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Frida Chávez

Frida Chávez

Who is Frida Chávez?

Frida Chávez is a former model. Frida Chávez is best known as the wife of Julio César Chávez Jr., a Mexican boxer and former WBC middleweight champion. She is also well-known for being the ex-wife of legendary drug lord Joaqun “El Chapo” Guzmán.

Chávez previously married El Chapo’s late son Édgar Guzmán López. In addition, she is the mother of Édgar’s daughter.

Education, Family, And Early Life

Frida Chávez was born on July 26th, 1987, in Mexico to Josefina Román and her husband.

She was born and raised in Mexico and comes from a hardworking family.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about her father or childhood, but she is said to have grown up in the state of Sinaloa.

Mexican citizenship is held by the mother of three children.

Apart from that, Mroman has a sister named Kenia.

The two siblings grew raised together and are extremely close.

They go on vacations together and share holidays. Morman and Chávez give us the “sister goals” vibes on a regular basis.

Furthermore, she completed her secondary schooling in Mexico and married her first spouse shortly thereafter.

She does not have a college diploma or a college education.

Height, Weight, and Age

Frida Chávez is 34 years old as of 2022. Her birthday is 1987, and her zodiac sign is Leo.

They are also recognized for being honest, kind, creative, and brilliant, according to what we know.

Similarly, Chavez stands at a towering 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.80 m).

She has flawless skin and a trim figure. Furthermore, there is no doubting Chavez’s beauty.

Frida Chávez
Frida Chavez stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. Source: playersbio

It’s even harder to imagine she’s the mother of three children. It’s no surprise that anyone can be seduced by her beautiful blonde hair, dark eyes, and doll-like features.

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Facts of Frida Chavez

Full Name Frida Muñoz Chávez
Birth Date July 26, 1987
Birth Place Mexico
Nick Name Frida Muro
Religion Christian
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Not Available
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Josefina Román
Siblings Kenia, Mroman
Age 34 Years Old
Height 5ft 7in
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Build Slim
Famous For Wife of Mexican Boxer
Body Measurement Not Available
Shoe Size Medium
Marital Status Married
Ex-Husband Édgar Guzmán López
Husband Julio César Chávez Jr.
Kids Three
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Instagram
Merch Posters, Trading Cards
Last Update April 2022

Wealth, Salary, and Assets

Frida Chávez and her husband have a total net worth of $4 million.

Frida and Julio have a pleasant existence. The couple is said to own a beautiful and opulent home in Beverly Hills, California. Aside from that, they have a lot of automobiles and belongings.

The couple travels to different cities and countries with their children. In addition, her father-in-law, Chávez Sr., is worth $10 million. He also owns a boxing gym and works as a sports analyst.

Furthermore, the International Boxing Hall of Fame owns a number of high-end automobiles and other valuables. He is widely regarded as the most important Mexican boxer of all time.

Career and Profession

There aren’t a lot of specifics regarding her job or career.

However, there are reports that she was a model or was interested in modeling. When you see her lovely face and body, it’s easy to trust what she’s saying.

She is best recognized for being the wife of Julio César Chávez Jr., a well-known Mexican boxer. Frida is also the sister-in-law of Omar Chávez, another renowned boxer, and the daughter-in-law of Julio César Chávez Sr., the world champion.

Aside from that, she was well-known for being Joaqun “El Chapo” Guzmán’s former daughter-in-law and the late Édgar Guzmán López’s wife.

She is also well-known for being El Chapo’s granddaughter’s mother. Frida completed high school but did not continue on to college to pursue a degree.

She was also married to the drug lord’s son and had a child not long after. As a result, she was unable to work or further her schooling.

Children And Marriage


Frida Chávez has been married twice and has children from both marriages. She was previously married to El Chapo’s son, Édgar Guzmán, a well-known and violent drug kingpin.

After that, she married Julio Chávez Jr., her now-husband, after dating for a few years.

Though it is unclear when or where the former couple met, stories suggest they were high school sweethearts.

The story is plausible because the two tied the wedding shortly after graduating from high school. She was also expecting his daughter at the time. Griselda López Pérez, Chapo’s third wife, gave birth to Édgar in 1986.

He worked in the Sinaloa Cartel alongside the rest of his family, like many of the drug lord’s children. He became more active and interested in the drug business after high school.

Before he turned 20, the young man manufactured his first cocaine paste, which inspired him to follow in his father’s footsteps in the drug industry. He was a risk-taker with a lot of energy.

Despite his father’s warnings against dealing with the cops, he built a profitable business empire.

The drug lord’s son rose through the ranks of the cartel and was content with his wife and small daughter. However, things gradually deteriorated, and the marriage ended tragically.

Édgar and his cousin were brutally murdered in a parking lot by a rival cartel. He died while he was only 22 years old.

The Beltrán Leyva brothers are suspected of being engaged in the fatal shooting to avenge their brother Arturo Beltrán Leyva’s incarceration. They felt El Chapo was involved in their brother’s detention.

She concentrated on caring for her small daughter after her first husband was brutally murdered.

She didn’t think she’d ever be able to love again, but that changed when she met Julio Jr. His gentle, compassionate, and understanding personality drew her in.

Julio César Chávez Jr. is a former WBC champion and professional boxer from Mexico. Julio César Chávez Sr., a former boxer and six-time world champion, is his father.

Mike Tyson, the famed boxer, has complimented the fighter’s father as one of the finest of his generation. Omar Chávez, his brother, is also a professional boxer.

Frida’s husband has not been able to match his father’s professional accomplishments. Despite this, he has won 51 of the 58 fights he has taken part in.

In addition, he has the WBC middleweight title. Regardless, the boxer has a gorgeous wife and lovely children, therefore he has won in life.

He married his wife in a private ceremony and continues to keep many aspects of their personal lives private. Despite this, the couple appears to be content in their relationship.

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Frida has three children in all. Frida Sofia Guzmán, her oldest daughter, is the result of her marriage to Édgar Guzmán López. She recently completed high school and aspires to be a singer.

Julia Chávez, Chávez’s second child, is her first child with boxer Julio Jr. Her parents and grandparents adore the tiny girl. Frida and Julio also have a son, Julio César Chávez III, who will be born in September 2020.

Cheating Rumors

A video of the boxer with two ladies went viral on the internet in February 2019. While the married man lay back and relaxed, the women were half-naked and touching him on his chest.

Frida, on the other hand, sided with her husband and claimed he was a victim when she spoke about the incident.

The two women, together with the man who recorded the video, are accused of stealing a $40,000 watch and a $3 million check.

She was initially with her husband, but she later went to check on her daughter. The party proceeded in Julio’s suite, where she believes the people in the film took advantage of his kindness and inebriation.

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Presence on Social Media

The mother of three is a frequent user of her social media account.

She frequently shares pictures of her beautiful daughter, son, handsome husband, and adorable family. The Mexican has a large family and seems to be close to everyone.

Likewise, she also has several photos with her sister and her family. Frida has a lot of friends and wishes all of them on their birthdays. Besides that, she shared pictures of her and her family traveling and enjoying life.