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Coco Austin, the Viral Curvy Model, Know Every Details About her

Coco Austin
  • Austin Coco visited New Mexico
  • How Famous Coco Austin Became
  • There is a 20-year age difference between Ice-T, Austin’s husband, and themselves

During the course of the 2016 Russian World Cup, images of the attractive blonde woman went popular online.

Many people wrongly assumed that the woman was the president of Croatia, which would finish second in the competition.

But it turns out that the curvy woman in the image was Coco Austin.

Coco Austin
Coco Austin photo source: POPSUGAR

Austin Coco visited New Mexico

On March 17, 1979, Coco Austin was born in Tarzana, California.

She completed her high school education in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as California.

Since leaving school, Coco Austin has established a career in the shoe industry.

A TV personality, model, actor, dancer, and truth-teller is Coco Austin.

She was featured as a stunning model in numerous publications, calendars, and catalogs.

This is a result of her voluptuous shape, which includes a big back, a short tail, and 39DD breasts.

Some have compared her to an outrageously exaggerated human Barbie because of her golden hair.

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But Austin wasn’t always the stunning blonde she is now.

She grew up with dark hair and a decently proportionate body.

She then underwent plastic surgery to achieve her current appearance.

A group of well-known people who are open to plastic surgery includes Coco Austin.

She acknowledged that she created her own happiness, and as a result, she is proud of it.

How Famous Coco Austin Became

Seven people make up Coco Austin’s family, which is a sizable one.

His mother’s name is Tina, and his father’s name is Steve Austin.

Her parents were aspiring actors who first encountered the well-known US television series Bonanza.

She is the oldest of five children named Kristy William, including a sister who is also a model and three brothers.

The reality star was not given the name Coco Austin when she was born.

Austin was Nicole Natalie in place.

When he was younger, her younger brother mistook the name “Nicole,” giving her the nickname “Coco” throughout her youth.

She entered the spotlight early (18), but what she had done before surprised several people who suddenly knew her as a woman.

Coco was a tomboy when she was a child, and at the time, she was a beloved Passover.

She enjoyed soccer and riding ATVs.

Even back then, she adored tap, jazz, and ballet.

She has several facets as a woman.

As previously said, Coco Austin is a seasoned model, actress, dancer, and public figure.

She wasn’t a slacker before her marriage to Ice-T, but she only truly flourished afterward.

Career as a Model for Coco Austin

Coco Austin’s first and longest-running career endeavor has been as a beautiful model for more than 20 years.

She began her career as a young adult who mostly specialized in lingerie and swimwear shots when she first began to appear in magazines and catalogs.

Subsequently, she won the Miss Ujena title at Mexico’s 1998 pageant.

She expressed gratitude to more exclusive gatherings, such as the Playboy Mansion.

She received a lot of attention in a bathing suit in 2007 when she became the first Caucasian woman to appear on the cover of Smooth Magazine.

Its phenomenally successful Exotical Calendar DVD was launched earlier that year, helping the magazine post its best sales ever.

When she started her own four-monthly magazine, she put on the covers of numerous well-known periodicals on it.

With over eleven loans, Coco’s

Coco Austin is featured in movies and television shows in addition to modeling.

She made her acting debut in the R-rated movie Southwest Babes in 2001.

She also acted in other movies with comparable ratings, such as Desert Rose and The Dirty Monks.

Since then, her filmography has expanded to include further works like Man To Think and Santorini Blue.

She has years of experience under her belt in TV shows in addition to movies.

Starting in 2004 with the comedy series Difficult People where she played a doctor and in the law and order Special Victims Unit where she appeared for eight years.

Austin also made appearances on various television specials, such as Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show and Flavor Flav’s Central Roast Comedy.

Other examples include the appearance of their guest judge on the fifth season of the RuPaul Drag Race, the Dr. Oz Show, and Hip-Hop women.

In Peepshow in Las Vegas, Coco Austin also performed as Bo Beep from 2012 to 2013, taking Holly Madison’s place.

