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Florence Elsie Ellis: What Is She Up To?

Florence Elsie Ellis
  • Florence Elsie Ellis is the eldest child of Lucifer actor Tom Ellis.
  • She was born in the United Kingdom on June 17, 2008.
  • Florence is clearly having a good time with both sides of her family.
  • She is now a teen, and admirers want to know if she has expressed an interest in acting.

Who is Florence Elsie Ellis?

Florence Elsie Ellis is the eldest child of Lucifer actor Tom Ellis. Florence Elsie Ellis’s birth announcement was first made public a week after she was born. The English actor has received a lot of help along the way, especially from his daughters.

Ellis, Florence Elsie Is this Tom Ellis’s daughter: What is her mother’s name?

Florence Elsie Ellis was born in the United Kingdom on June 17, 2008.

She is the eldest child of Tom Ellis and his ex-wife, Tamzin Outhwaite. Florence is of white ethnicity and of English nationality.

Her birth announcement was first made public a week after she was born.

At the time, a representative for the duo stated that they were “pleased to announce.” They didn’t provide any other information.

Florence and her younger sister spend equal time with their parents after their parents divorced.

Tamzin watches out for them while Tom is busy with his work, and Tom does the same when Tamzin is out there working.

Her Brothers and Sisters

Aside from Elsie, Tom and Tamzin have one daughter, Marnie Mae Ellis.

On August 1, 2012, the former couple welcomed their second child together.

Tom took to Twitter to announce the momentous news, writing, “What a couple of days… Gold medals from everywhere, and…oh, we had a beautiful baby girl named Marnie Mae Ellis, who weighed 6lb 5oz and was absolutely stunning!”

Marnie has a close relationship with her older sister Florence.

Florence Elsie Ellis
Florence Elsie Ellis with her family. Source: observatorcinema

According to the images her parents post on social media, Marnie appears to be the happier one, while her sister dislikes being photographed.

Given how at ease she is in front of the camera, she may one day follow in her parent’s footsteps and become an actress.

Marnie and Florence have one half-sister, Nora Ellis, who was born on May 22, 2005. Tom, their father, has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Estelle Morgan.

Is Florence Determined to Act Like Her Parents?

It’s an often-asked question. We’re all curious if the celebrity kid wants to be an actor.

However, the answer to this question is unknown. Given that she is only a teenager, it is unlikely that she knows where her interests lay just yet.

Having said that, the active gene is unmistakably present. After all, her parents are both award-winning actresses.

While her mother Tamzin is well-known for her part in EastEnders, her father Tom rose to prominence after playing in the Netflix mystery thriller Lucifer.

Meanwhile, Tamzin, her mother, has said that she enjoys tap dancing.

According to the tweet, Florence Elsie Ellis appears to be more interested in dancing.

Florence and her sister are opposed to their mother remarrying

As strange as it may sound, the Ellis sisters are opposed to Tamzin marrying her present partner, Tom Child. The English actress stated in an interview,

“They always remark, “You two aren’t going to be married.” They don’t like the idea, which is great because we’re not in a hurry to accomplish anything. “I feel like I’ve done it, so I’m not too bothered.”

Even though they have a strong affinity with Tom, they are opposed to the thought of marriage between them.

Tamzin and Tom have been dating since the beginning of 2018. Her boyfriend is a personal trainer and a documentary filmmaker. She’s content with her connection with Tom.

He serves as a father figure to her daughters. When she is not available to care for her children, Tom assumes full duty.

Furthermore, the girls adore him.

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Elsie Florence Elli’s Parents’ Marriage: Why Did They Divorce?

Tom and Tamzin had been married for nearly eight years. They tied the knot in 2006.

Everything was going swimmingly between the two until Tom slipped his foot.

He slept with another woman and afterward admitted to it. Emilie de Ravin, an American-Australian actress, was later confirmed as the woman.

This was the sole basis for their 2014 divorce.

Tamzin and Tom have reunited despite their tumultuous past.

They co-parent their children effectively, and Tamzin has expressed her appreciation to her ex-husband for caring for the children when she is away.

Tom went on with American TV screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer after his divorce from Tamzin.

On June 2nd, 2019, they exchanged vows in a small wedding ceremony.

Meaghan is close to Tom’s daughters. She may be seen spending quality time with Marnie and Florence in several of her Instagram postings.

Florence Elsie Ellis is clearly having a good time with both sides of her family.