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Casey Starsiak: Do you want to know about Mina Starsiak father?

Casey Starsiak
  • Casey Starsiak is a well-known American physician and Mina Starsiak’s father.
  • His daughter Mina rose to prominence after appearing on the television show Good Bones.
  • He was born in 1949 in Indiana, USA.
  • Casey married a lovely lady named Karen E Laine when he was in his thirties.

Who is Casey Starsiak?

Casey Starsiak is a well-known American physician and Mina Starsiak’s father. Casey Starsiak’s daughter Mina rose to prominence after appearing on the television show Good Bones.

Casey Starsiak is a native of Indiana

Casey Starsiak was born in Indiana, USA.

He was born in 1949, and he is currently 73 years old.

Casey is also of Caucasian ethnicity and of American nationality.

He can trace his ancestors all the way back to Eastern Europe.

Casey Starsiak
Casey Starsiak with his Good Bones groups. Source: thelist

Casey was raised in a Catholic home by his parents.

He is best known as the father of TV personality Mina Starsiak, so little is known about his mother and father.

Casey Starsiak is a medical school graduate

Casey Starsiak finished high school at a local Indiana school.

Casey had known since his early adolescence that he wanted to work in medicine, but he wasn’t sure which branch.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Northwestern University.

He received his Bachelor’s degree from the university.

In addition, Casey studied Physical Therapy.

He attended the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine after receiving his bachelor’s degree.

In 1977, he graduated from college and became a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

In addition, he went to Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, to finish his residency and orthopedic surgery.

He is also certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

Casey Starsiak is a well-known orthopedist in Indiana

Casey Starsiak is well-known in his field, just as his daughter is well-known in hers.

He is currently employed at the Community Hospital East and Community Hospital South in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He has over two decades of experience in the field.

Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Hip and Knee Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery Medicine, Surgery, and Trauma Surgery are among his specialties.

Starsiak only operates on teenagers and adults.

Casey has the best reviews out of all of them.

The vast majority of his patients are pleased with his care.

Personal Life of Casey Starsiak: His Marriage to Mina Starsiak’s Mother Karen

Casey married a lovely lady named Karen E Laine when he was in his thirties.

Karen, his ex-girlfriend turned wife, is a retired attorney.

She attended the Indiana University School of Law and majored in law.

Karen Laine’s daughter Karen worked on house restoration with her daughter Mina.

Karen, Casey’s ex-wife, was an attorney for many years.

She went into show business after retiring from the profession.

She collaborated with her daughter Mina and appeared in the show Good Bones.

In terms of Casey and Karen’s relationship, the couple was married for a decade before splitting up.

They divorced when their three children were teenagers.

Casey Starsiak is the father of five kids

The orthopedic surgeon fathered five children from two separate relationships.

He and Karen have three children: William, CR, and Mina.

Following their divorce, the couple shared joint custody of their children until they reached the age of majority.

Starsiak, Casey Starsiak, Mina

Casey was in attendance at his daughter’s wedding.

Regardless of what happened between them, Casey and Karen remained friends.

They raised their children with love and respect, and they remain a close family to this day.

Casey moved on with Cheryl after his divorce from Karen.

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They had two children, one son Tad and one daughter Jess.

Although Casey has wonderful relationships with all of his five children, his son Tad is unique.

You see, Casey’s second wife Cheryl died, and after her death, Tad became estranged from his father.

But that doesn’t mean Tad is cut off from his siblings.

On several job sites, he collaborates with his sister Mina.

Casey Starsiak’s net worth is

It should come as no surprise that Casey earns a lot of money from his job as a surgeon.

After all, he has one of the highest-paying jobs in the country.

His annual salary is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1 million.

According to this estimate, his net worth is most likely in the $10 million range.

Meanwhile, his daughter Mina is a millionaire, having amassed a fortune of $2 million.

The majority of her enormous earnings came from her appearance on the HGTV show Good Bones.