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Dimitrij Ovtcharov

Who is Dimitrij Ovtcharov?

Dimitrij Ovtcharov is a well-known name in the world of table tennis. Dimitrij Ovtcharov has even represented Germany in the Olympics, winning two silver and four bronze medals. Heis a young table tennis player in his early thirties, but his records are astounding, and achieving them is no laughing matter.

Dimitrij Ovtcharov: Childhood and Education

The TT player was born on September 2, 1988, in Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union.

He is Ukrainian by birth, yet he is a German citizen.

Mykhailo Ovtcharov (father) and Tatiana Ovtcharov (mother) gave birth to him (mother).

Dimitrij’s mother is a certified table tennis coach, hence table tennis is in his blood.

His father was also a previous national-level tennis champion.

So, we may guess who inspired him to play table tennis: his parents, of course.

Furthermore, prior to the 2007 season, Ovtcharov’s father coached TSV Schwalbe Tündernin in the first and second Bundesligas.

Dimitrij’s father moved Dimitrij from Ukraine to Germany after the Chornobyl nuclear power plant accident to get him out of a war zone.

Dimitrij has therefore adapted to each country’s culture and is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and German.

However, there is no information about his siblings’ presence.

In addition, he received his basic education at CJD Elza in Elza, Germany.

Life in Germany After Relocating

Diitrij struggled to acclimate to his new surroundings, but he ultimately grew used to it.

After migrating to Germany, Ovtcharov’s father began teaching him table tennis in order to distract him from the war and the loss of his homeland.

Dimitrij was also a good learner, thus he quickly became a member of Germany’s young squad and, later, senior national teams.

His parents were extremely supportive, which aided him greatly in his work.

The Ovtacharov family moved to Tündern’s Gamelsky area in 1992.

Dimitrij Ovtacharov: Body Dimensions

Dimitrij is 34 years old at the time of writing and was born on September 2, making him a Virgo.

Virgo men are generally known for their usefulness, obedience, and helpfulness.

Males born under this sun sign are excellent, reliable, and honest, and Dimitrij is no exception.

Nonetheless, he stands 1.86 m or 6 ft.1 inch tall, making him ideal for crushing his opponents.

The Olympian weighs approximately 64 kg/141 lbs; he must maintain his body in order to respond quickly to the opponent’s onslaught.

Dimitrij Ovtcharov’s Professional Life

Ovtcharov signed his first deal with the TSV Schwalbe Tündern club in Gamelsky.

In addition, after joining the club in the first season, he was named team captain the following season.

Dimitrij Ovtcharov’s first major achievement came in 2005 when he won the junior-level tournament.

Similarly, Ovtcharov won gold in the single layoff at the Junior European Championships in Ostrava.

Ovtcharov was the national team’s European champion for four years in a row.

He was also a member of Geran’s national squad, and he won home bronze medals for his country in 2007 and 2011.

Demitrij won Europe Super Cup in a single event at the end of the season in 2010.

Similarly, Ovcharov earned a bronze medal in a double discharge with Vladimir Samsonov at the 2012 European Championship.

For the first time, he won the German title in 2014.

In the final match, he defeated Timo Boll, Geran’s number one table tennis player, 4:1.

Ovtcharov won a gold medal at the European Games in 2015.

He was ranked among the Top 16 table tennis players in Europe at the same time.

Demitrij’s Ascension

Demitrij won medal after medal as his career progressed.

However, in the World Championships semifinals, Ovtcharov was defeated by Zhang Jike 4-1.

Dimitrij’s first setback as an individual encouraged him to do even better rather than demotivating him.

In 2015, Ovtcharov returned with a bang, winning gold at the European Games and finishing the year ranked 16th in Europe overall.

The same year, he won the European Top 16 Cup but was eliminated from the World Championship in the third round by Croat Tomislav Pucar, who was ranked #58 in the world.

He and his teammates earned the gold medal in the duel round of the European Team Championship.

In a single discharge after 2012, the athlete also earned bronze in the 2020 Olympics; this was the first time he has won silver in all places in the Olympics.

Furthermore, he and his partner won a silver medal in the team Olympic event.

Dimitrij has two silver medals and four bronze medals from the Olympics.

World Rankings for Dimitrij Ovcharove

Dimitrij struggled to find a role at the start of his career in 2006 since there were so many players doing better than him.

However, in December 2006, Dimitrij Ovcharov, who had recently graduated from junior to senior status, was rated #85 in the ITTF world rankings.

According to IIFT, he was among the top twenty best table tennis players in the world in 2007.

Table Tennis Player
Dimitrij Ovtcharov Table Tennis Player Source: Instagram

Demitrij has risen from #85 to the top twenty in under a year.

He was in the top ten list after 2011, and he never lost his place and was constantly in the top ten list after that.

His talent was eventually recognized by everyone in 2018 when he was ranked the world’s finest table tennis player.

Similarly, Demitrij has been a member of the Russian Torch Gazprom squad since 2011. And Demitrij has seven European Champions League titles to his name (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018).

Doping Test for Dimitrij Ovtcharov

Dimitrij got himself into problems after testing positive for drugs.

As a result, on September 22, 2010, the German Table Tennis Federation (DTTB) briefly suspended Ovtcharov.

He was also found to be utilizing Clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is a controlled substance that is commonly used to boost productivity.

Deimitrij also refused to ingest anything and wanted another Sample B test.

However, for the second occasion, the German table tennis federation revealed that Sample B was also positive.

Finally, during the China Open Championship in August, Ovtcharov stated unequivocally that he obtained Clenbuterol by accident through tainted food.

Demitrij thereafter asked the federation to analyze his hair samples.

After some time, on October 15, 2010, his suspension was lifted by DTTB, with ITTF’s approval.

Diitrij Ovtcharove’s Private Life

Dimitrij Ovcharov married Jenny Mellstorm in 2013.

Jenny was a previous member of Sweden’s young table tennis squad.

In addition, she was the Swedish youth champion from 2003 to 2004.

Mellstorm had been a member of the Swedish national team for the previous eight years.

Unfortunately, there is no information on how Jenny and Demitrij met and how the spark of love ignited within them.

The only thing we know is that they married, and in 2016, they welcomed their daughter, Emma, into the world.

Dimitrij Ovtcharov’s net worth

Dimitrij is reported to have amassed a net worth of $16 million over his career.

In addition, table tennis has been his primary source of income.

He has won multiple competitions, including two silver medals, earning him $30,000 in Olympic prize money for winning gold and $40,000 for winning bronze four times.

Furthermore, we will keep you updated if we discover any information about his spending, property, or car collections.

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Presence on Social Media

Demitrij is a frequent social media user, with accounts on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This incredible and dynamic table tennis player has approximately 130k Facebook fans.

Similarly, he has approximately 141k Instagram followers.

In addition, he has roughly 13k Twitter followers.