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Gary Gaetti

Gary Gaetti

Who is Gary Gaetti?

Gary Gaetti had brought magnificent days to baseball history when looking back in time. Gary Gaetti’s performance in the 1980s ranks among the top 20 home runs in Cubs history and the top 100 royals of all time.

Gary is still renowned for his powerful hitting as a third baseman, which is frequently referred to as a performance that exudes power.

Gary played baseball for over two decades in Major League Baseball.

The Minnesota Twins, California Angels, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, and Boston Red Sox were just a few of the teams he had previously played for.

In his time as a player, Gary held the record for becoming the only person to ever hit home runs in each of his first two postseason at-bats.

Day of Gary Gaetti

“This is a tremendous honor, and returning here and witnessing the community’s support has been amazing.

Simply put, I’m overjoyed to be carrying out this project in my hometown and to see it all come together.

Fun fact: The City of Centralia observes Gary Gaetti Day on the first day of Major League Baseball.

Well, Gary is one of the biggest sports stars in the community.

The day was initially envisioned as a resolution during the City Council meeting.

As Gaetti and other former Major Leaguers participate in the celebration, it appears to be sponsored by the Gaetti Sports Academy.

Additionally, as the mayors and residents of the town join the celebration, they add games and awards for the particular occasion.

More Facts about Gary Gaetti

Full Name Gary Joseph Gaetti
Date of Birth August 19, 1958
Birth Place Centralia, Illinois, USA
Nickname The Rat
Religion Christianity
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age 63 years old
Height 6 feet (183 cm)
Weight 81 kg (180 lbs)
Hair Color Brown (natural)
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Bill Gaetti
Mother’s Name Jackie (Shahan)
Siblings An elder sister, Cheryl Gaetti
Education Centralia High School
Lincoln Land Community College
Lake Land College
Northwest Missouri State University.
Marital Status Married
Spouse Debby and Donna (former wives), Joni (current wife, married in 2014)
Kids Two sons; Joe Gaetti and Jacob Gaetti
A daughter; Gigi Gaetti
Profession Former Baseball player
Position Third baseman
Affiliations Minnesota Twins
California Angels
Kansas City Royals
St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cubs
Boston Red Sox
Throws and Bats Right
Net Worth $1.6 million
Social Media  Instagram
Merch  Autographed Baseball Card, Signed Baseball
Last Update  July 2022

Early Life, Family, and Education | Gary Gaetti

Gary Joseph Gaetti, sometimes known as Gaetti, was born a Leo on August 19, 1958.

He was Jackie (Shahan) and Bill Gaetti’s second child and a native of Centralia, Illinois.

In fact, Cheryl Gaetti is his older sister.

His father was a blue-collar railroad worker back then, and his mother worked as a secretary and office manager.

When Gary thinks back on his youth, he says the two main things were baseball and beer.

He played catch a lot, and baseball had taken its toll on him.

He typically played ball with his father as soon as his father got home.

The entire family would also go every year to attend baseball games at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Gary acquired an autograph from Lou Brock and a bat from Dick Schofield on that same journey.

Similar to this, Gary started early in the line and continued playing it throughout high school and beyond.


Gary had already demonstrated his talent at the age of thirteen with a home run that passed the tree 250 feet out.

Gary astounded everyone with his aggression and charisma as he devoted himself to Centralia High School.

He even won all-state recognition in football and baseball at the time.

Gary excelled as safety and quarterback in football in addition to baseball.

His relatives claimed that despite his extraordinary talent, he was on par with lower league players.

Gary, however, didn’t receive many employment offers after high school and decided to work for the railroad with his father.

Bill Gaetti, however, registered him at Lincoln Land Community College.

Gary then started playing baseball once more.

Later, he also participated in athletics for Northwest Missouri State University and Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois.

The Professional Career of Gary Gaetti

In actuality, Gary has been selected in the MLB draft three times in total.

He was initially selected by the St. Louis Cardinals in the fourth round of the Major League Baseball draft in January 1978.

After that, he was selected by the Chicago White Sox in the same year in the third round of the secondary June draft.

Last but not least, he was selected by the Minnesota Twins in the first round of the June secondary round in the 1979 draft.

The Twins selected him during his time there, which followed his move to Missouri State University.

He had previously turned down both the Cardinals’ and the White Sox’s offers. Gary describes the occasion of his biggest break in a game in more detail.

Garry Gaetti
Garry Gaetti, the ultimate professional hitter. Source:

Minnesota Twins

He later began playing professionally, but his career began with the Elizabethton, Tennessee Twins Rookie-level club.

He subsequently spent the first three years of his career with the Appalachian League, the AA-level Orlando Twins of the Southern League, and the A-level Wisconsin Rapids Twins of the Midwest League.

His minor league accomplishments won him a berth in the major league, where he hit a home run in his first at-bat. Gary placed fifth in the AL Rookie of the Year voting as a result.

Gary spent his entire nine-year career with the Twins, where he won four straight Gold Glove Awards for outstanding fielding.

While serving as the Series MVP, he also guided the Twins to their first World Series victories.

He also won his first two plate appearances in the postseason in the American League Championship Series.

He also received his first two All-Star selections and two further Gold Glove Awards.

Los Angeles Angels

Following that, Gary was signed by the California Angels to a four-year, $11.4 million contract.

It was also the season when his play began to deteriorate, though.

Gary was sitting on the bench by the 1993 season.

Because of this, the Angels released him before the end of his contract.

Kansas City Royals

Gary returned to his games after joining the Kansas City Royals, maintaining a career-high 35 home runs.

