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David Olusoga: BBC History Contributor’s Wife, Married, Family Details

David Olusoga
  • Who is David Olusoga?
  • 1. David Olusoga’s wiki-style biography; parents, siblings, and height
  • 2. David Joined BBC At Age 30: A Black and British House Through Time Unremembered History
  • 3. Is David Olusoga Wed and Married?

Who is David Olusoga?

David Olusoga, a historian from Nigeria who lives in Britain, has produced several historical documentaries for the BBC.

The World’s War, The Cult of Progress, and The Oxford Companion to Black British History are among the works by the honorable documentary filmmaker who is also an author.

His writings and documentaries tackle issues including racism, slavery, and military history.

David Olusoga’s Bography;

The multi-talented historian was born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1970 as David Adetayo Olusoga.

His mother is British and his father is Nigerian, hence he has mixed-race parentage.

David’s mother immigrated to the UK when he was a young child, and the two settled in Newcastle where they shared a council estate with other non-white residents.

And when he was 14 years old, the National Front, a far-right, fascist political party, invaded his house, necessitating police protection for his family.

Due to the bigotry, David and his family were ultimately compelled to leave.

David, who is of normal height, graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in the history of slavery and was given an honorary doctorate in law by the University of Leicester on January 29, 2019.

In the most current New Year’s Honors List, he received an OBE as well.

Additionally, David began working as a professor of public history at the University of Manchester on January 7, 2019.

David, a well-known historian of Black and British history, wants to share his expertise and help others comprehend the various factors that influenced his life.

David Olusoga
David Olusoga photo source: Twitter

David Joined BBC At Age 30: A Black and British House Through Time Unremembered History

At the age of 30, David began working for the BBC in 2000 and began producing racism-related documentaries.

At first, he made contributions to a number of documentaries, including Abraham Lincoln: Saint or Sinner? The Lost Pictures of Eugene Smith, and the Namibia Genocide and the Second Reich.

The World’s War: Forgotten Soldiers Of Empire, A House Through Time, and Black & British A Forgotten History are just a few of the documentaries he made for BBC Two.

Additionally, he made multiple appearances on The One Show on BBC One, a magazine, and talk show program.

Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners, a documentary he produced in 2015, won the BAFTA TV Award in 2016.

He now hosts Civilizations, a BBC television documentary series on art history, which premiered in March 2018.

Rageh Omaar’s biography at BBC includes information about his marriage, height, and career.

He has written a book called The Kaiser’s Holocaust: Germany’s Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism in addition to films.

In 2018, he just published Civilizations: First Contact/The Cult of Progress.

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Is David Olusoga Wed and Married?

David has a history that is absolutely apparent.

To his admirers and followers, though, his private life remains a mystery.

He hasn’t revealed his potential wife or girlfriend in interviews or in front of the media.

David was the target of a racist tweet in August 2017 in which the user is shown insulting him.

However, the tweet also made a possible reference to David’s wife.

Glad you recall a talk with my wife, I must remember to go back in time and get married,” Olusoga said to stop the racist exchange.

With that, David made it clear that he is a single man.

It would appear that he has not yet discovered the one with whom he can settle down and create a family.