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Facts about Xolo Mariduena’s Gay Rumors, Age, Parents,

Xolo Mariduena
  • Xolo Mariduena is an American actor who rose to prominence after portraying Victor.
  • He was in New York for his twentieth birthday.
  • He gets along well with his parents and sister.
  • “Well, I’m in a relationship with Xolo (Mariduena), who portrays Miguel.

Xolo Mariduena is an American actor who rose to prominence after portraying Victor Graham in the television series Parenthood (2012-15). He was even nominated for a Young Artist Award for his performance in it.

His popularity has grown as he has appeared in more TV shows – he has only appeared in two movies up to this point.

Twin Peaks (2017), Fast & Furious Spy Racers (2020), Cleopatra in Space (2020-21), and Victor & Valentino are among such TV programs (2019-21).

He recently reprised his role as Miguel Diaz in the fourth season of the Netflix action drama Cobra Kai (2018-21).

What Age Is Xolo Mariduena?

Mariduena is currently 20 years old. Every year on June 9th, he celebrates his birthday.

He was in New York for his twentieth birthday.

He celebrated his birthday with three close pals and even posted some nice pictures from the day on his Instagram account.

“Thank you for another year in the sun with my homies.

Here are some films we made while waiting for breakfast. “I feel 20 but with a less spotty beard.”

He was born in 2001 and reared in Los Angeles, California.

His zodiac sign is Gemini, according to his birth date.

His given name, Xolo Mariduena, is derived from the Nahuatl (Aztec) language and means “dog star.”

Who Are the Parents of Xolo Mariduena?

Omar Ramirez-Sanchez is Mariduena’s father, and Carmelita Ramirez-Sanchez is his mother.

According to reports, his mother used to work at a radio station.

However, there is little to no information on his father.

In terms of his parents, his father has Cuban and Ecuadorian ancestors, and his mother has Mexican ancestors.

As a result of his mixed heritage, he is of Mexican, Cuban, and Ecuadorian descent.

 Xolo Mariduena
Xolo Mariduena Source: Twitter

Aside from his parents, he has a younger sister named Oshn Ramirez, who was born on July 7, 2008.

His sister is an accomplished actress with four credits.

She has also done ADR, voice-overs, and commercials for many brands.

He gets along well with his parents and sister.

Furthermore, in 2019, he told Glitter Magazine that his parents have been instrumental in keeping him grounded in his life.

His exact words were:

“My family ensures that both my sister and I have a well-rounded and full life, with acting and working being a piece of the pie, but not the entire pie.”

Xolo Mariduena’s Height: How Tall Is He?

The Furst Born actor is 5 feet 8 inches tall or 1.73 meters tall and weighs approximately 66 kg or 145.5 lbs.

His other distinguishing features are a thin build, black hair, dark brown eyes, and so on.

Is Xolo Mariduena a gay man?

Previously, there were numerous allegations that Mariduena was gay.

However, none of those theories were real, and they were all fake.

He hasn’t indicated that he is dating or has a partner.

Presumably, he is either enjoying his singleness or is in a relationship that he is keeping a secret from the public world.

He was dating his fellow Cobra Kai co-star Hannah Kepple before his relationship status became unknown.

Initially, there was simply speculation that the two were dating when the actor posted several couple-y photos with her.

During an interview with MEAWW in April 2019, Kepple confirmed that the rumors were real.

“Well, I’m in a relationship with Xolo (Mariduena), who portrays Miguel.

“We were actually buddies, a little flirty, during season one, and then we started communicating after season one, and it clicked,” she told the site.

The couple’s relationship was going swimmingly.

However, after some time, both of them deleted all of the photographs they had shared of each other on social media. It gave the impression that they had broken up.

At the moment, neither of them has spoken anything about it.

They have yet to officially announce their breakup.

Prior to that, he was rumored to be in a relationship with Jayla Noelle, although little is known about it.

One thing is evident from his previous relationships: he is not gay.

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How Much Money Is Xolo Mariduena Worth?

Mariduena has a good net worth of $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.