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Corde Broadus: Who’s Snoop Dogg’s Son?

Corde Broadus
  • Corde Broadus is the son of Snoop Dogg, a well-known rapper.
  • Corde is also an actor and rapper under the name Spanky Danky.
  • He is well-known for his role in the 2012 film We the Party, and he has also appeared in several music videos.
  • Corde Broadus was born in Long Beach, California, on August 21, 1994.

Who is Corde Broadus?

Corde Broadus is the son of Snoop Dogg, a well-known rapper. Apart from being a celebrity kid, Corde Broadus is also an actor and rapper under the name Spanky Danky. He is well-known for his role in the 2012 film We the Party, and he has also appeared in music videos.

Corde Broadus, Snoop Dogg’s son Education And Bio

Corde Broadus was born in Long Beach, California, on August 21, 1994.

He is the eldest child of Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus.

Broadus’ nationality is American, and he is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Corde received his education at Diamond Bar High School and later at Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

Mother Corde Broadus

Shante Broadus, Corde Broadus’s mother, is a businesswoman and philanthropist.

She was born in California on October 30, 1971.

She then attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

It was also where Shante met her future husband, Snoop Dogg.

Broadus has previously worked for Boss Lady Entertainment, a music management company.

Corde Broadus Brothers and Sisters

Corde Broadus has two siblings: Cordell Broadus, a brother, and Cori Broadus, a sister.

Julian Corrie Broadus is his half-sibling.

Corde Broadus
Corde Broadus with his father and siblings. Source: pix11

Julian was the result of his father’s extramarital affair with his high school fling Laurie Helmond.

Corde, like any other brother, has a close relationship with all of his siblings.

Corde Broadus Is A Rapper And Actor

Few people are aware that Corde Broadus, like his father, is a rapper and actor.

The 27-year-old star kid has also appeared in a few movies and music videos as an actor.

He made an appearance in the comedy film We the Party in 2012.

Similarly, Broadus appeared in his father’s music video Drop It Like It’s Hot, alongside his brothers and father.

When it comes to his rap career, he goes by the stage name Spanky Danky.

In Dank We Trust (2012), KIC N DA DOE, Whenever We Want It, You Don’t Know, and YOUNG HIPPIE G are some of his songs as a rapper.

Corde’s career is just getting started, and he hasn’t accomplished anything like his father yet.

But, hopefully, we’ll get to see him succeed.

He has a child from a previous relationship with Jessica Kyzer

Corde, a 27-year-old rapper, has already been in a few romantic relationships.

He previously dated successful model Jessica Kyzer.

Despite the fact that their relationship did not last forever, they had a son together.

Zion Kalvin, his only child with Jessica, was born on January 10, 2015.

Snoop also expressed his delight at the birth of his grandson on January 14 via Instagram.

The rapper shared a series of photos on the same platform, one after the other.

Not only snoop, but all of the family members, including Julian, seemed pleased with the child’s birth.

Corde Broadus Is Currently Dating?

Corde has been in a romantic relationship with Soraya Love since his breakup with Jessica.

The couple has been in a relationship for a while and things are going well.

Furthermore, the couple has a daughter from their relationship.

Elleven Love, their first child, was born on August 17, 2018.

Prior to the birth of their child, they announced their pregnancy via a YouTube video in which the couple candidly discussed the impending arrival of the new baby and expressed their excitement.

Corde’s third child died 10 days after birth

Corde and his spouse Jessica have several children together, including Elleven.

On September 15, 2019, the couple had their second child together, Kai Love, over a year after the birth of Elleven.

However, the joy that came with the arrival of the new family member did not last long.

Kai died just ten days after she was born.

Corde wrote an emotional statement on his Instagram shortly after his child’s death, stating,

“9/15/19 – 9/25/19 / Kai Love / Kai, my son, brought so much love and happiness into this world.

His spirit will live on, and these ten days of love will be remembered fondly.

Let us all cherish life and those we love while we still have the chance. Thank you very much.

Just two days after the birth of Kai, Snoop Dogg’s son Corde shared another post with a powerful message about life.

In his ten days on Earth, my son accomplished everything he needed to.

He has since graduated and is still working.

He died in my arms, and that rush of energy will never leave me.

Kai wants everyone to know he’s doing great and hopes to continue inspiring people whose lights are faint.

Third Pregnancy for Soraya Love

While losing Kai was a sorrow for both Corde and Soraya, the couple appears to be resilient enough to deal with the worst that life has to offer.

The duo appears to have moved on from the tragedy.

And the good news was that Corde Broadus’ GF fell pregnant with Corde’s second child.

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Though the couple did not immediately announce the pregnancy, Soraya’s noticeable baby bump in her most recent videos is very suggestive of her pregnancy.

Corde and his partner Soraya became parents for the third time on February 21, 2021, when their son Sky Love was born.

The baby’s father captioned a photo of his son and girlfriend,

“Welcome my HEALTHY son Sky Love 2/20/21 / Rest In Peace to those who died today.”

Corde Broadus’s Girlfriend Soraya Loves Whom?

Many people are unaware that Corde’s new partner, Soraya, is a spiritual guru. In fact, she has her own YouTube channel called “SPIRITUALITY WITH SORAYA LOVE.”

Soraya’s channel provides insight into her family life as well as life lessons and spiritual teachings.

Even Corde and their kids have made many appearances on her channel.

As of 2021, she has over 3.38k followers on her channel.

Furthermore, she also has decent followers on her Instagram.