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Donna Kirby: Who Is She? Everything You Need to Know About John Kirby’s Wife

Donna Kirby John Kirby
  • Donna Kirby is known to be John Kirby’s wife.
  • She is a former naval veteran
  • Donna Kirby, John Kirby’s wife, is content with her family members.

Who is Donna Kirby?

Donna Kirby is known to be John Kirby’s wife. She, like her husband, is a retired naval veteran. On May 5, 2022, Donna Kirby’s husband, John, the Pentagon Press Secretary, conducted a press conference.

According to Defense, he was relieved that every media outlet was concerned about his well-being.

They discussed Russian troop dispositions during the Press Conference. Mr. Kirby wanted to tread lightly on the subject of Russia.

He expected them to evaluate the majority of Russian military and ground forces.

Donna Kirby: Who Is She? Wife and Children of John Kirby

Donna Kirby, John Kirby’s wife, is content with her family members.

The lovely lady with a kind heart lives and loves her family.

Donna, like her husband, is a former naval veteran, according to Fave Bites.

The pair first met while serving in the United States Navy.

Donn’s charisma made an impression on John.

Their friendship eventually blossomed into love.

The couple began their romance by exchanging phone numbers and social media accounts.

They married after a few years of dating while John was in the Navy.

The couple has been married for more than two decades.

They are the proud parents of two lovely children.

Meagan Kirby, their daughter, is a former athlete who battled depression and anorexia for six years.

Donna Kirby John Kirby
Donna Kirby and John Kirby in their marriage source: Radaris

The Age Difference Between Donna Kirby and John Kirby

Donna and John Kirby appear to be the same age.

However, their ages may differ by a few years.

According to Wikipedia, John, 58-59, was born in Florida in 1963.

Donna’s birthdate, however, is not available on social media.

She is probably approximately 50 years old.

Both have the same career and have spent several years working in a similar field.

They are the most helpful parents.

They handled the situation while their daughter Meagan was suffering from depression.

It was the most difficult time in their lives.

Colin Kirby, their son, is a Navy ROTC officer candidate at North Carolina State.

His parents taught him how to be a well-managed and disciplined son.

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Donna Kirby’s net worth should be estimated.

Donna Kirby’s net worth is believed to be $1 million.

Her bank balance has not been appraised by the media.

According to Glassdoor, the average US Navy retirement income is $89,982 per year.

They might earn between $62,382 and $284,048 each year.

Despite the fact that her occupation has not been covered by the media, her husband has.

From 2017 through 2021, John worked as a military and diplomatic expert for CNN, according to the source.

From 2015 to 2017, he served as the US Department of State’s spokeswoman.