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David Laid

David Laid

David Laid is an Estonian-American bodybuilder, fitness model, and social media personality. David Laid is primarily known for his transformation videos on YouTube.

Early life and Childhood

David Laid is an American bodybuilder, fitness model, and entrepreneur.

He was born on January 29, 1998, in an unspecified location in Estonia, under the sign of Aquarius.

He is a 21-year-old Estonian-

He rose to prominence primarily as a result of his transformation videos, which he posted on his personal YouTube channel in 2013.

Interestingly, before he was a teenager, David was never interested in lifting weights.

But was always much more of a gamer.

Which was his initial motivation for creating channels on various content-sharing platforms.

His spine problem prompted him to join a gym. This, combined with a rapid growth spurt.

Made David realize the therapeutic value of exercise.

He realized he could make a career out of sculpting his body and giving people advice.

On how to do so after hearing comments about his appearance in public.

Laid is now one of the most well-known young faces in the fitness industry, particularly among women and teenagers.

David spent his early childhood in Estonia with his parents and two younger brothers.

Unfortunately, he never got to know his father.

Who tragically died when he fell off a cruise ship docked in one of Estonia’s harbors.

This loss was devastating to the Laid family, prompting David’s mother to make the decision to relocate to the United States.

It was difficult for a single mother to raise three boys on her own, but young David quickly stepped up as the family’s man.

He was an aspiring ice hockey player and an excellent student, but when he was in his teens.

He began growing rapidly, which resulted in him having scoliosis, a condition characterized by spine curvature.

He was bullied because he weighed only 90 pounds (41 kilograms) at the age of 14.

His doctor advised him to begin lifting weights in order to strengthen his muscles and return his spine to normal.

Education Details

David Laid’s  Education details are Unavailable.

Professional Career

Laid began watching YouTube videos to educate himself on nutrition.

New exercises, and everything else fitness-related after realizing the mental and physical benefits of working out.

As a result, his body changed even faster.

He learned how to track his progress and break his own personal records using books and videos.

He realized at one point that his looks could help him become a celebrity.

He recalled having an old YouTube account with the username “computerman91” that he intended to use for gaming videos.

David wasn’t sure what to do next, but eventually decided to commit to posting workout-related videos full-time

He was already a star after graduating from Mainland Regional High School in 2014.

While his YouTube videos generate the majority of David’s income, he is a magnet for sponsorships.

He has previously worked with several workout supplement companies.

But is now under contract with Gymshark, a major player in the world of gym apparel.

David is the author of an eBook that teaches people how to transform their bodies in just nine weeks.

Despite the book’s success, there are no indications that David intends to write a sequel

Net Worth and Salary

David Laid has a net worth of more than $125,000 as of mid-2019.

Which he has amassed by becoming a YouTube superstar and then developing his own brand.

His eBook sales have also contributed to his fortune.

Looking at his YouTube videos, it’s also safe to assume that a portion of his revenue comes from ad placement.

If he continues to work hard and build his brand, there is no doubt that this figure is an underestimation, or that the ‘official’ figure will rise significantly in the near future.

David quickly gathered a slew of followers who commented and liked every video he posted.

His content consisted of workout excerpts and collaborations with other fitness enthusiasts.

And several Q&A sessions, all of which increased his popularity.

He was approached by talent agencies, supplement manufacturers, and even gyms.

What began as a hobby and a way to straighten his spine evolved into a potential source of millions of dollars.

David uploaded what would become his most popular video  “David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17”.

Which has over 30 million views as of August 2019.

It follows the same format as his first appearance on the channel.

But it demonstrates his gradual improvement since his first workout.

The video was featured on numerous prominent websites.

In addition to the debates and discussions, it was sparked on forums such as Bodybuilding.com.

Many questioned his physique, with frequent claims that he used steroids or Photoshop to “tweak” the photos in the video.

Relationship Status

David Laid is currently dating dancer and fitness enthusiast Julia Jackson.

little is known about David’s previous romantic relationships.

Aside from the occasional social media update, we don’t know much about his and Julia’s relationship.

Despite his status as a well-known fitness personality and celebrity, he avoids answering personal questions.

He politely reminded reporters and fans on multiple occasions that he prefers to keep his love life private.

David Laid
David Laid with his Girlfriend at the gym. Source:donanimhaber

Body Measurement

David Laid stands 6feet 2inches (1.88m) tall and weighs approximately 187lbs (85kgs).

But this number varies depending on whether he’s looking to add mass or burn excess fat tissue.

Despite working out for over seven years, Laid has kept a slim build, refusing to bulk up.

Aesthetics and health, according to the man, are both important to him.

Social Media

David is no stranger to this popular trend.

His commitment to updating his public profiles and engaging with his fans is at an all-time high.

His Instagram account has 1.2 million followers, and his official Facebook page has 4,000 fans.

David’s main source of income, however, is his YouTube channel, which has 900,000 subscribers and 125 million views to date.

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  • David  was Born on 29 January 1998, at an unspecified location in Estonia, under the air sign of Aquarius,
  • He is a 21-year-old.
  • Laid are an Estonian-American bodybuilder, fitness model, and entrepreneur.
  • David has a net worth of over $125,000, as of mid-2019, accumulated by becoming a YouTube superstar and subsequently developing his own brand.
  • Laid’s bread and butter is his YouTube channel, which has 900,000 subscribers and 125 million views to date.