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Cokie Roberts: Enjoying Her Life With Husband Amid Cancer Issues

Cokie Roberts
  • Who is Cokie Roberts?
  • Cokie Roberts’ parents were politically active when she was born
  • Since a young age, Cokie Roberts has dedicated her life to journalism
  • Since they were teenagers, Cokie Roberts and her husband have been together
  • Cancer cannot sever my husband and an unbreakable bond

Who is Cokie Roberts?

Since Cokie Roberts first began out as a stunning woman with sleek black hair and a slim frame, Cokie Roberts has gone a long way. Her once-black hair has now been replaced by grey ones, and her once-slender body has grown wider, but one person has stuck with her through thick and thin.

An accomplished author and television figure, Cokie Roberts is 74 years old.

She has been employed as a news analyst and political commentator for National Public Radio since 1992.

Through her affiliation with the ABC network, where she works as an on-air commentator, she also makes frequent appearances on television.

When Cokie was a little child, her real name was Corinne, but because her younger brother couldn’t say it correctly, he dubbed her Cokie.

People began referring to her as Cokie after that, and her moniker stuck.

Cokie Roberts’ parents were politically active when she was born

Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs, who was born on December 27, 1943, spent her early years attending an all-girls school.

Hale Boggs, her father, was a Louisiana-based Democratic congressman.

In 1972, he perished in one of the most talked-about aviation accidents while serving as the majority leader of the House of Representatives.

When Cokie’s father’s jet lost communication while he was running for office in Alaska, neither he nor the plane’s remains could be recovered, despite a search that lasted more than a month.

Additionally, a longtime congresswoman, Cokie’s mother Lindy Boggs also served as an ambassador.

She frequently expresses sympathy for victims of plane crashes despite being constantly troubled by the terrible disappearance of her father.

Cokie went to Academy of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls school in New Orleans, but she actually earned her high school diploma from Stone Ridge School, another all-girls school in Washington, D.C.

She eventually earned a Political Science degree at Wellesley College, another all-women university, likely motivated by her parents.

Since a young age, Cokie Roberts has dedicated her life to journalism

Cokie began her career as a foreign correspondent for CBS News, based out of Athens

She worked in a number of local TV roles after moving back to the United States from 1981 to 1984 before joining the ABC network in 1988.

She was a National Public Radio reporter before working for ABC.

As of 2018, Cokie is a senior news analyst and political commentator for NPR after steadily moving up the ranks.

She had a second job at ABC where she hosted a number of shows.

Cokie also serves as the channel’s on-air commentator.

She even started appearing on the network’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos as a guest panelist.

Joan Walsh, a 60-year-old veteran journalist for CNN, is married and estranged from her husband. family today

She has received multiple honors for her lifetime commitment to journalism, including the Edward R. Murrow Award and the Everett McKinley Dirksen Award.

Additionally, she received an Emmy in 1991 for her work on a documentary. Ross Perot is who?

Although she has received accolades and prizes for the majority of her career, there was a period when some questioned her ability as a journalist.

The majority of these occurred following a conversation with a Mexican nun stationed in Guatemala.

According to the nun, a killing squad supported by the government kidnapped and raped the nun.

One of the victims of the death squad was an American.

Cokie, however, didn’t appear to accept this.

As many of the critics noted, this was due to the fact that Cokie’s brother’s law business was advocating on behalf of the Guatemalan government and working to depict it in a favorable light.

The episode raised the issue of Cokie’s journalistic prejudices, a fairly troubling stain on her otherwise pristine career.

Since they were teenagers, Cokie Roberts and her husband have been together

She is married to a former professor and writer Steven V. Roberts, with whom she has two children and four grandkids.

The husband and wife have been together for more than fifty years and are still going strong.

The elderly couple first connected during a political convention they attended while in college in 1962 when they were still teenagers.

Cokie was 18 years old when she first met Steven, who was a year older at 19 years old.

About five years into their relationship, the couple made the decision to get married.

And the pair exchanged vows to stay together and face all difficulties together in the summer of 1966 at Cokie’s house in Bethesda, Maryland.

The pair, who were both journalists, frequently disagreed about work.

However, they never allowed their work to interfere with their personal lives, and love always won out.

Additionally, despite having different ways of thinking and ideas, the generation created a column that they syndicated to national dailies across the United States.

The couple was fortunate to have two children, and since the birth of the great-grandchildren, their happiness has increased fourfold.

Cokie Roberts
Cokie Roberts with her husband Steven V. Roberts source: Bethesda Beat

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Cancer cannot sever my husband and an unbreakable bond

Cokie’s severe health concerns following her breast cancer diagnosis in 2002 put the couple’s marriage through its first true test.

The ABC broadcaster was fortunate to receive a cancer diagnosis at a young age.

She underwent surgery to remove the breast tumor, and that same year, doctors proclaimed her disease-free.

She recovered fully from the operation.

Speaking to the New York Times in December 2017,

the couple explained that marriage was a constantly changing experience and that their willingness to adapt and evolve was the key to their long-lasting union.

They added that having a feeling of equality and mutual respect was another crucial attribute they possessed,

which enabled them to respect the contributions that each partner made to the family.

The husband and wife became closer as a result,

and it also improved their mutual respect.

They have been together for 52 springs and have witnessed each other’s development from a teen to an elderly person, but they still can’t get enough of one another.