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D.L. Hughley and LaDonna Hughley’s Marriage and Children

D.L. Hughley
  • He is now wealthy millions of dollars, due to his business partner.
  • D.L. Hughley and his wife LaDonna during their wedding.
  • Hughley’s wife has been his lone supporter through thick and thin.
  • They quickly became friends, and by 1983, they were dating.

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon; many must work extremely hard to get to where they are now. The same may be said about D.L. Hughley, the comic. He was barely making ends meet when he married his wife LaDonna Hughley.

Everyone had to start somewhere, and D.L. was no exception.

He is now wealthy millions of dollars, due to his business partner.

She was the one who pushed him to put things right since his entire family would suffer if he didn’t.

Today, we’ll learn everything there is to know about the comedian’s personal life, including who D.L.

Hughley’s wife is. Does he have any kids? Let’s get this party started!

Who is the wife of D.L. Hughley?

Darryl Lynn Hughley and his wife, LaDonna Hughley, have had an incredible marriage existence since 1986.

On February 22nd, 1986, the couple exchanged vows in a low-key ceremony.

Hughley’s wife has been his lone supporter through thick and thin.

She was the one who inspired him to achieve something meaningful in his life.

D.L. Hughley and his wife LaDonna during their wedding.

D.L. Hughley
D.L. Hughley with his wife. Source: youtube

D.L. wasn’t the huge comic he is now when they met for the first time.

He was working various jobs to make ends meet, but things became worse when his wife became pregnant.

The doctor’s bills piled up quickly, his rent check bounced, and the lights were out owing to nonpayment.

Just reading about their lives makes one question how much they truly endured.

Life grew much more difficult for the family once LaDonna became pregnant with her second child.

This is when D.L.’s wife offered him an ultimatum: change his life or his children would face the same fate as the couple.

She even advised him not to call himself a comic until he got on stage.

“It was an epiphany,” he told the Hartford Courant in 2001. DL then tried his hand at stand-up comedy and hasn’t looked back since.

The Real Story of D.L. Hughley’s Future Wife

Hughley’s star initially appeared on LaDonna sometime in the 1980s.

He’d just started working as a telemarketer for the Los Angeles Times at the time.

After he started working at the LA Times, he met a lovely African-American woman named LaDonna Yvonne.

They quickly became friends, and by 1983, they were dating.

D.L.’s fortunate charm was LaDonna. He was promoted to middle management the same year he married her.

Furthermore, it was LaDonna who advised him to attempt stand-up and see how it went.

Hughley likewise left his 9 to 5 job at the Los Angeles Times in 1991, following a few successful jobs.

D.L. Hughley has three wonderful children

D.L. and LaDonna have three children from their happy marriage: Ryan Nicole Hughley, Kyle Aaris Hughley, and Tyler Whitney nicknamed Lucci Hughley.

Ryan, their eldest child, was born in 1987.

Since September 2019, she has been married to Dr. Alejandro Shepard.

Her hubby is from Atlanta. Ryan’s entire family attended her wedding.

(1) D.L. Hughley and his family. Tyler, LaDonna, Alejandro Shepard, Ryna, D.L., and Kyle (from left to right).

Moving on, Kyle, D.L.’s middle kid, was born in 1988, a year after his older sister Ryan.

Unfortunately, he was born with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To be more explicit, the 32-year-old guy has Asperger Syndrome. A person with this condition has difficulties communicating.

On several occasions, the comedian has discussed his son’s autism.

In every interview, he expresses his pride as a father.

“My Son With Autism Is A Fine Example of a Man,” he remarked in an interview with TV One TV.

D.L. becomes emotional during an interview with the Oprah Winfrey Network regarding his son’s autism.

Tyler, D.L. and LaDonna’s eldest daughter, is gay

Tyler, the couple’s youngest child, was born in 1991, in addition to their two other children.

When it comes to the 29-year-old, is a lesbian. She is currently in a relationship with a woman called Alex Phillips.

The couple began dating in September 2020. This year was their third wedding anniversary.

Tyler posted a gorgeous selfie with her spouse on Instagram to commemorate three years of marriage.

Tyler has also introduced her boyfriend Alex to the family.

LaDonna and D.L. both shared several photos with Alex. The Hughleys’ support for Tyler’s sexuality is further demonstrated.

In terms of sexuality, D.L. had no idea his daughter was homosexual until she told him.

In an interview with DJ Vlad, he said that his daughter was terrified of her father’s response to learning about her sexuality.

D.L. Homosexual Daughter D.L.’s gay daughter has one girlfriend.

When questioned if the discovery came as a complete surprise, he replied, “It wasn’t a complete surprise, but it simply wasn’t something I thought about.”

D.L. had a son from an extramarital affair; the son died as a result of brain damage

Marriages in the entertainment industry frequently dissolve due to adultery.

Similarly, D.L. previously had an extramarital affair with someone, which almost destroyed his marriage.

The stunning revelation was disclosed by the comedian during an interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service show.

D.L. and his wife were at a party.

He admitted to cheating on his wife of three decades when he was just starting in his comedic career in the 1990s.

Furthermore, he fathered a son with his mistress.

Unfortunately, his 9-month-old young kid died after being shaken to death by his mistress’s boyfriend.

“I had knocked this lady up and had the baby, and the baby was slain by her boyfriend,” D.L. explained.

“I receive a phone from my boy and he says, ‘Your son is in the hospital,'” he said, detailing the entire story.

So I went to the hospital, and this boy was on the bed. Her boyfriend had disturbed him and injured his brain.”

The Brothers star said how his life was flipped upside down when he discovered his young son had died and that he had strayed from his wife.

Even if he wanted to tell his wife, he lacked confidence since he was afraid she would leave him forever.

His wife’s reaction, on the other hand, was something he couldn’t have predicted in his wildest dreams. In the podcast, he stated,

“Finally, I tell my wife one day, and you know what she says to me? ‘I wish you had told me this so we could have worked through it together.’

Take a look at the excerpt below!

D.L.’s Mistress was financially supported by LaDonna: A True Example Of A Wonderful Human Being

D.L. and his mistress’s story was practically right out of a novel.

Not only did his wife forgive him for his horrible actions, but she also supported the unfortunate lady he’d slept with.

Years after the horrible occurrence occurred, his late son’s newborn mother began requesting money.

So D.L. informed her that his wife would have to handle it since he couldn’t.

And, much to everyone’s amazement, LaDonna chose to assist this lady.

“So she and my wife started conversing, and my wife started giving her money,” D.L. explained.

Furthermore, as an amazing human being, LaDonna consoled her husband’s mistress and said, “Sorry for your loss,” referring to her son’s death.