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Does Misty Raney Really Likes The Nickname “Little Marty”

Misty Raney
  • Misty Raney is an American homestead builder.
  • Her older siblings are not featured on Homestead Rescue.
  • Maciah Bilodeau refers to Misty Raney as “Little Marty.”

Who is Misty Raney? 

Misty Raney, an American homestead builder, has received a charming yet amusing moniker from her spouse, maybe as a result of her tough lifestyle.  Misty Raney a reality television personality best known for her role in the Discovery Go reality show Homestead Rescue.

The show, which has been on the air since 2016, focuses on Misty and Matt Raney’s family and their escapades in assisting people to survive in the wilderness with little resources.

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Misty Raney has how many siblings?

Misty Raney was born to Marty Raney and Mollee Roestel in Sitka, Alaska.

She grew up in the Alaskan bush, where she learned carpentry, building, gardening, and hunting, among other things, from her family.

Raney is the third child of Marty and Mollee.

She has two elder siblings: Melanee Raney, her older sister, and Miles, her older brother.

Matthew (Matt), her younger brother, also appears on the show with her and is an exceptional hunter and fisherman.

Misty Raney
Misty Raney with her parents and sibling source: TVTrend Now

Her older siblings are not featured on Homestead Rescue.

Misty Raney, Matt Raney’s sister, had a child with her husband, Maciah Bilodeau.

Misty Raney, who is also a carpenter, is married to Maciah Bilodeau, a surfer, and carpenter.

They married in the year 2000 and had a son together.

Raney’s son will be five years old in October 2020, according to her Discovery Go bio.

Her Instagram, on the other hand, offers glimpses of her son, making us wonder if her bio on Discovery Go is out of the current.

On 14 April 2015, Misty shared a photo on Instagram of a child and an adult guy, likely her son and spouse.

She said in the caption, “Guess who turned four today! Time continues to tick.”

On April 15, 2013, she uploaded a photo of her son with the comment “Two!!!”

These posts essentially imply that her kid, Gauge, is much older than her Discovery Go bio claims and, based on Misty’s social media activities, should be around 9 years old as of November 2020.

Maciah Bilodeaus, the children’s father, is known for dividing his time between Hawaii and Alaska, where he assists with Raney’s family company.

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Maciah Bilodeau refers to Misty Raney as “Little Marty.”

Misty Raney, like her father, Marty Raney, is tough, diligent, and industrious.

The father and son appear to dress in a similar style.

Misty’s spouse has noted the similarities between the father-daughter combination.

During an interview with Alaska Sporting Journal in 2017, the Homestead Rescue actress said that her spouse refers to her as “Little Marty,” referring to the similarities between Marty and Misty.

My spouse calls me ‘Little Marty,’ which is unpleasant to hear in a not-so-strange manner – or maybe it is weird…

Misty looked divided about her nickname, and thus she found the analogy both “painful” and attractive.

She also recognized the compliment that the term implied.

It’s both a compliment and a compliment.

I’m not sure how your connection with your father is, but it’s crucial.

That’s where you learn how to do everything and enjoy everything.

He’s a go-getter, the toughest worker you’ll ever meet, and he has very high ideals and morals.

He enjoys being outside and in the mountains.

He just gets a kick out of working very, really hard.