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CNN Journalist Elizabeth Cohen Shares Married Life Moments;

Elizabeth Cohen
  • Who is Elizabeth Cohen?
  • Being a Senior Medical Correspondent for CNN
  • Her Parents Are Both Physicians, What Is Her Age?
  • Family Assistance: During a crisis, Elizabeth Cohen’s husband inspires her.

Who is Elizabeth Cohen?

Elizabeth Cohen had a fantastic life, with a good career and a loving family all to herself. The family had more than just a love connection, as her husband’s supporting personality came to the fore when she had to prioritize her duties during a significant crisis.

CNN has a contract with the middle-aged American journalist. She works for CNN’s Health, Medical, and Wellness unit as a senior medical correspondent.

Elizabeth Cohen
Elizabeth Cohen with her husband source: People

Elizabeth began her career as an associate producer of the environmental program Green Watch at WLVI in Boston. She has worked as a correspondent for States News Service in Washington, DC, and The Times Union in Albany, New York.

Being a Senior Medical Correspondent for CNN

Her career took off in 1991 when she joined CNN following a brief stint with several local TV networks.

She was employed at CNN to report on health and wellness issues resulting from catastrophic disasters.

Ten years after joining CNN, she documented the 9/11 terrorist attacks with expertise and offered updates from the Ground Zero recovery effort.

Not only that, but she also organized a search team to locate the missing people in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001.

Aside from that, she reported from a health standpoint in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in 2005,

and she also presented her perspective on oil spills in Mexico in 2010.

Her contributions to health and wellness have not gone ignored,

as she has received numerous accolades and titles, including the Gracie Award (2008), the Emmy Award (2005), and the Hearts Award.

Elizabeth traveled to Liberia in 2014 to report on the Ebola outbreak.

She has received the Outstanding Alumni Award from Columbia College in New York City

as well as the Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award.

Her Parents Are Both Physicians, What Is Her Age?

Elizabeth was born into a Jewish family, the daughter of Charles A. Schwartz and Sheila Fay.

Her parents were both physicians, so she grew up with a strong interest in health and well-being.

She is one of four siblings, including two sisters, Pamela and Julia, and a brother, David.

She graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor’s degree in history.

After earning a master’s degree in public health, she continued her education at Boston University.

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Family Assistance: During a crisis, Elizabeth Cohen’s husband inspires her.

Elizabeth’s career success can be attributed in great part to her husband and children.

She has been married to Israeli-born entrepreneur Tal Cohen for a long time.

Elizabeth and her husband have four beautiful daughters.

Her husband’s supporting nature was revealed on September 11, 2001,

when America was attacked by one of the greatest terrorist attacks in history.

Despite her husband’s concerns for her safety, he encouraged her to report the occurrence and assist the injured.

Elizabeth discussed her husband’s supporting behavior and how he encouraged her to report the news in a book called Women Journalists at Ground Zero: Covering Crisis.

Shir, her third daughter, was also an inspiration for her book THE EMPOWERED PATIENT.

Shir was born with a severe medical issue that required spinal taps.

Shir’s experience inspired her to create the book and learn more about medical issues.

Elizabeth appears to be a fortunate woman in that she has a supportive family.