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Everything You Need to Know About Angel Del Villar?

Angel Del Villar
  • Angel Villar was the seventh of his parents’ nine children
  • Villar has been a musician and entrepreneur for over a decade
  • he is happily married to Cheli Madrid as of 202
  • Angela is the first child of Angel’s wife Cheli, although the Mexican businessman’s sixth.

Angel Del Villar, also popularly known as the owner of DEL Records is a Mexican music artist. Villar is one of the most known and successful Mexican music artists of the current time. Besides his immense popularity as an artist, Villar has also earned a huge fortune and is a millionaire.

The Mexican music artist and record label owner is a happily married man. He has been married for over a year and he also fathers a child with his wife. Although Villar has been a prominent figure in Latin music, pretty little about him is revealed in the media.

Seventh of nine children born to Mexican parents

Angel Del Villar was the seventh of his parents’ nine children.

On July 20, 1980, he was born in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.

Villar will turn 41 years old this July.

There isn’t much information regarding his childhood, other than the names of his parents and siblings.

He has two brothers and six sisters.

Meanwhile, Villar is occasionally seen on social media sharing images of his brothers and parents.

According to some web sources, Villar moved to the United States at the age of ten from his home in Mexico.

According to some sources, he arrived in the United States on January 20, 1990. Furthermore, a YouTube video about Del Villar revealed that the musician used his cousin’s birth certificate to gain entry into the United States.

Is He Worth a Billion Dollars? How Much Money Does He Have?

Angel Del Villar has been a musician and entrepreneur for over a decade.

He has done well in his work, and he has surely made a lot of money.

Del Villar, on the other hand, is not a billionaire in any sense.

Several websites have identified Villar as the Mexican millionaire record label owner, however, this is not the case.

We looked him up on Forbes’ official list of billionaires for 2021 and found no mention of him.

So, while Villar is clearly not a billionaire, he is unquestionably a millionaire.

We don’t know his exact net worth at the moment, but we estimate it to be approximately $5 million.

Angel Del Villar and Chiquis Rivera’s Relationship

Del Villar’s relationship with singer Chiquis Rivera made him a popular issue in the early 2010s.

Despite the fact that the couple later divorced, they were regarded as one of the power couples.

They began dating in 2012, shortly before Chiquis’ mother, Jenni Rivera, died.

Rivera claimed to be in a relationship, but she never revealed the identity of her lover.

Meanwhile, she stated on Chiquis Confidential that she does not believe it is important to announce the identity of her partner.

“I’ve never said his name,” she says. I don’t see why I should.

Angel Del Villar with his family source -celebschitchat

I don’t believe it’s necessary because that is my personal life.”

Although Rivera kept her boyfriend’s identity hidden, she was frank about her feelings for him.

Her mother, on the other hand, was not a fan of Angel del Villar.

In her book Forgiveness, she confessed that her mother Jenni disliked Angel since he already had children.

Regardless of her mother’s feelings, Chiquis was committed to her lover at the time.

Indeed, on Father’s Day 2015, she paid tribute to Angel with a touching statement that read:

“I appreciate you for many reasons, but one of the most important is that you’re such a fantastic father… Something that is difficult to find anymore and that I was unable to experience firsthand. “I adore you.”

Rivera’s romance with the Mexican musician was not destined to last forever, no matter how much she adored him.

Rivera and  Villar divorced in November 2015.

Cheli Madrid is married Since 2020

Angel del Villar is happily married to Cheli Madrid as of 2021.

After more than a year of courtship, they married in 2020.

According to a LA Times report, Villar and Cheli met in 2015, although they didn’t start dating immediately away.

According to Cheli’s Instagram post from July 11, 2020, the couple began dating in July 2019.

The 29-year-old Mexican singer said that she and del Villar had been together for a year.

Her hubby can be seen kissing her forehead in the shot she shared when they sat in a boat’s corner.

“Today we finished one year as a relationship,” Cheli wrote in Spanish.

Here’s the link to the post.

The pair chose to marry less than a year after they began dating.

Del Villar and Cheli married in a small ceremony on February 27, 2020.

Their wedding date also happened to match del Villar’s favorite number.

However, Madrid admitted that they did not plant it because they planned to marry on February 26th, which is supposedly Cheli’s birthday.

Villar confessed to the Los Angeles Times in Spanish that he proposed to his then-girlfriend Cheli on November 22, 2019.

Angel proposed to Cheli in the same location where they would marry in a few months.

Angel and his wife Cheli Madrid have a daughter.

Del Villar and Madrid welcomed their first child together, a daughter Angela del Villar, exactly seven months after they married.

At the time of their wedding, they were expecting a baby girl.

The wonderful news was shared by the proud parents on their individual social media platforms.

Angel Del Villar with his wife source univision

Del Villar, on the other hand, created an Instagram account for their child and announced Angela’s birth in the same post.

Cheli kissed Angela on the cheek in the post, which showed the infant and his mother in a hospital bed.

Angel’s daughter was born on the date 27, which, as previously said, is Angel’s favorite number.

And with the number representing another significant day in his life, it has undoubtedly become his new favorite.

Angel has six children.

Angela is the first child of Angel’s wife Cheli, although the Mexican businessman’s sixth.

He has five more children from other partnerships.

Angel doesn’t talk much about his grown-up children, despite the fact that he always wishes them happy birthdays.

According to the Los Angeles Times, he has five children: three daughters, Maggie, Paris, and Mia, and two sons, Andrew and Angel. Angel was just 17 years old when he became a parent for the first time, according to records.

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His musical career includes owning a record label.

Angel has had a strong interest in music since he was a toddler.

He gradually began to pursue a career as a musician after relocating to the United States.

His ascent to popularity became a reality in November 2008, when he established a conglomerate of enterprises.

The company’s goal was to identify and direct emerging independent artists working in the regional Mexican genre.

Within a few years, the firm had grown to become one of the genre’s most influential independent record labels.

Del Villar is the company’s owner and CEO.

His firms include DEL Records, DEL Studios, DEL Publishing, DEL Sports, DEL Store, and DEL Entertainment, according to his YouTube bio.

Villar’s record label has previously included numerous international Latin celebrities, including Ulices Chaidez, Gerardo Ortiz, and Lennin Ramirez.