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Greg Palkot

Greg Palkot

Greg Palkot is a journalist who is best known for his work as a senior foreign affairs correspondent for Fox News Channel. Greg Palkot is known for his work on Shepard Smith Reporting, America’s Newsroom and Fox News Live.

Early life and Childhood

Greg Palkot was born on March 28, 1954, and is a native of New York.

Education Details

Greg Palkot grew up in Garden City, New York, Where he was raised by his father, John, and his mother.

The names of whom have not been revealed, nor have their occupations.

In terms of education, Greg attended Garden City High School in New York before enrolling at Wesleyan University.

A private liberal arts college in Middletown, Connecticut.

 Professional Career

Palkot’s professional career began in the 1980s.

Greg’s career in journalism began when he began working as an anchor and reporter not only for international.

But also for US programs that aired on networks such as CBS, WABC, Financial News Network (now CNBC), and PBS.

Greg Palkot
Greg Palkot with Fox news channel. Source: biographytribune

Greg has won three Emmy Awards for his work in categories such as news coverage, reporting, and feature stories.

He has also received numerous awards from United Press International and the Associated Press.

Greg’s academic performance undoubtedly helped him to climb the success ladder in 1998.

He took his career to the next level when he joined FOX News Channel (FNC).

And began serving as a correspondent.

He was later promoted and is now based in London, England, as a senior foreign affairs correspondent.

Greg has covered stories such as the ISIS attacks, various investigations, and the UK’s exit from the European Union while in this position.

Furthermore, he has traveled further afield, Covering stories such as the rising tensions over North Korea’s banned nuclear program.

The “Arab Spring,” the deadly tsunami in Indonesia, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so on.

Greg Palkon and his cameraman Olaf Wiig were severely beaten nearly to death and hospitalized in February 2011.

While covering unrest in Cairo, Egypt.

Military police accused them of being Israeli spies before they were released from the hospital.

But the State Department, the US embassy in Cairo.

And Egypt’s embassy in Washington all confirmed their identities and secured their release.

Body Measurement

Greg Palkot is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Net Worth and Salary

Greg Palkot has a net worth of $4 million.

Relationship Status

Greg Palkot is open about his professional life, but he is the polar opposite when it comes to his personal life.

However, it is known that he is a married man with children.

He currently resides in London, England.

Social Media

Greg ‘s social account information is Unavailable.

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  • Greg was born in Garden City, New York State USA; the actual date of his birth is unknown to the media.
  • He is a journalist, who is best recognized for serving in the position of a senior foreign affairs correspondent for the Fox News Channel.
  • Palkot has won an Emmy Award three times in such categories as news coverage, reporting, and feature stories.
  • He was later promoted and currently works as a senior foreign affairs correspondent based in London, England.