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Cassius Riley, Domino Kirke’s Son: His Family, Career, and Unknown Facts

  • Cassius is the son of vocalist Domino Kirke and Morgan O’Kane, as previously stated.
  • He was born in the United States in 2009.
  • Riley has a similar positive bond with his stepfather.
  • He also has a younger sibling, born in the year 2020.

Cassius Riley is the son of English-American singer Domino Kirke and her ex-husband Morgan O’Kane. Unfortunately, Cassius Riley parents have separated and he is now famous as the step-son of Netflix’s hit series “You” actor Penn Badgley, who her mother married in 2017.

Ever since Cassius’ mother tied the knot with the You actor, his life has also become a center of attention.

So, how is his life at present? Why did his parents separate? Here, find out everything you always wanted to know about Morgan O’Kane’s first child.

Cassius Riley is Domino Kirke’s son.

Cassius is the son of vocalist Domino Kirke and Morgan O’Kane, as previously stated.

He was born in the United States in 2009. He will be 12 years old in 2021.

Kirke’s mother was in her mid-20s at the time of his birth.

Cassius lived with her father and mother for the first few years of his existence but was reared by his single mother after their divorce.

When it comes to his family, he comes from a musical family.

Cassius Riley with his father source; biography mask

Not only is his mother a musician, but his grandfather, Simon Kirke, was an English drummer.

Lorraine Kirke, on the other hand, was a housewife. His great-grandparents, Vivian Percy Kirke and Olive May, were also well-known in the media.

Cassius is also known as Rafaella Israel Mosberg’s and Memphis Kirke Mosberg’s causing.

Penn Badgley’s mother married Cassius Riley.

Domino marries again after divorcing Riley’s mother.

Her first marriage was to her now-ex-husband Morgan O’Kane.

They originally met in 2007 and married after several years of dating.

However, their relationship did not survive very long.

They filed for divorce shortly after the birth of their first child, Cassius, and it was reportedly finalized in early 2010.

The ex-husband and wife never disclosed the cause of their divorce.

Penn Badgley’s mother married Cassius Riley.

Cassius Riley’s Mother and Stepfather Penn Badgley Divorced

Kirke, on the other hand, raised him as a single mother for the majority of his youth.

However, almost seven years after her divorce from her ex-husband, she married Penn Badgley for the second time.

The couple began dating in 2014 and married on February 27, 2017.

Cassius Riley with his parent source; bollyhood gossip

Penn has subsequently adopted Cassius and the two have formed a strong friendship.

Riley has a similar positive bond with his stepfather.

Cassius Riley Has An Elder Brother

Cassius Riley also has a younger sibling, born in the year 2020.

His mother and her second husband, Penn Badgley, had their second kid.

Domino, on the other hand, only reported the birth of her second child a few weeks later in a lovely Instagram post.

Furthermore, the pair previously announced that they were expecting their first child together in February 2020.

She also shared a stunning snapshot of her baby bump on Instagram at the time.

She reportedly had two miscarriages in a row prior to giving birth to the child.

Cassius’ Aunt Lola and Jemina Kirke are both well-known actors.

Cassius Riley is the nephew of famous actresses Lola and Jemina, in case you didn’t know.

They are not just actresses, but they are also directors and singers.

Jemina has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Untogether, Tiny Furniture, and The Little Hours.

She is well known for her role in the HBO series Girls.

Lola, his other aunt, is also an actress and singer.

She has appeared in films such as Gemini, Viper Club, Another Happy Day, and American Woman, among others.

She has also worked on the Amazon Studios TV show Mozart in the Jungle.

Cassius’ mother gave up singing to work as a doula.

Cassius’ mother, Domino, was a successful singer in the past, as previously said.

In 2009, however, she switches her occupation to become a doula.

Domino admitted to Hey Mama that she has always wanted to be a midwife.

She stated that if singing did not work out for her, she intended to pursue Daula as a career.

Despite the fact that her music career had been rather successful, she decided to pursue Doula work after the birth of her first child.

According to accounts, she began practicing Doula work on her own before teaming up with Samantha Huggins to form Carriage House Doulas.

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Cassius Riley’s net worth

Cassius Riley is only about 12 years old and does not have her own employment.

He is still in school and has not chosen a career.

As a result, he does not make his own money.

But because he was born into a prosperous and wealthy family, he leads a magnificent and lavish life.

His mother is said to be worth roughly $1 million in total.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, his stepfather Penn Badgley has an estimated net worth of $8 million.