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Who is Eva Chamber? Her childhood, parents, education and sibilings

Eva Chamber
  • Eva Chambers is the daughter of Justin Chambers
  • Pinky Pinky’s first performance was at the MOCA museum in Downtown Los Angeles
  • Eva Chambers’ Parents Have Been Married For Almost Three Decades
  • Eva and her family, including Justin, publicly adopted stray dogs in 2007

Eva Chambers is the daughter of Justin Chambers, who is best known for his role as Dr. Alex Karev on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. She also plays bass in Pinky Pinky, a girl rock band. She and two of her high school friends recently released their debut album.

Eva Chambers’ Childhood

Eva was born in New York on March 31, 1999.

She will be 22 years old in 2021.

She is of mixed English and African American ancestry.

How She Became Interested in Pinky Pinky

When asked by ID Vice Uk in January 2018 how she got into music, Eva said it was when she had just moved to Los Angeles and she and her sisters started a band.

Chambers went on to say that she would start with the keyboard and then teach herself how to play every other instrument.

She’d also play the piano. Eva began playing the bass when she was 13 years old.

When the Chambers’ youngest daughter, Isabella Fields, was 18 years old, she founded Pinky Pinky with then-20-year-old Anastasia Sanchez and 18-year-old Isabella Fields.

Eva Chambers
Eva Chambers with her band members Source: Alamy

The girls were in their senior year of high school.

Sanchez first met Chambers in high school in the girls’ locker room.

They knew they’d be in a band together after that.

Eva and Fields had known each other since middle school.

Before they even finished high school, the band had mastered their signature garage rock-meets-girl-group sound.

Eva stated that Office Magazine began as more of a creative outlet for them, but that they soon began to take it more seriously.

Releasing her Band

Pinky Pinky’s first performance was at the MOCA museum in Downtown Los Angeles.

The trio has since released a self-titled debut EP.

Pinky Pinky released their first EP in 2019 with three songs: My Friend Sean, All The Birds, and Lady Dancer.

Turkey Dinner, the band’s debut album, was released on June 14, 2019.

It included eleven songs, four of which were taken from their previous EP.

What Inspired the Name of Eva And The Girls’ Band?

Eva revealed the name, Pinky, to Vice.

Pinky is based on a South African legend about a monster who attacks young girls while they are using the restroom, but their group name is the PG version.

Eva and her bandmates did look into the legend, but it was after they’d chosen the band name.

She and the girls, on the other hand, had no idea it was a real, feared thing in South Africa.

They just assumed it was a myth made up by a high school girl to scare each other.

Eva Chambers’ Parents Have Been Married For Almost Three Decades.

Eva’s parents, Justin and Keisha Chambers have been married since the 1990s, defying Hollywood’s curse.

They used to work together at the same company, which is how they started dating.

Eva’s parents were married in 1993.

Eva Chamber
Eva Chambers’ parents, Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers. Source: Biography tribune

In 2007, Justin stated about his marital life with his wife, “We’ve been together for so long that I don’t know what else to do.”

Justin also revealed that he and Keisha were together when their grandparents were still alive and that their parents are getting older as well.

Eva’s father responded by saying that he considers himself fortunate to have had Keisha as a partner for so long.

Eva’s Brothers and Sisters

Eva is Justin and Keisha’s youngest child.

She has three older sisters, Isabella, 27, twins Maya and Kaila, 24, and Jackson, 19, as well as a younger brother, Jackson.

Isabella, who is now in her twenties, once appeared in a play alongside her father’s Grey’s Anatomy co-star, TR Knight.

Kaila, Eva’s other sister, works at Film Makers Corporation in New York as a Film Technician and Programmer.

She looks for films, manages print traffic, assists with administrative tasks, and trains newcomers.

Kaila recently directed a music video for Blair’s EP Tears to Grow titled “By the C.” (2021).

She adores dogs.

Eva and her family, including Justin, publicly adopted stray dogs in 2007.

Justin then pleaded with people to take in homeless dogs.

The seven-person family adores their dog so much that they frequently argue over who will walk the dogs home.

In 2016, the Chambers added three more dogs to their family.

Eva and her sisters frequently post pictures of their dogs on their social media accounts.

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Is Eva Chambers dating anyone?

Eva, unlike her older sisters, Maya and Kaila, does not share much about her personal life on social media.

That appears to be the reason why there are so few details about her dating or romantic life to share.

In fact, Justin, Eva’s father, has barely appeared alongside her in recent years, raising the possibility that people were aware of her personal affair.

To that end, it’s safe to assume Eva is single and prefers to spend the rest of her day with her bandmates – presumably even off stage.