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Darby Galen Dempsey: Know About Patrick Dempsey’s Twin Son

  • Grey’s Anatomy star’s twin son was born on February 1, 2007, in Los Angeles, California
  • The twin boys were delivered through c-section two weeks prior.
  • Darby has an elder sister named Tallulah Fyfe Dempsey
  • Darby Galen Dempsey’s father, William, was an insurance salesman, and his mother was a school secretary.

Darby Galen Dempsey is the twin son of one of the most powerful couples, Patrick Demsey, and his wife of two decades, Jillian Fink. Darby Galen Dempsey’s Lewiston-born father Patrick is an actor with numerous acting credits; most notable among them are Grey’s Anatomy, Can’t By Me Love, Loverboy, and more. On the other hand, Darby’s mother Jillian is a makeup artist and hairstylist.

Talking about Darby’s parents’ love life, Patrick and Jillian are married since 1999. He also has two siblings; including a twin brother from his parent’s marriage.

When was Darby Galen Dempsey born? Information About His Twin Brother

The Grey’s Anatomy star’s twin son was born on February 1, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, with his twin brother Sullivan.

The twin boys were delivered through c-section two weeks prior.

Darby Galen Dempse had blond hair at the time of his birth, whilst his fraternal sibling Sullivan had black, punk-rock hair. Patrick, their father, said of their hair,

“They’ve already got my hair, which is a wonderful thing!”

Darby Galen Dempse with his family source; ecelebio

Dempsey, 55, announced on Live with Regis and Kelly in September 2006 that he and his wife were expecting twins.

He admitted to feeling “a little overwhelmed” after learning his wife was expecting twins.

When asked about fatherhood, Patrick once told a magazine,

“Making money now means providing for my children.”

And becoming a father forces you to examine yourself.

You look at your marriage and ask yourself, “How can I enhance this?” “How do I continue to grow while yet providing a stable atmosphere for my children?”

Patrick and his wife hired a nanny to care for their two new members of the family as soon as they were born.

However, shortly after the birth of their twin sons, Patrick stated that he and his wife would not have any more children, implying that Darby and Sullivan would not have the opportunity to interact with any younger siblings.

Darby Galen Dempsey’s Sister Aided In Choosing The Names Of Her Twin Siblings

Darby has an elder sister named Tallulah Fyfe Dempsey, who was born on February 20, 2002, in addition to his twin brother.

His sister assisted in the selection of his fraternal brothers’ names.

Tallulah will graduate from high school in the middle of 2020.

Her parents both expressed their pride in their daughter’s graduation.

Patrick’s 19-year-old daughter is currently studying Clinical Psychology at George Washington University and will graduate in 2024.

Father Dempsey stated that homeschooling during the pandemic was difficult for his twin boys.

Patrick stated in a virtual interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in late 2020 that the then-ongoing coronavirus epidemic had made things difficult for his children.

He stated about his twins, “It’s incredibly difficult because socialization is so crucial at this point, especially at their age.”

The actor continued, “And then being in a Zoom school all the time is quite difficult.” I believe that mathematics, and especially science, are extremely difficult to master.”

However, Dempsey applauded the school’s efforts at the time.

Darby Galen Dempse with his twin broher and father -source ;closer weekly

“The school has done an excellent job of keeping everyone focused and organized, and they are succeeding.”

But I believe it is difficult for all children right now.”

His Parents and Grandparents

Darby Galen Dempsey’s father, William, was an insurance salesman, and his mother was a school secretary.

His maternal grandmother, on the other side, is a school administrator, and his grandfather is a musician.

Ethnic Origins

Patrick Dempsey’s twin son is of mixed ethnicity because his father is of German, English, and Scottish ancestry.

In terms of nationality, the star child is American.

Galen Darby Marriage of Dempsey’s Parents

His parents, Dempsey and Jillian, initially met when the actor went into his future wife’s salon for a haircut in 1994.

However, the two would not begin dating right away.

It took Dempsey three years to ask her out on a date.

They were in a relationship for a few years before getting married on July 31, 1999.

Their wedding reception was held at the Dempsey family farmhouse in Maine.

For their dedication, the two have been married for almost two decades and their marriage partnership is still going strong.

Their social media handles also represent their undying love for one another.

Patrick commemorated their 22nd wedding anniversary in 2021 by uploading a handful of images of themselves on Instagram.

He stated, “7/31/99 It’s hard to realize it’s been 22 years; it feels like yesterday. I adore you and have no idea what I would do without you.”

So it is reasonable to say that their bond is still as strong as it was when they first met.

Darby’s mother filed for divorce from his father once.

While things appeared to be going well between the two, Darby’s mother Fink filed for divorce from her 15-year husband in January 2015.

She stated that their divorce was caused by irreconcilable differences.

The famous cosmetics artist requested shared custody of her children in her divorce filing.

Despite the initial turbulence surrounding their brief divorce, the couple renewed their marriage within a year of Fink filing for divorce.

Rumors about their reconciliation initially surfaced in early 2016, when a media outlet saw them hanging out with one other on many occasions.

In May of this year, the actor confirmed that the two had reconciled.

Jillian also sought that her divorce papers be dismissed in late 2016.

Darby’s father, Patrick, was previously married to Rochelle “Rocky” Parker.

The former lovers married on August 24, 1987, then divorced in April 1994. Patrick’s ex-wife, Rochelle, died in 2014.

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Galen Darby Dempsey’s Father Is a Multi-Millionaire

Patrick, Darby Galen Dempse father, has spent over three decades in the entertainment industry and has amassed a sizable net worth as a result of his extended performing career.

According to sources, the iconic actor is worth $80 million as of 2022.

Darby’s mother, Jillian, on the other hand, is doing well in her own right.

Darby, Patrick’s twin boys, his fraternal sibling Sullivan, and his actor father are all present.

Darby is certainly living the high life as the son of two prosperous parents.

He presently resides in his father’s multimillion-dollar Malibu, California home, which he purchased in 2016.