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Gabi DeMartino, YouTube, Career?

Gabi DeMartino
  • Gabi DeMartino was born on  5, 1995, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
  • She is one of four kids of her parents, Jeffrey DeMartino and Nélida Garcia-DeMartino. 
  • The YouTuber has a twin sister, Niki DeMartino.
  • Both of her parents are Dentists.

Gabi DeMartino began her career in 2010 with a shared channel with her twin sister, Niki. She has now become a well-known fashion and beauty blogger.

Aside from Niki, the 24-year-old has two other siblings, one of which is also an outstanding performer.

Gabi DeMartino’s Family And Siblings: Grew Up In A Wealthy Family

Many of you may be surprised to learn that Gabi grew up in an upper-middle-class family. Dr.

Gaeton J. DeMartino, who served in the US Army as a dentist, founded the DeMartino Dental Group P.C. in 1961.

Gabi’s father, Jeffrey DeMartino, later joined his father as a practitioner at the Dental Group in the late 1980s. Nélida Garcia, his future wife, and mother of his four children joined him.

Gabi’s older sister is a model, and her younger brother is a wrestler

Gabi and her twin sister, Niki, are well-known YouTube personalities, and their other siblings are also well-known.

Alessandra or Alex DeMartino, the eldest DeMartino, is an actress.

Gabi DeMartino
Gabi DeMartino Source:

The 26-year-old actress is most known for her roles in Hacking High School and Blood Queens.

Anthony Demartino, the youngest member of the DeMartino family, is a wrestler and lacrosse player.

Blair Academy was where the 20-year-old studied.


Gabi’s big break came in 2010 when she and Niki decided to start a YouTube channel.

Their channel, Niki and Gabi (formerly nikiandgabibeauty), quickly gained popularity, and the twins became an instant sensation.

Their channel is currently approaching 10 million subscribers.

Aside from that, Gabi and Niki both have their own channels.

Gabi’s channel is called Fancy Vlogs By Gab and has over 3.23 million subscribers, while Nikki’s channel is called Niki DeMar and has 2.44 million members.

Gabi is also a talented vocalist, having published numerous tracks such as Flowers, Yacht, and Ever After.

Gabi has a good career, thus her earnings are likely to be extremely considerable.

Gabi Demartino’s Net Worth:

Gabi Demartino’s net worth as of 2020 is $1 million.

The majority of her fortune has come from her quite successful social media career.

Gabi also manages her merchandise business with her sister Niki.

Through their merch, they sell apparel and a variety of other goods.

Her parents have also amassed a sizable net worth through their numerous activities.

The social media star and her partner, Collin Vogt, have bought a home in Los Angeles.

Gabi DeMartino’s Relationship Status And Past Relationships

Collin Vogt, a photographer, has been Gabriella’s boyfriend for five years.

The couple began dating in the spring of 2015.

The two first met at a party hosted by one of Collin’s coworkers.

Gabi initially ignored Collin at the gathering, and when he approached her, she turned away.

As it turns out, the Ariana Grande impersonator was merely trying to show off her butt.

Things have gone well since then, and the couple has even discussed marriage.

There were rumors that the couple will marry in the summer of 2020, but that did not happen.

That is something only time will tell. Nonetheless, the couple is happily married to each other.

On Thanksgiving 2020, her boyfriend proposed to her.

Gabi was previously involved with Brandon Grupe.

According to sources, the couple dated for five years before splitting up in 2015.

There were many speculations at the time of their breakup that Gabi cheated on Brandon with her current boyfriend, Collin.

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Gabi DeMartino Plastic Surgery; Lip, Teeth, And Nose Cosmetic Procedure

Gabi resolved to reinvent herself when she reached 18.

Not only psychologically, but also physically.

The twins’ makeover began when they entered the YouTube world.

She had filler procedures on her lips and a non-surgical nose job, or Filler Rhinoplasty, by the time she became a prominent figure in the beauty market.

She also had porcelain veneers inserted into her teeth to enhance her appearance.

When questioned why she chose cosmetic treatments in an interview with her sister Niki, Gabi stated that her old look was preventing her from pursuing her passion for make-up.

The YouTuber stated that she has always desired to appear like her mother, a former beauty queen.