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Dorothy Carlson: Who is daughter of Tucker Carlson?

Dorothy Carlson
  • Dorothy Carlson is a famous American child.
  • She is the youngest daughter of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews, a conservative commentator.
  • She was born in the American state of Virginia in 2002.
  • Dorothy is of Caucasian descent and has English, German, Swiss, and Italian ancestors.

Who is Dorothy Carlson?

Dorothy Carlson is a famous American child. Dorothy Carlson is the youngest daughter of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews, a conservative commentator. She has three older siblings, Lillie Carlson, Hopie Carlson, and Buckley Carlson, in addition to herself.

Dorothy Carlson’s Childhood

Dorothy Carlson was born in the American state of Virginia in 2002.

She was raised in a conservative Virginia family.

Dorothy is of Caucasian descent and has English, German, Swiss, and Italian ancestors.

Dick Carlson, Dorothy’s paternal grandfather, was born to Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson.

Dorothy Carlson
Dorothy Carlson with her siblings. Source: tuko

However, shortly after his birth, Dick was placed for adoption and later adopted by an upper-middle-class couple, Carl and Mainer Florence Carlson.

Similarly, Tucker was raised by his single father, Dick, who gained custody of his two sons after divorcing their mother.

Dorothy Carlson has three older brothers and sisters

As previously stated, Dorothy Carlson is one of Tucker’s four children with his long-term wife, Susan.

Their first child arrived in 1995. Buckley Carlson, the second oldest, was born in 1997.

The third child, a daughter named Hope, arrived in the world two years later, in 1999.

Hopie Carlson’s siblings include her parents, Hopie, Lillie, Dorothy, and Buckley.

All four Carlson siblings were raised in a wonderful, loving home.

Tucker, their father, is a fantastic father despite his tendency to go ballistic when it comes to his political views.

His daughter Hopie went through a traumatic experience when she was a child.

She discovered many negative comments about Tucker while researching her father on the internet.

In her heart, she knew her father to be a loving and caring man, and now the entire world is hurling insults at him.

In terms of education, the oldest is a college graduate.

Hopie, on the other hand, attends the University of Virginia.

Dorothy Carlson, On Fox News, Father Tucker hosts a show

Tucker, Dorothy Carlson’s father, is a prominent conservative commentator.

He began his career as a fact-checker for the Policy Review, a national conservative journal, in the 1990s.

His career took off after he joined CNN in the year 2000.

During his time on the network, he co-hosted the popular show Crossfire.

He joined PBS in 2004 after a four-year stint at CNN. He worked for MSNBC from 2005 to 2008.

Tucker’s career skyrocketed after joining Fox News

The high point of his career came in 2009 when he joined the Fox News channel.

He first joined the network as a Fox News contributor.

After a few years, he launched his own show, Tucker Carlson Tonight.

This show became his most well-known work.

Tucker also ran a right-wing website called The Daily Caller in addition to his TV work.

He co-founded the website with Neil Patel in 2010.

Dorothy Carlson’s Relationship with Her Parents

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrew’s relationship is one of the longest-lasting in show business.

They first met in 10th grade, when they were both students at St. Georges School.

Tucker Carlson, Susan Andrews, and Tucker met in high school and began dating.

Susan’s father was the college’s headmaster at the time, so things may have been difficult for the duo at first.

However, their love grew stronger over time.

Even though Tucker moved out of their home state of Rhode Island for further studies, they stayed in touch.

Tucker proposed after they had been dating for several years.

They eventually became engaged, and on August 10, 1991, they exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony.

Tucker and Susan are still on good terms with one another.

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Susan rarely appears in public with her husband and leads a relatively private life.

Dorothy Carlson’s Net Worth: Lives A Fancy Life

Her net worth cannot be calculated because she is not involved in any profession.

Her father Tucker, on the other hand, is worth a whopping $30 million.

The majority of his income came from his work as a political commentator.

Furthermore, he profited handsomely from the sale of his stake on his website, The Daily Caller.

Tucker is also an excellent real estate investor.

He owns a number of properties and estates throughout Washington state.

He made a tidy profit after selling a house in Washington’s Kent neighborhood for $4 million in 2011.

He bought another house for $2 million after selling the estate.

In addition, Tucker owns a stunning $2.9 million home on Florida’s Gulf Coast.