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Everything You Need to Know About Celebrity Brother Bertie Highmore

Bertie Highmore
  • Bertie Highmore is a well-known British actor
  • He had a brief career in movies and television series
  • Bertie is currently employed as an investment analyst at a private corporation called Blenheim Chalclot.
  • The former actor earns a substantial chunk of money.

Bertie Highmore is a well-known British actor. He is also well-known as the younger brother of Academy Award nominee Freddie Highmore. Born into a family of entertainers, he, too, had a brief career in the film industry.

In the media, he is frequently confused for his famous brother.

Many people are unable to tell the difference between the two brothers. Some people believe they are twins.

Highmore is a reserved individual with little online and media activity. He has kept his personal life hidden for a long time.

Both of the Highmore siblings appear to be suffering from this illness, as Freddie has a relatively minimal media presence.

In reality, Freddie recently removed all of his Instagram postings, and his bio states that he is not currently active on any social media platforms.

As a result, finding anything on Bertie on the internet is quite difficult.

Bio of Bertie Highmore

Bertie Highmore, born Albert Samuel Highmore on February 8, 1995, in London, United Kingdom, is a child celebrity.

And, yes, Bertie is a real person.

In 1999, the English actor appeared alongside his brother (Freddie Highmore) in the film Women Talking Dirty.

As previously said, his entire family works in the entertainment sector.

Sue Latimer, his mother, is a talent agent who found stars such as Daniel Radcliffe and Imelda Staunton.

Edward Highmore, Highmore’s father, is an English actor who worked in the film industry for nearly two decades (mostly in Hallmark movies) before retiring in 2002.

Finally, his older brother, Freddie Highmore, is a well-known actor who has received a Golden Globe nomination.

In addition, Freddie produces, directs, and stars in his own show, “The Good Doctor.”

He is currently 26 years old. Aquarius is his astrological sign.

Aquarius people are inventive and honest, and Highmore appears to be both.

Is Bertie Highmore and Freddie Highmore the same person?

Many people are wondering if the couple is a set of twins. Bertie and Freddie Highmore are not identical twins.

Because Freddie was born on February 14, 1992, there is no way they could be twins.

In a family dominated by entertainers, Bertie chose the road of academia.

His primary interests were in business and finance.

Bertie Highmore
Bertie Highmore elder brother, Freddie Highmore. Source: Gossip Gist

He received his primary schooling at Hampstead Garden Suburb near Golders Green in the London Borough of Barnet, together with his brother Freddie.

After that, he finished high school at Highgate High School, an independent school in London.

He received his bachelor’s degree at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) because of his interests in finance and business.

Bertie Highmore’s Relationship and Love Life

Bertie Highmore is an extremely private individual.

We rarely saw him out and about.

The little information we have available on the internet is also fairly old.

And, while we have some knowledge regarding his relationships, we cannot be certain.

The good news for unmarried girls is that Bertie hasn’t married yet.

In his Facebook profile, we saw him in the arms of Allie Summers.

They went to the summer ball together.

However, it is unclear whether he is in a relationship with her.

The couple has not acknowledged or rejected the rumors. We’ll leave it up to you to make your own assumptions.

He had a brief career in movies and television series.

Bertie, as previously reported, appeared in the 1999 film “Women Talking Dirty” at the age of five.

His brother, Freddie Highmore (7 at the time), also appeared in the film, where they both played brothers.

His character’s name was Col.

Offscreen, they must have found it relatively easy to act as brothers.

 Bertie Highmore
Bertie Highmore is an actor Source: Dpublished

Their performances in the film were outstanding, propelling the brothers to new heights of fame and elegance.

However, following the release of the film, he left the entertainment world to concentrate on his academics.

But we can’t grumble; may the man succeed wherever he goes.

At the very least, we can still enjoy his brother Freddie’s films and television series.

What is Bertie Highmore doing now?

Bertie is currently employed as an investment analyst at a private corporation called Blenheim Chalclot.

He began working there in March 2018 and has done well for himself.

He has, however, previously worked for a number of other companies.

During his collegiate years, he interned at Goldman Sachs.

While working at Goldman Sachs from April 2015 to September 2016, he also served as a Campus Ambassador.

Because of his outstanding performance, Highmore was promoted to the position of Security Analyst at Goldman Sachs before graduating in 2017.

He was also a consultant for 180 Degrees.

After graduating, Highmore, 26, worked as a trader for the Susquehanna International Group for nearly a year.

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What Is Bertie’s Net Worth?

The former actor earns a substantial chunk of money.

Though he is not as well-known or wealthy as his older brother Freddie, his earnings are adequate and he lives a luxury lifestyle.

Bertie Highmore has kept his earnings hidden from the public eye.

We cannot be certain about his net wealth. His brother Freddie Highmore, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Is Bertie Highmore a social media user?

He is present on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

However, he has converted his Instagram profile to private and only accepts follow requests from close family members and friends.

He is not yet listed on Wikipedia.