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Ed Orgeron,And His Girlfriend Bailie Lauderdale Are Getting A Lot Of Attention

Bailie Lauderdale
  • Edward James Orgeron Jr., a well-known American football coach
  • Ed Orgeron is currently seeing Bailie Lauderdale
  • Bailie is an American model, fashion entrepreneur, and aesthetician.
  • Ballie, is pregnant?

Who is Edward James Orgeron Jr.?

Edward James Orgeron Jr., a well-known American football coach, has recently been hired as head coach at Louisiana State University (LSU). The American coach has a lengthy history in football and has had a significant impact on the sports world.

The football coach was also the head football coach at the University of Mississippi from 2005 to 2007.

Edward previously served as the interim head coach at the University of Southern California in 2013. (USC).

Orgeron also led the 2019 LSU Tigers football team to a national championship, which includes a thrilling win over reigning champs Clemson in the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship.

From the 2016 season to the end of the 2021 season, Orgeron Jr. was the head coach at LSU.

After his tenure as an LSU coach ended, the American coach was photographed with a girl named Bailie Lauderdale, which made news all over the internet.

LSU Coach Ed Orgeron dating girlfriend Bailie Lauderdale?

Ed Orgeron, a well-known football coach, is currently seeing Bailie Lauderdale, a stunningly beautiful woman.

Lauderdale has reached the age of 30, and Ed has been with him for about a year.

Lauderdale, the coach’s current partner, was born in the United States of America in 1992 in Hammond City, Louisiana.

Bailie is an American model, fashion entrepreneur, and aesthetician.

The aesthetician had little celebrity prior to working with the American tutor.

However, the model rose to prominence and became more well-known once she began dating the well-known American coach.

Ed and Bailie kept their connection covert at first until a private photograph of them together was leaked on the internet.

Bailie Lauderdale
Lauderdale with her boyfriend source : Getty Images

 Orgeron’s Photo With Bailie Lauderdale Has Gone Viral On The Internet

Ed, the football coach, has been seeing his beautiful girlfriend Bailie Lauderdale for over a year.

However, fans did not learn about it until the 21st of October, 2020.

The pair had hoped to keep their connection quiet initially, but after a private photo was released on the internet, it was no longer so.

A selfie photo of Orgeron and Bailie took together on a bed, with Ed’s upper torso naked, went viral on the internet.

Many admirers were astonished to see the snapshot, with many speculating that the couple’s age difference was the primary cause.

Ed is 61 years old, and his aesthetician partner, Lauderdale, is nearly half his age.

Fans may have been surprised to see Bailie, 30, and Ed, 61, hugging together.

The Ed Orgeron Girlfriend Bailie Lauderdale Pregnancy News Has Rocked The Internet

There is a widespread rumor that LSU coach Ed’s girlfriend, Ballie, is pregnant.

Various websites speculate on the aesthetician’s pregnancy.

However, none of the official sites have acknowledged or refuted the public media reports.

Bailie, on the other hand, is not pregnant, according to a recent Instagram photo in which she was tagged in dr. briannamcdaniel’s post.

The model was previously highly active on social media, but she had since turned her account to private after news of her image in bed with Ed went viral.

It’s unclear why she did this, although she could have been trying to escape the scandal of having sex with prominent singer Ed.

Also read:

Ed was formerly married to Colleen Orgeron, with whom he had three children.

Ed Orgeron was previously married before his romance with Bailie Lauderdale.

Kelly Orgeron and Colleen Orgeron, the former wife of the American football coach,

have moved away from the spotlight following their divorce.

Orgeron, born December 30, 1964, is best known as the ex-wife of football coach and former Louisiana State

University head coach Edward James Orgeron Jr.

Kelly, like Ed, came from an athletic background.

She was a tennis champion who influenced their children to take up the sport as well.

Cody, Tyer, and Parker Orgeron are the children of Kelly and Ed Orgeron.

They had been married for over 20 years.

Kelly Oregon and Ed divorced after 23 years of marriage, which startled many fans.

The reason for the divorce is unknown, according to some sources, although Ed has been seeing a model.