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Christopher Harvest: Do you want to know about him?

Christopher Harvest
  • Christopher Harvest is the ex-husband of Vivica A Fox.
  • Harvest proposed to her one year to the day after they initially met, December 19, 1997.
  • The actress bride wore an ivory Escada gown, a veil, and a crown.
  • Vivica and Chris had their wedding exactly one year later, preserving their dedication to good old December 19, the ex-wife writes.

Who is Christopher Harvest?

Christopher Harvest is the ex-husband of Vivica A Fox. Fox is Harvest’s ex-wife, and Christopher Harvest is most remembered for her breakout appearances in two box office hits, Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day and F. Gary Gray’s Set It Off.

Before meeting Vivica A Fox, who was Christopher Harvest?

Christopher Harvest’s life before marrying Vivica Fox is a frustrating enigma in and of itself.

So much so that not even the actress’ former husband’s birth information has been decrypted.

One may argue that Harvest is simply another long-lost celebrity who was formerly famous due to their friendship with a Hollywood star.

Some think he was a collegiate athlete because of his incredible height.

To date, however, that has almost no credibility.

For the First Time, Christopher Harvest Encountered Vivica

Christopher Harvest’s ex-wife Vivica states in her book, “Every day I’m Hustling,” that it was 1996 and the 16th day of December.

Christopher Harvest
Christopher Harvest with his ex-wife. Source: gettyimages

The actress states she had recently wrapped Soul Food and was back in Los Angeles.

Vivica reveals she and her girls wanted to go out to celebrate her homecoming, so they traveled to Bar One nightclub in Beverly Hills.

As they were hanging and catching up on the many narratives of each other’s lives, this six-foot-nine guy appears and approaches them.

The man was none other than Harvest who then inquired, “Are you, Vivica Fox?” to which his future bride answered, “Yeah.”

Vivica admits she was flattered but yet remarked, “You’re a warm brother. but I have to go.”

She then walked away from him onto the dance floor.

After a while, Chris bought twenty roses from outside while Fox started to have a talk with some other person.

Harvest still cut in and started offering Vivica those twenty roses, one by one.

The Soul Food star believes it had been so long since she had been wooed and it worked.

Christopher Harvest Proposed Vivica A Fox With A Platinum Ring

Four months after their first meeting, Vivica allowed Chris to move into her house.

She says she was actually in love, at the time.

Harvest proposed to her one year to the day after they initially met, December 19, 1997.

Vivica says in her book that she had been expecting a ring.

Fox tells how awful the meal was the night before the proposal when Harvest brought her out to supper.

The Kingdom Come star says the whole time at the restaurant, she was anticipating him to take a knee at any minute.

Harvest, however, did no such thing at the meal, and on their journey back home, his then-girlfriend was going through all; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

When they went home, Vivica discovered the apartment was packed with roses and candles.

Chris finally got down and gave the ring.

Fox started to cry so much that she couldn’t even see the ring’s color.

She believed it was gold which she had loathed since her early days.

Magic Johnson And Shaq Attended Their Wedding

They married in 1998. Vivica and Chris had their wedding exactly one year later, preserving their dedication to good old December 19, the ex-wife writes.

They selected their venue at the Park Plaza in Los Angeles.

It was an Art Deco palace utilized as a film location for old Hollywood-type movies and as a destination for couples who desire an over-the-top Cinderella wedding.

The Indiana-born actress arrived in a horse-drawn carriage with flowers, white organza, and glittering small lights.

Vivica describes how a paparazzo falling out of a tree delayed her grand entrance.

The couple invited 260 people, including Madame King, the woman who had put the bride in her very first fashion show.

They also included Magic Johnson and Shaq as well as Holly Robinson Peete, Lela Rochon, and Tisha Campbell-Martin.

The actress bride wore an ivory Escada gown, a veil, and a crown.

Her six bridesmaids also have Escada. Jeffrey Johnson, one of her boys from Arlington High, who had become a minister, married them.

The Reason Behind Christopher Harvest’s Divorce With Vivica A. Fox

In May 2021, while sitting down with hip-hop writer DJ Vlad, Harvest’s former spouse Vivica A.

Fox disclosed the real reason behind her 2002 breakup with her ex-husband was due to economics.

The Independence actress revealed her decision to marry was rather a result of hurry and peer pressure from pals.

She also revealed her anxiety about being the breadwinner and “paying all the expenses all the time.”

In the interview, Fox revealed she purely opted to go down the aisle for Harvest because she noticed “everyone else was doing it.”

“Everyone was enjoying their Cinderella day, and I simply wanted one too, to be very honest with you…

Vivica also mentioned how after the marriage, her then-husband, Harvest didn’t go out and attempt to pursue things with the same zeal that she had for her job.

She said paying all of the bills took a toll on their relationship.

Fox said had to come to the conclusion that she didn’t want to be the breadwinner in that household.

The R&B singer and Fox ultimately divorced in 2002 and the following year, the latter began dating rapper 50 Cent, who she often referred to as the love of her life.

That connection, however, couldn’t survive either as the ex-wife of Harvest would go on to date Atlanta club operator Omar “Slim” White.

Christopher Got Help From Vivica Even After The Divorce

Vivica alleges she aided her ex-husband amidst the separation.

In the last year of their marriage, she was practicing for Kill Bill Vol 1.

Viv says when she returned from training in China for the film, she wanted to terminate things with Harvest as fast and gracefully as possible.

The actress told him she had set up a wholly furnished apartment and paid the rent for the year.

She also deposited $50,000 in the bank for him.

And after that, they were done.

Fox states she didn’t detest the guy but just didn’t want to be his wife anymore.

Where Is He Now? Did He Remarry?

Over the years, Vivica A Fox’s ex-husband, Christopher Harvest has become lost in obscurity beyond remembrance at least when it comes to media awareness.

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Not even Fox has talked about her towering ex-partner in a long.

Although he was introduced as a rookie musician, there haven’t been many developments in that part either.

Likewise, in light of the foregoing reality, not much about his marriage life is in a state of recognition.

Though, since he would be in his late ’50s, it’s entirely likely that Harvest may have a family of his own.