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Dacre Montgomery: Is He Dating A Girlfriend?

Dacre Montgomery
  • Dacre Montgomery is an actress from Australia.
  • He is most recognized for his parts in Stranger Things as Billy Hargrove and in Power Rangers as Jason Scott.
  • She met her future husband through mutual acquaintances at work in Perth, Australia.
  • They began dating formally on November 27, 2017.

Dacre Montgomery is an actress from Australia. Dacre Montgomery is most recognized for his parts in Stranger Things as Billy Hargrove, in Power Rangers as Jason Scott, and Elvis as Steve Binder in the 2022 biographical film Elvis.

Mutual contacts brought Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock together

Pollock told The Daily Telegraph in 2018 that she met her future husband Dacre Montgomery through mutual acquaintances at work in Perth, Australia.

After getting to know each other, they began communicating over social media platforms and built their connection.

So they first met in 2017 and remained pals till things took a turn for the worst.

“Because Perth is a tiny city, we knew one other through mutual contacts from work,” she explained.

Then we started conversing on social media, building our relationship, and it blossomed from there.”

They began dating formally on November 27, 2017.

Dacre Montgomery
Dacre Montgomery is with his girlfriend. Source: netflix life

In the same interview, she stated that their similar love of design helped them become closer.

“We are both incredibly passionate about design — I’m studying architecture and Dacre has studied interior design, so we were connected to one other via our common love of design,” she explained.

The fact that Pollock took a gap year from her Architecture studies at the University of Western Australia in 2018 to be with her partner in Atlanta — Montgomery was filming Stranger Things season three there — demonstrates the depth of their connection.

“I’m having a gap year from design to explore and travel since I believe life experiences are an equally strong form of learning,” she told The Daily Telegraph after moving to the United States.

When the Netflix show debuted, the Australian actor shot to prominence.

However, as Pollock noted, his celebrity has had no effect on their relationship.

“It doesn’t change anything; our partnership was built on our shared ideals and adventurous temperament,” she explained.

“Just because his job puts him in the public glare is not and should never be an issue in our relationship,” she continued.

Dacre Montgomery’s career is supported by Liv Pollock

Dacre Montgomery and his now-girlfriend have always been together and supported each other in every scenario and in their careers since Montgomery began dating his now-girlfriend.

On November 2, 2019, the actor professed his love for Pollock and thanked her for her support of his performing career in an Instagram post.

He’d shared a black-and-white photo of himself with his partner, along with a lengthy text.

“I want to utilize this time (and platform) to thank [Liv Pollock] – it’s not often that partners get the attention and appreciation for just how much they accomplish,” he began the caption.

This lady right here is the foundation of everything I do.”

Montgomery went on to say that she is the intellect, the elegance, and the one who packs her belongings and travels the world for him.

“She’s the one that wakes up in a different hotel room every day to be there for me.”

“She’s the one who has to deal with me coming home (tired) acting like an absolute basket case,” he continued.

She is the one that assists me in fleshing out every notion. She’s the intelligence and the sounding board.”

Pollock, according to the 27-year-old actor, is his emotional support and the one who helps him to live in the moment and not take things too seriously.

“So here’s a huge thank you to all of our partners throughout the world.”

“The individuals who don’t always get recognized for how much they accomplish,” he said.

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Montgomery’s post makes it apparent that Pollock has been an important part of his success and has always been there for/him.

The couple has been together for more than four years.

Pollock celebrated her fourth dating anniversary with a black and white photo taken at a beach with her partner on November 27, 2021.

“Yet another lap around the sun with you… thank you for four of the best.”

“I’ll always love you,” she captioned the photo.

Having said that, Montgomery and Pollock have gone a long way since they initially started dating.

Fans of the couple are eager for the day when Montgomery marries Pollock.

However, there has been no word of them getting married anytime soon.