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Everything About Christopher Harvest Love Life:

Christopher Harvest
  • Christopher Harvest is the ex-husband of Vivica A Fox.
  • Harvest’s life before marrying Vivica Fox is a frustrating enigma in and of itself.
  • She claims she was in love at the time.
  • Fox began to cry so hard that she couldn’t see the color of the ring.

Christopher Harvest is the ex-husband of Vivica A Fox. Fox is Harvest’s ex-wife, and she is most remembered for her breakout appearances in two box office hits, Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day and F. Gary Gray’s Set It Off.

Vivica is well known for her role as Vernita Green in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Vol. 1.

Harvest and Vivica had been married for about four years.

What began as a Cinderella-like romance for the actress turned out to be a one-sided endeavor that was too demanding.

The couple’s romance gradually soured, and Chris became just another has-been in Hollywood.

Before meeting Vivica A Fox, who was Christopher Harvest?

Harvest’s life before marrying Vivica Fox is a frustrating enigma in and of itself.

So much so that not even the actress’ former husband’s birth information has been decrypted.

One may argue that Harvest is simply another long-lost celebrity who was formerly famous due to their friendship with a Hollywood star.

Some think he was a collegiate athlete because of his incredible height.

To date, however, that has almost no credibility.

For the First Time, Christopher Harvest Encountered Vivica

Vivica states in her book, “Every day I’m Hustling,” that it was 1996 and the 16th day of December.

The actress states that she had just finished filming Soul Food and was back in Los Angeles.

Vivica says she and her girls wanted to go out to celebrate her homecoming, so they went to Beverly Hills’ Bar One nightclub.

As they were hanging out and catching up on each other’s varied storylines, this six-foot-nine guy approaches them.

Harvest was the man who asked, “Are you, Vivica Fox?” to which his future wife replied, “Yeah.”

The Sixx-Nine then added,

“Wow, you’ve gotten even more attractive.”

Vivica acknowledges she was flattered but says, “You’re a warm brother.”

But I have to leave.” She then took a step away from him and into the dance floor.

Christopher Harvest
Christopher Harvest Source: Essence

After a while, Chris stepped outside and purchased twenty roses, while Fox began a conversation with another man.

Harvest nevertheless intervened and began delivering Vivica those twenty roses one by one.

The Soul Food star admits she hadn’t been wooed in a long time, and it worked.

With a platinum ring, Christopher Harvest proposed to Vivica A Fox

Vivica allowed Chris to move into her house four months after their first meeting.

She claims she was in love at the time.

Harvest proposed to her on December 19, 1997, one year to the day after they initially met.

Vivica admits in her book that she was expecting a ring.

When Harvest took her out to dinner the night of the proposal, Fox reveals how bad the meal was.

The Kingdom Come actress claims she expected him to take a knee at any minute during their meal.

Harvest, on the other hand, did not do so in the diner, and on the way home, his then-girlfriend was going through it all: denial, rage, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

When they returned home, Vivica noticed the house was decorated with roses and candles.

Chris finally got down on one knee and offered the ring.

Fox began to cry so hard that she couldn’t see the color of the ring.

She assumed it was gold, which she had loathed since childhood.

Shaq and Magic Johnson attended their wedding

They tied the knot in 1998.

The ex-wife adds that Vivica and Chris married exactly one year later, maintaining their commitment to December 19.

They chose the Park Plaza in Los Angeles as their site.

It was an Art Deco palace that was used as a film location for old Hollywood-style movies and as a wedding destination for brides who wanted an extravagant Cinderella wedding.

Christopher Harvest and Vivia A Fox married in 1998 and divorced in 2002

The Indiana native arrived in a horse-drawn carriage decorated with flowers, white organza, and shimmering tiny lights.

Vivica describes how a paparazzo falling out of a tree caused her big entrance to be delayed.

Madame King, the woman who had put the bride in her very first fashion show, was among the 260 people invited.

Magic Johnson and Shaq were also present, as were Holly Robinson Peete, Lela Rochon, and Tisha Campbell-Martin.

The bride was dressed in an ivory Escada gown, veil, and crown.

Escada was also worn by her six bridesmaids.

Jeffrey Johnson, one of her Arlington High School boys who had gone on to become a minister, married them.

The Reason for Christopher Harvest and Vivica A. Fox’s Divorce

Harvest’s ex-wife Vivica A.

Fox confessed to hip-hop writer DJ Vlad in May 2021 that the real cause for her 2002 divorce from her ex-husband was financial.

The Independence actress revealed that she agreed to marry because of a rush and peer pressure from pals.

She also expressed her frustration with being the earner and having to “pay all the expenses all the time.”

After Christopher Harvest, his former wife Vivian A Fox would go on to date rapper 50 cents 450x

Fox revealed in the interview that she only chose to go down the aisle for Harvest because “everyone else was doing it.”

“Everyone was having their Cinderella day, and to be honest, I just wanted one too…

“I was subjected to peer pressure.”

The Kill Bill star went on to say.

Vivica went on to say that after their marriage, her then-husband, Harvest, didn’t go out and seek things with the same zeal that she did for her career.

She revealed that paying all of the bills had strained their relationship.

Fox stated that she had to come to the realization that she did not want to be the breadwinner in that household.

The R&B singer and Fox divorced in 2002, and the following year, the latter began dating rapper 50 Cent, whom she frequently referred to as the “love of her life.”

That romance, too, was short-lived, and Harvest’s ex-wife went on to date Atlanta club promoter Omar “Slim” White.

Vivica Assists Christopher Even the Following Divorce

Vivica claims she assisted her ex-husband during their divorce.

She was practicing for Kill Bill Vol 1 during their final year of marriage.

When Viv returned from filming in China, she wanted to wrap things off with Harvest as quickly and gently as possible.

The actress informed him that she had set up a fully furnished apartment and had paid the entire year’s rent. She also put $50,000 in his bank account.

They were finished after that. Fox states that she did not detest the man, but simply did not want to be his wife any longer.

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What happened to him? Did he remarry?

Christopher Harvest, Vivica A Fox’s ex-husband, has faded into obscurity over the years, at least in terms of media notoriety.

Fox hasn’t mentioned her tall ex-partner in a long time.

Despite the fact that he was introduced as a new musician, there haven’t been many developments on that front either.

Similarly, in light of the preceding reality, hardly much of his marriage life is recognizable.

Harvest may have a family of his own by the time he’s in his late 50s, given his age.