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Cindi Knight: Who Is She? What is she doing after husband Andy has died?

Cindi Knight
  • Cindi Knight is a well-known actress who is best known as Andy Griffith’s third wife.
  • She is most known for her role in the 1982 film Matt Houston.
  • Andy, her husband, died before she was wedded.

Who is Cindi Knight?

Cindi Knight is a well-known actress who is best known as Andy Griffith’s third wife. She is most known for her role in the 1982 film Matt Houston. Andy, her husband, died before she was wedded. Despite their large age difference, they had a rather long-term romance.

But how is Cindi Knight’s life following her husband’s death? Was she the mother of any children from her marriage? So, in this piece, we will go into her work, age, relationship, net worth, and much more.

Let’s get this party started.

Knight, Cindi Early Years, Age, Education, and Parents

Cindi Knight, Andy Griffith’s third wife, was born on May 2, 1953 in North Carolina, United States.

Bobby Knight is her father’s name, and Muriel Knight is her mother’s.

Needless to say, she gets along well with both of her parents.

According to sources, both her father and mother were teachers in the Duval County school system.

They lived in the Arlington neighborhood.

Cindi attended a local theatre school as a child, which influenced her decision to pursue an acting career.

She also took dance classes to improve her dancing abilities.

She completed her official education at Terry Parker High School and her university degree at Jacksonville University.

Knight, who was born on May 2, 1953, will be 68 years old in 2021.

Before becoming an actress, Cindi Knight worked as a teacher.

Knight worked as a high school teacher before becoming an actor.

She allegedly taught English at Wolfson High School.

However, she left her employment to pursue her acting career and relocated to Los Angeles.

In between performing gigs, she worked as a substitute teacher there.

She made her acting debut in the 1982 television series Matt Houston.

In two episodes from 1982 to 1983, she played a secretary.

The series also features actors such as Lee Horsley, Pamela Hensley, and Lincoln Kilpatrick.

Similarly, she had a big role in the TV movie Murder in Coweta County in 1983.

Along with her husband Andy and other performers such as Johnny Cash, Earl Hindman, and others, she portrayed Julia Turner.

Andy Griffith’s widow is Cindi Knight.

Cindi Knight
Knight with her husband source: NPR

Cindi is Andy Griffith’s third wife, in case you didn’t know.

On April 12, 1983, the pair married in a private ceremony.

Andy attended a volleyball game in 1978, where the couple met for the first time.

Though they became friends on the first meeting, their friendship got stronger

during the filming of Murder in Coweta County. As a result, they finally began dating and married.

Despite their 29-year age difference, the couple had a wonderful connection.

Andy developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome shortly after their marriage,

resulting in temporary paralysis in his legs and nerve infection.

During these trying times, Cindi was a huge support, nursing him through the sickness.

After recovering from his sickness, Andy remarked that Cindi was the finest thing that ever happened to him.

As he put it,

This woman has given me more happiness than I’ve ever known.

Cindi and Andy had a lovely life together till his death on July 3rd, 2012.

Did Knight and her late husband Andy have any children?

Unfortunately, Cindi had no children of her own.

She is, however, the stepmother of Dixie Griffith and Andy Griffith Jr. Andy

and his first wife, Barbara Bray Edwards, had adopted both children.

While Dixie is still alive and well, their son Andy died of alcoholism on January 17, 1996.

He died at the age of 37 in Universal City, California, USA.

How Is Her Life After Her Husband’s Death?

Cindi was well-known in the media as Andy’s wife, but she has avoided the spotlight since his death.

There have been no updates on her present condition.

She is also not on any social media platforms, leaving her utterly secluded and out of reach of the media.

However, we hope she is doing well in life and making the most of it.

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Cindi Knight, did she inherit Andy’s fortune?

Andy Griffith is survived by his third wife Cindi, as well as his daughter Dixie.

As a result, they are the only legitimate candidate to inherit his fortune.

According to this, Cindi Knight has a net worth of at least $30 million at the moment.

However, according to certain tabloids, Andy contested Dixie’s inheritance of his money in a court document,

making Cindi the only owner of $60 million of his net worth.