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Evin Harrah Cosby- Disturbing Truth About Bill Cosby Daughter

Evin Harrah Cosby
  • Harrah has always had a passion for fashion and has worked hard to achieve her goals.
  • She is the owner of the luxury boutique PB & Caviar and the inspiration for Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show.
  • Bill was accused of rape, drug-assisted sexual assault, sexual battery, and child sexual abuse

Who is Evin Harrah Cosby?

Evin Harrah Cosby is the Cosby family’s daughter. She was born on August 27, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, to Bill Cosby and Camille Olivia Cosby. She is the owner of the luxury boutique PB & Caviar and the inspiration for Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

Harrah has always had a passion for fashion and has worked hard to achieve her goals. She adores and appreciates her job.

Who are Evin Harrah Cosby’s parents?

Evin’s father is Bill Cosby. Bill’s birth name is William Henry Cosby Jr.

On July 12, 1937, he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

He is currently 83 years old.

He is an actor, stand-up comedian, and television personality.

Camille Olivia Hanks, her mother, was born on March 20, 1944, in Washington, D.C., United States.

Her age is 77 years.

She is a well-known philanthropist, novelist, and television producer.

Since January 25, 1964, her parents have been married. The couple shared five children.

Cosby Family Picture
Cosby Family Picture in social media source: Los Angeles Times

Her Childhood

Evin began her basic education at Banks Street Elementary Institution, a private school in New York.

She then attended New York’s oldest non-sectarian private school.

She graduated from Colombia Grammar and Preparatory School.

Because Evin’s parents are African, they wanted all of their children to graduate from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, the traditional African institution.

She started at Spelman and was later transferred to the Institute of Technology in New York, where she learned a lot more about design.

It was quite difficult for her to lose two siblings.

Evin Cosby is the youngest of the Cosby children.

Ennis Cosby, Errin Cosby, Erika Ranee, and Ensa Cosby are her four siblings.

However, two of her siblings perished, leaving her with only two siblings.

Ennis Cosby was the Cosby family’s only son.

He was born on April 15, 1969, and on January 16, 1997, at the age of 27, he was murdered by Mikhail Markhasev, an 18-year-old teenager.

Mikhail shot Ennis in the head while he was changing a spare tire, killing him.

It happened during a robbery attempt, according to the murderer.

On April 8, 1973, Ensa was born. For a long period, she had a renal ailment.

She died at the age of 44 from kidney illness.

Being a sister and losing two siblings was really painful for her.

For a long time, that tragedy caused her and her family sad.

remained silent in the harassment case

Bill, Evin’s father, appeared on CBS Mornings.

In the conversation, he discussed his tour, rumors, and allegations leveled against him.

An interviewer questioned Bill, widely known as the father of America,

about allegations that he drugged a woman and then sexually harassed her. Six women had accused him.

The interviewer asked an honest question because many interviewers couldn’t just ask him about this because he is a strong guy.

People were discussing Bill’s situation, but no one knew the full story.

Bill remained silent throughout the entire scenario.

When the journalist bravely asked him about the sexual harassment case in which he was charged,

Bill did not respond and told the interviewer that he did not want to discuss anything relating to that topic.

People wanted to know whether the claim was accurate or not, but he refused to discuss it.

Bill then requested that the interviewer remove the part from the interview in which he stated that he did not want to discuss the harassment issue.

People were always looking for the truth.

Bill was touring the United States at the time.

Frank, a CBS News contributor, stated that Bill should have stated the truth whether the claim was genuine or false.

Frank also stated that he should not only communicate himself through text or tweets.

Bill, he continued, should talk to people about it and face the truth in front of the camera.

Sexual relationships with a large number of women

Bill has been charged with sexually abusing Audrea Constand.

Bill allegedly drugged the woman and then harassed her.

She filed a complaint against Bill at the time, but he disputed the claim.

Bill admitted to his drug addiction and multiple sexual relationships with women in his new documentary.

He reported that Audrea didn’t say anything, so he went about his business.

He revealed in his statement that whatever transpired between him and Audrea was mutual.

They were spending romantic time together, and since he didn’t hear anything from Audrea while he was having sex with her, he claimed it was consenting.

Audrea didn’t give him permission, nor did she prohibit him from doing anything to her,

therefore he claimed that everything they did was consensual.

Two dozen women accused Bill. Despite the fact that he was accused by numerous women,

he never went to court because he settled matters without going to court.

He explained that he did this because he did not want to shame his family or himself.

When asked about drugging women for sex in one of the interviews, he denied it,

but then admitted that he used quaaludes to drug ladies and have sex with them, and that he never used the drug for himself.

He stated that he did not coerce or administer medicines to ladies without their consent.

One of the women, Kirkpatrick, also accused Bill of abusing her and stated that she never desired intercourse from Bill.

He kept many things from the public, but his true identity was revealed as a result of his confession.

Bill  was known as America’s favorite father and philanthropist.

He had a good public image, but after all of the claims and his confession, his renown steadily faded.

defended her father from an unsuitable dispute

Bill was accused of rape, drug-assisted sexual assault, sexual battery, and child sexual abuse from 1965 to 2008.

This story went viral in ten states in the United States, as well as in Canada.

Despite the fact that he continually claimed innocence.

He had done nothing wrong with ladies, and he greatly appreciates women, but this charge had a significant impact on his career.

The most important prizes from reputable people and the top shows were annulled.

That claim was difficult to disprove, but with the help of Cosby’s supporters and family,

they eventually established Cosby’s innocence in front of the world and resolved the lawsuit.

Monetary value

Evin’s net worth has yet to be revealed. However, you have estimated a boutique owner’s fundamental earnings.

Her father and mother’s net worth are also given below:

The maximum annual salary is $170,341.

Minimum annual earnings of $33,338

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Earnings source

Bill Cosby is a $400 million comedian, actor, and television personality.

Camille Olivia Hanks is a $20 million dollar television producer, author, and philanthropist.

Height, weight, and age

She is currently 44 years old.

Her nationality is American.

Her exact weight and height have not been determined.