be still discovering where his interests lay and acting like any other teenager.

Even if he does not follow in his father and brother’s footsteps, the Fieri family always supports him.

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Ryder Fieri’s Personal Life: He Is Dating Someone

The attractive young man is in a relationship.

He is in a relationship with Sophia Soltanizadeh.

We discovered the information via Ryder’s Instagram account, where he posted her name in his bio beside a heart symbol.

Furthermore, Ryder’s father Guy mentioned Ryder being a fantastic boyfriend on Twitter when congratulating his son on his 15th birthday.

Aside from that, little is known about Ryder’s relationship with Sophia.

We’re confident they’re a happy pair.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend is an athlete who played for the Santa Rosa Rug Rats.

Guy and Lori Fieri married in 1995, according to Ryder’s parents.

Guy’s restaurant was where the two initially met in 1992.

Unlike most first dates, their initial talk was unusual.

One of Lori’s pals was kicked out of the restaurant Guy was managing and wasn’t allowed back in for the next few weeks.

Lori, on the other hand, had a different opinion and chose to address the manager.

Lori and her friend both decided to go to the restaurant, but when Guy saw the lady, he jumped up and shouted, “Hey, listen, wait a few weeks before you come in.”

Fieri was asking the ladies to leave when he noticed this blue-eyed blonde giving him the evil mug.

She told him he couldn’t force them to go, and Guy answered, “You don’t have to.”

This was the start of their amazing journey.