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Doris Hancox: Who Is She? Anthony Anderson’s Mother’s Interesting Facts

Doris Hancox
  • Doris Hancox is an American actress and television personality.
  • Doris is best known for her role in ‘To Tell the Truth.’
  • Doris was born in the United States on August 15, 1970.
  • In 2015, she made her television debut on Celebrity Family Feud.

Who is Doris Hancox?

Doris Hancox is an American actress and television personality. Doris Hancox is best known for her role in ‘To Tell the Truth.’ She has also appeared in a number of films, including Black-ish, Common Bond, and others. She is also well-known as the mother of American actor Anthony Anderson.

Doris Hancox: Childhood

Doris Hancox was born in the United States on August 15, 1970.

She has a close relationship with her son and rose to prominence only after Anthony became famous in Hollywood.

Aside from Anthony, she has three children, the identities of which are unknown.

Doris, who aspired to be an actress as a child, is currently pursuing her ambitions. She has already appeared in a number of successful films and television shows.

Doris Hancox
Doris Hancox posing with her son. Source: usmagazine

Doris worked as a television operator before becoming an actress

Doris Hancox worked as a telephone operator to make ends meet when she was a single mother to her son Anthony.

Despite her desire to appear on television and in films, Hancox was unable to make her dreams a reality due to the difficulties she faced.

However, thanks to her son’s success, she is finally able to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress and TV personality.

In 2015, she made her television debut on Celebrity Family Feud.

In 2016, she appeared on three television shows: Access Hollywood, Extra with Billy Bush, and The Insider.

In 2017, she appeared on The Talk, Access Daily, Hollywood Today Live, Good Morning America, Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Extra with Billy Bush, among others.

She also appeared on Entertainment Tonight from 2017 to 2020, followed by To Tell the Truth from 2016 to 2021.

Similarly, as an actress, she has appeared in The Truth, where she played Flossie, and Black-ish, where she played Doris.

She was married to Sterling Bowman

When it comes to relationships, Doris Hancox’s life has not been easy.

Her first relationship, with whom she had Anthony, ended for an unspecified reason.

She married a businessman named Sterling Bowman after becoming a mother at the age of 18 and raising a child as a single mother for a while.

She has not revealed the details of her marriage, but she appears to have had a good relationship with him.

In fact, her son had a strong bond with him as well. In an interview with People magazine in June 2015, Anthony revealed the nature of his relationship with him. He stated in a statement,

He was the only father I knew or was interested in.

He raised me with love, patience, understanding, and discipline, as any father would. I’m grateful to him for teaching me what it takes to be a man. He wasn’t perfect, which made him an even greater hero in my eyes.

Doris Hancox Is a Bingo Addict

It’s strange, but Anthony’s mother, Mama Doris, is a big bingo player.

She enjoys bingo so much that she passed up a chance to meet former President Barack Obama because she was playing bingo.

Anthony revealed this secret on the VH1 show Dead Mama in May 2016, when he stated that he raised himself for 37 years because his mother was too busy playing bingo. In addition, his mother stated,

Bingo is my game, baby. I forced him to learn how to cook, clean, wash dishes, pay bills, and do everything else.

Furthermore, the All About the Andersons star emphasized that his mother chose bingo over a chance to meet the president. He allegedly offered the opportunity to her mother after being invited to meet President Obama on several occasions. He stated,

‘Mama, we’re going to meet the president,’ I said.

‘Hmmm…’ she thinks. ‘Well, I’ve already paid $300 for my trip to Vegas, but let me see if I can transfer this into the other girls’ names.’ She says, ‘You know what, I’m not going to be able to transfer everything into the girl’s name, it’s in my name.’ So why don’t you call the president and tell him I’ll be there in August, plus six?”

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Doris Hancox’s Net Worth

Doris Hancox is a successful celebrity who clearly earns a large salary. However, she has not revealed the exact amount of her net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her son Anthony has a net worth of around $25 million.