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Fans and family of TikTok star Piko Preston mourn his untimely death.

Piko Preston
  • Well-known TikTok developer Piko Preston.
  • Preston’s death was initially revealed on the internet when his sister, Lara Preston Neves.
  • Preston had exactly one million TikTok followers

Well-known TikTok developer Piko Preston, popularly known online as @pikotrain5, recently passed suddenly at 43. Preston’s death was initially revealed on the internet when his sister, Lara Preston Neves, posted on Facebook, announcing that the TikTok star had died.

She wrote, “Jon (Piko Preston), my great, lively, crazy, giving, funny, and adored younger brother, died last week. Even the concept of a world without him is inconceivable to me.”

Laura stressed how she had never met someone more generous

Then Jon and how he gave everyone everything.

He was always the family’s mediator as they were growing up,

constantly mediating sibling conflicts and never stop trying to make everyone around him happy.

Likewise, admirers who were informed of his death began posting waves

of tributes in his comments and they are going through each of his videos,

writing condolences and appreciating his work.

Who was Piko Preston?

Piko Preston
Piko with his wife source: MyNewsGh.com

Preston had exactly one million TikTok followers,

and he was known for using his platform to promote other accounts and preach messages of love and inclusion.

His most recent video was a stitch of another account called Unlearn16,

in which an LGBT woman was taking down a homophobic dude.

The TikTok Star was regarded to be someone passionate about spreading love and joy.

His friendly demeanor is one of the reasons he has a million followers and 13.1 million

likes across all his videos, which have an average of over 50k views.

A GoFundMe is started in memory of Piko Preston

A GoFundMe was launched to generate money to support his family

as they cope with this huge loss and sadness.

The target amount was $10,000, and as of Monday, it has raised around $5,442.

The TikTok celebrity did not suffer from any diseases or injuries.

He seemed OK to his ex-wife, buddy, and the mother of his two children

and nothing seemed particularly wrong with the man.

He was spending time with his sons regularly, and the ex-couple was steadily

rebuilding their relationship and progressing toward friendliness.

Piko Preston’s passing triggers waves of tributes

Following the demise of Preston, various tributes and condolences

were offered by both his followers and other designers.

Other Tiktok producers who knew Preston have been honoring him and making content in his honor.

One creator, djhuntsofficial used TikTok’s painting AI to create

a painting based on Piko Preston’s first name.

Djhuntsofficial has posted multiple posts under Preston’s name.

Similarly, many other creators have paid tribute to him with videos and letters of sadness.

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Preston’s ex-wife posted a beautiful memorial post in his honor,

including a photo of him, her, and their children together.

Preston’s admirers have responded by commenting on his videos,

creating tribute videos, and keeping him trending on Tiktok.

The TikTok star will be remembered as a loving individual who

never caused any issues and was also adored by others.

Family, friends, and fans all have great recollections of him,

and they’ll have his name in their minds for a long time.