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Chris Herro: Who Is Chris?

  • On July 11, 1968, Chris Herro was born.
  • Tyler Herro, the Miami Heat’s point guard, is the father of Herro.
  • Chris had had offers from Saint Louis and Florida State prior to his injury.
  • Chris is married to Jennifer, as previously stated (Jenn). They tied the knot in 1999.

Tyler Herro, the Miami Heat’s point guard, is the father of Chris Herro. Chris Herro’s father was also a basketball player, albeit he never advanced to the next level.

Chris Herro’s Birth Information, Parents

On July 11, 1968, Chris Herro was born.

He graduated from West Allis Hale in 1992.

He was also a basketball player at Florida State.

Herro, Tyler Herro’s father, is now purportedly the proprietor of a home servicing firm.

Chris, it is claimed, is now the proprietor of Superior Disposal.

He plows snow in the winter and works as a concrete constructor and roofer in the summer.

Chris, on the other hand, hasn’t spoken about his paternal origin or his true ethnicity.

Chris Herro Retired From Basketball Due To An Injury

According to several reports, Chris Herro was an aspiring basketball player in high school.

He was forced to retire from the game after tearing his ACL.

Chris Herro
Chris Herro with his parents. Source: courierjournal

As a result, he was also denied a Division I scholarship.

Later, Chris’ unpleasant turn of events inspired him to encourage his son, Tyler, to give his all, which helped develop a strong work ethic in him.

What Does Chris Herro Think About His Injury?

Chris Herro had had offers from Saint Louis and Florida State prior to his injury.

Things changed once he was injured during his senior year of high school.

In an interview, he discussed how he dealt with the devastating blow to his career.

“It took me a bit to get over it,” she admits.

Tyler’s father was revealed. He stated that it was difficult for him to swallow because he was so invested in the game.

Chris also stated that this surprised his wife, Jen.

He recalls people staring at him as he walked to the gym since he was a really good basketball player.

Chris and Jennifer Herro were married

Chris is married to Jennifer, as previously stated (Jenn). They tied the knot in 1999.

Chris and Jenn Herro were both collegiate athletes.

The pair now lives in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Tyler, their first child, was born in January 2000.

They have two more children, Austin and Myles, in addition to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team member.

They were both born after Tyler.

Despite the fact that Jen and Chris have been together since their marriage, Jen reveals she has had disagreements with her spouse on multiple occasions.

However, it is largely about their athlete son.

Jen once stated that she and her spouse have always had a love-hate relationship.

She admitted that she and Chris used to quarrel constantly because she thought he was “way, way too hard on Tyler.”

His Son’s Influencer Is Chris Herro

Tyler has always looked up to Chris as a role model.

As a former player, Chris felt it was only right for him to pass on his knowledge of the game to his son. He explained to his son,

“Never ever, ever disrespect the game.”

Chris advised his son that he had to treat every game as if it were the final time he played it.

Tyler Herro has been coached by his father since he was a toddler.

Chris Herro instilled in his son the importance of hard work from an early age.

He also attempted to persuade his son that he is the best player on the court when he is on it.

He advised his first child not to listen to anyone who told him otherwise.

Chris believes that his son should go to the gym and work hard until he is the best in the game.

And, of course, when his son is in court, the Wisconsin resident lends his support in any way he can.

Tyler’s parents, Chris and Jennifer Herro traveled to Orlando to watch their son play in the NBA Finals after watching every playoff game from their home in Greenfield.

He claims that his son Tyler Herro picked up on his arrogance from him

Tyler’s confidence was far above average even as a rookie for the Miami Heat.

But someone deserves credit for the Miami Heat’s No. 14’s confidence in himself.

Chris provided insight into Tyler’s and his father’s confidence in September 2019 while speaking with the Miami Herald.

Tyler is no stranger to criticism from fans and teammates. He also enjoys hurling insults.

Chris admits that he was the inspiration for his son’s confidence and that he assisted his son in distinguishing between arrogance and cockiness.

“I like to think it comes from me,” admitted the former high school basketball player.

He revealed how, when Tyler was younger, he taught him the distinction between arrogance and cockiness.

He allowed his son to be arrogant in order for him to play basketball at a higher level.

Chris believes that without it, no one can succeed on the court. He also stated that people do not understand the distinction.

Tyler, Chris’ son, has no problem with his father being harsh on him

Despite the fact that Chris and Tyler have a tough-love approach from father to son, the latter says he has no regrets or hard feelings about the methods used.

“It was difficult,” the 6-foot-5 shooting guard said.

He explained — but it was exactly what he needed to hear.

Tyler added that while many people tell him what he wants to hear, his father, Chris, tells him what he probably doesn’t want to hear.

When Chris Herro and Tyler Got Into a Fight

Tyler was reportedly irritated with his father in October 2020 after he expressed concern about his interactions with new teammate Jimmy Butler.

According to ESPN, Chris’ annoyance stemmed from Butler’s reputation for having a prickly personality.

In July 2019, he stated that as a parent, he hears stories about Jimmy and simply wants to ensure that his son is safe.

Chris reported his child, who responded by saying, ‘Dad, you have to stop texting me.’ Jimmy is a nice guy.’

The younger Herro and Butler had become friends while leading the Heat to the NBA Finals for the first time in six years.

Chris Herro Has A Wonderful Relationship With His Son

Despite the difficult dynamic, the West Allis Hale graduate and his son have a strong bond.

Chris isn’t all about punishing his child. When necessary, the 53-year-old knows how to console his child.

When Tyler lost his final playoff game as a senior, the bond between father and son grew stronger.

In the hallway, the main Herro ran into his son, and they hugged and cried together.

Chris admits that his son’s work ethic is “insane.”

He explained that he doesn’t tell in order to brag about his son.

But he insists it’s simply the truth.

When his son first signed with the team, he believed Tyler would bring something special to the team.

Herro, Chris Tyler Earns a Lot of Money

Tyler had a fantastic rookie season in Miami.

He was the first NBA player born in the 2000s to play in both the NBA Conference Finals and the NBA Finals.

He was also named to the 2019-20 NBA All-Rookie Second Team.

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He is also doing well financially.

Some might even argue that he is getting significantly better deals for a player his age.

According to multiple reports, Tyler Herro’s current salary is more than $3.822 million.

On July 10, 2019, he agreed to a three-year, $11,466,720 contract with the Miami Heat.

To put it simply, the NBA star earns more than $10,000 per day while playing for the Heat.

Chris has a grandchild as well

Chris became a grandfather in September 2021, when his son, Tyler Herro, and his girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry, announced the birth of their daughter on social media.

Katya Elise Henry, a 26-year-old model, has over 8 million Instagram followers.

Tyler and Henry began dating in March 2020, when the former reached out to Katya via Twitter and they publicly tweeted each other.

They have yet to tie the knot, however.