It is one of her most intriguing accomplishments yet.

The model/actress also dances while she models, but Coco Austin dances for a lot longer.

Since she was six years old, Coco has essentially mastered the technique of moving her body.

Since she was a little child, the Hollywood actress has performed on stage, starting with ballet, jazz, and tap dancing.

Tina, the girl’s mother, had taken her to the play. While growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Coco had the honor of participating in a number of productions at the eponymous Little Theatre.

As time went on, dance seemed to have shifted Austin’s priorities and encouraged her to pursue her other interests.

The gorgeous star yet manages to incorporate it. Coco Austin is a businesswoman that consistently combines one of her most favored qualities with what people find to be the finest about her, using this as her main selling point.

Since 2014, when Austin released her app, Coco’s Workout World, based on her renowned physics, she has become another online phenomenon.

Austin made a note of including everything that makes Coco unique in the training regimens for millions of individuals in their quest to resemble a corpse.

She demonstrated it with sparsely covered articles and combined pole dancing, painting, and a full-body workout.

She gave an explanation of why she decided to combine fitness training and dance, which she had done for most of her life.

Web Persona of Coco Austin

After getting married to Ice-T, Coco Austin gave up her modeling profession to help her husband with his demanding schedule.

Despite her supportive wife role, she continued to look for ways to better herself.

During this time, she started her first website,, and then

Both websites provide inspiration and advice for Coco Austin, formerly known as “Twerking in Heels.”

On this website, she also discusses fitness and gives a detailed account of her lifestyle, including her love of heels, make-up, skincare, and other feminine items.

Since their debut, both websites have vanished, although they continue to receive millions of views each month.

Furthermore, she has millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram, making her a significant social media influencer.

Owner of Fashion Line and other businesses

Coco Austin wants to list as many industries as she can as an entrepreneur.

Despite maybe being influenced by her body, the ever-evolving woman is nonetheless stylish, and this is not just true of her.

Licious debuted her clothes collection in 2009.

Despite being made for ladies with curves, it may be worn by people of many different body types.

Her wardrobe comprises elastic fabric in the United States and includes jeans, dresses, and swimwear.

A few years later, Austin once more partnered with California Exotics in 2014 to introduce its Coco-Licious range of sex toys.

Value of Coco Austin

Coco Austin has a $5 million net worth as a result of her work.

Coco is a dedicated worker who has put her entire self into her profession, despite the fact that many others choose to ignore her.

Austin currently has a net worth of $5 million, which she amassed from modeling to entrepreneurship through her many efforts, even though the public is unaware of how much money they make the per show.

Their net worth is expected to rise in the upcoming years, based on Coco Austin’s present trajectory, and her creativity doesn’t appear to be planning an early retirement.

Her wealth, which is currently valued at $40 million, is considerably less than that of her spouse Ice-T.

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There is a 20-year age difference between Ice-T, Austin’s husband, and themselves

Ice-T, a well-known rapper, and musician who was born Tracey Lauren Marrow on February 16, 1958, happily wed Coco Austin.

In his career, Ice-T put out 15 albums, some of which were joint efforts with other musicians.

Additionally, he has performed as a versatile actor in over 160 films and television programs.

He is most recognized for his work as the Special Unit for Victims detective on Law and Order.

Coco Austin and her husband first crossed a street in 2001, the same year she separated from Mike Williams, her first husband, whom she wed on May 11, 1999.

Given that models frequently interact with actors and singers, their encounter was not unexpected.

Coco was a 22-year-old model living in California when she met her future husband, who was having a bad day on a movie shoot.

A buddy of his has introduced her and given her encouragement.

Austin was struck by Ice-ability T’s to make her laugh at the moment despite not knowing who he was.

Despite her evident asset, the rapper told the Daily Mail that it was her teeth that caused him to rebel for the first time.

The 42-year-old celebrity’s gaze then began to stray slightly beneath, and when she had the chance to show him her back package, he became a Giller.