He quickly made a name for himself as the AL’s top third baseman in terms of hitting.

Cardinals of St. Louis

Gary joined the Cardinals with a single $2 million agreement after spending two seasons with the Royals.

He hit multiple home runs for the team in the same 1996 season.

The following year, he gradually got his 2,000th career hit.

Gary claimed that while his two and a half years there, his childhood ambition was realized.

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox

Gary spent an entire season with the Cubs after signing a contract with them on his 40th birthday.

He claimed the National League wild card together with the group.

After that, he joined the Boston Red Sox but was only able to appear in five of their games.

After a season, though, Gary began to play more slowly, and at that point, the only thought that crossed his mind was retirement.

Overall, he was now the team’s go-to emergency relief pitcher.

Brief Career Statistics

Career -42.1 8951 2280 360 .255 1130 1341 96 .308 .434 .741 97

Gary Gaetti: Retired and Moving Forward

Gary, regarded as the all-time home run king among players, left the games in 2000 after serving as an emergency bullpen pitcher.

He reportedly decided to resign after speaking with his wife.

Gary was appointed hitting coach for the New Orleans Zephyrs, a Class-AAA affiliate of the Houston Astros.

In plain language. Even after his retirement, he was still playing in the MLB.

He left his position as the Class-AAA Durham Bulls coach in North Carolina after nearly five years of service.

Then, from 2012 until 2017, he served as the Sugar Land Skeeters’ manager in the Atlantic League.

Gary Gaetti | Achievements

In 2003, Gary was elected into the NWMSU “M-Club” athletic hall of fame with an ERA of 7.71 at the conclusion of his career.

He also ranks 159 in Major League Baseball history and has 2,280 total bases in his career. A.255 batting average, 360 home runs, and 1,341 run at-bats are some of his MLB stats.

He has appeared in 2,507 games overall, scoring 1,130 runs and collecting 2,280 hits.

He has 1,602 strikeouts, 634 walks, and 96 stolen bases.

Below are some of his most notable accomplishments to date.

  • All-Star 2 (1988 and 1989)
  • World Series winner (1987)
  • MLS MVP (1987)
  • Four (1986–1989) Gold Glove Awards
  • Award for Silver Slugger (1995)
  • Twins of Minnesota Hall of Fame
  • Top 25 Most Valuable Players in the American League (four times)
  • 1982: Ranked fifth in the voting for American League Rookie of the Year

Gary Gaetti | Accident

Injury risks were unpredictable for everyone on the field, including the players.

In a similar vein, Gary has spent most of his career dealing with problems with his legs and knees.

Gary tore his knee cartilage in August 1988 while stealing a base. As a result, he underwent arthroscopic surgery at Lake Tahoe, California, with Dr. J.R. Steadman.

Outfielder Eric Bullock played in his place because he missed the season.

The next year, Gary’s persistent problems with his abdomen, back, and knee once again landed him on a 15-day inactive list.

Gary also battled a temporary toe issue before his retirement.

Gary Gaetti: Career Earnings, Salary, and Net Worth

According to estimates, Gary Gaetti is currently worth $10.5 million.

We only have a very limited amount of information on his career earnings because MLB prefers to keep their payment information confidential.

He reportedly made about $21.5 million during his MLB career, though.

In addition, he earned $3 million every year between 1991 and 1993.

Similarly, from 1996 to 1999, the former baseball player made $2 million per year, with the exception of 1998, when he made $1.6 million.

It’s possible that you’d like to purchase Gary’s rookie cards.

Personal Life of Gary Gaetti

Gaetti is a devoted Christian, in case you didn’t know.

In fact, he used to down beers, smoke like a chimney, swear like a sailor, and drink shots of whiskey with colleagues to toast victory.

It seems as though the Bible had birthed a new Gary.

In the interim, he had also purchased a Bible to make promises to refrain from resuming his previous routines.

Gary has been a devout Christian, nevertheless, ever since being placed on the disabled list and suffering from injuries.

He began reading about the benefits of the Bible during the time he would spend at parties.

Gary had a memorable TV appearance at the 1989 MLB All-Star Game, displaying his glove that read, “Jesus is Lord.”

He claims that nothing other than religion has enabled him to become who he is today.

He has truly given himself completely to Jesus.

When Gary’s beliefs changed, even his best friend, Minnesota first baseman Kent Hrbek, found it difficult to keep up with him.

“I wasn’t a mean or evil guy. I didn’t carry drugs, though. But there are no different levels of sin. Sin is sin. You get locked up if you break a man’s law. And if you disobey God’s law, you’ll burn in hell.” – Gaetti Gary

Gaetti Gary | Wife and children

Debby, the love of Gary’s minor league days, was his first wife; they were married for ten years.

After the 1994 season, though, their relationship came to an end when they got divorced and parted ways.

Joseph (Joe) and Jacob were their joint offspring.

Gary also claims that their divorce was brought on by a shift in their way of life.

After that, he wed Donna, his second wife, and the two of them had a daughter they named Gigi Gaetti.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two unfortunately didn’t work out, so he remarried Joni in 2014.

Joe Gaetti, one of the kids, followed in his father’s baseball playing career by enrolling at North Carolina State.

Sadly, he was unable to advance in it as a career.

Joe, however, only competed in the minor levels up to the AAA level.

With the Atlantic League’s Lancaster Barnstormers, his career came to an end in 2010.

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Use of social media:

Gary Gaetti, meanwhile, does not frequently use social media sites.

You can, however, visit his Instagram page to view and follow his uploads.

He has 4231 followers under his Instagram handle, Gary Gaetti (@garygaetti).