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Chloë Grace Moretz Dating Details On Her Love Life & Relationship

  • Chlo Grace Moretz, one of the most vocal celebs, keeps her dating life open.
  • With that out of the way, let’s find out whether Chloe and Kat are still together or have split up.
  • Chloe has shown a desire to be in a covert relationship.
  • She is a model who has been in Playboy magazine.

Chlo Grace Moretz, one of the most vocal celebs, keeps her dating life open.

Her latest affair with a Playboy model, on the other hand, has been kept private.

Today we’ll find out if Chloe is still romancing her newfound beau or if they’ve broken up.

Examine her previous relationships as well.

In 2021, who will Chloe Grace Moretz be dating?

If public sightings and private encounters are taken into account, Chloe was linked with Playboy model Kate Harrison in 2020. Many of you are probably already aware of this.

With that out of the way, let’s find out whether Chloe and Kat are still together or have split up.

Their most recent sighting came in August 2019, when they were seen on a lunch date in Auckland, New Zealand.

There haven’t been any new developments in their relationship since their last appearance.

However, considering the current circumstances caused by COVID-19, we can speculate that they may be keeping themselves and others safe by remaining indoors.

Chlo also shares a rented PAD with her girlfriend Kate

Yes, the lovebirds even live in the same house. When they were first seen together, making out and getting passionate in May 2018, TMZ alleged the couple lived together in a leased PAD in Los Angeles.

This indicates that the couple is having a good time together despite the lockdown and the current situation of the epidemic.

The Current Status of Chlo and Kate’s Relationship

It is too soon to draw any conclusions, but all of the facts point to one.

Until now, their relationship has been flowing nicely.

Furthermore, Chloe has shown a desire to be in a covert relationship.

Chloë Grace Moretz
Chloë Grace Moretz Source: New York post

She talked about what she learned from her public breakup with Brooklyn Beckham.

When asked by The Sunday Times interviewer what she learned from her prior affair, she stated,

“Being clandestine. To maintain peace and quiet.

It’s been a long and difficult learning process.

I had many occasions when I thought, ‘Why can’t I just say this?’ “How come I can’t be with this individual on the street without being photographed?”

Similarly, it appears that she will stick with her principal and will no longer flaunt her love life in public as she used to.

By the way, who is Chlo’s GF, Kate Harrison? Have you ever dated anyone?

Kate is a star in her own right.

She is a model who has been in Playboy magazine.

She is also the daughter of Gregory Harrison, a well-known American actor, and Randi Oakes, a former model.

Emma Lee and Lily Anne Harrison are her two sisters, while Quinn is her adopted brother.

In terms of previous relationships, she dated guitarist Gene Simmons’ son, Nick Simmons, in 2013.

She began seeing a musician, Emily Armstrong, after breaking up with him.

Chlo had a high-profile relationship with Brooklyn Beckham

Her connection with Brooklyn Beckham is one of the most publicized in show business.

The couple originally fueled dating rumors in 2014.

The former lovers were photographed enjoying quality time together in Los Angeles, months after their initial meeting at Paris Fashion Week.

According to reports, they were introduced by a common friend.

Despite showing a lot of affection in public, Chloe refused to discuss their relationship.

They had an on-again, off-again romance after that.

Nonetheless, their romance advanced in 2016, and the Kickass star even confirmed it during an interview on The Talk.

Unfortunately, after dating for two years, they decided to split up in 2018.

Other Previous Linkups with Chlo Grace Moretz

Aside from Beckham, she has had a few brief relationships.

After splitting up with Brooklyn in 2018, there was speculation that the Greta star was dating Maze Runner star, Dylan O’Brien.

They were observed leaving The Nice Guy nightclub in the same automobile at the time.

They soon proceeded to Hollywood’s famed hotspot Avenue together.

Dylan and the 23-year-old appear to have a past together.

Dylan revealed to Hollywire in 2011 that he has a crush on Chloe after seeing her performance in Kickass.

Furthermore, there was a rumor that Chloe had hooked up with her 5th Wave co-star, Alex Roe.

It all started when photos from her 20th birthday celebration were leaked.

They were seen getting all cozy in the photos.

There were rumors concerning Chloe’s relationship with Cameron Fuller in 2013.

They were photographed together in West Hollywood in January 2013 on what appeared to be a date.

She was also linked to footballer Neymar when she admitted to having a crush on the Brazilian star.

There were also speculations of a romance between Chloe and Julian Moraes.

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The sexuality of Chloe Grace Moretz

We can plainly state Chloe’s sexuality is bisexual after learning about her current relationship and past relationships.

Although she never explicitly stated her sexual preference, the indicators are evident.

Her girlfriend, Kate, happens to be in the same situation.

She has previously dated both men and women.

Regardless, we’re glad Chloe is living her life to the fullest and not conforming to the norm.