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Casey Holmes Bio, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Daughter

Casey Holmes
  • More Facts about Casey Holmes
  • Who is Casey Holmes?
  • What is Casey Holmes’ age?
  • Casey Holmes’ net worth
  • When was Casey Holmes’ wedding?
  • How did they first meet?
  • Scandals of Casey Holmes
  • What is Casey Holmes’ height?
  • Casey Holmes’ career path

More Facts about Casey Holmes

Full Name: Casey Holmes
Age: 29 years
Birthday: 25 Nov
Birthplace: Georgia
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Husband: David Marlar
Net Worth: $2 million
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Profession: Make-up guru, YouTube, Vlogger, Entrepreneur
Kids: One (Mason)

Who is Casey Holmes?

American beauty expert and vlogger Casey Holmes is well-known worldwide. Casey Holmes is most known for her two YouTube channels, one of which is self-titled and hosts the majority of her vlogs. Additionally, she launched “Rosie Daze Boutique,” a store selling women’s apparel.

What is Casey Holmes’ age?

USA native Casey Holmes is from Georgia.

She turned 28 years old this year, having been born on November 25, 1991.

Her zodiac sign is also Sagittarius.

Sadly, Casey withholds a lot of information about her parents, siblings, and other family members.

Although Casey is an American, nobody is certain of her ancestry.

She has also been very secretive regarding her upbringing and academic history.

Unless she opted to stop studying in the middle of the trip, she seems to be a university graduate given her age.

Casey Holmes’ net worth

Holmes hasn’t received any recognition despite her honors and commitment.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, including her earnings.

Her YouTube account “Casey Holmes” had a $31,000 net worth as of March 2020.

More than 1.7 million people subscribe to this channel.

There have been more than 197.4 million views on its 742 released videos.

In general, Casey Holmes adds three new videos each month.

Her YouTube channel averages 39.9k video views every day.

In addition, as of March 2020, her side channel “CaseyHolmesVlogs91” had a net worth of $141,000.

With over 650k subscribers and 190 videos posted, this channel has received over 49 million views.

She produces four new videos on average each month.

Additionally, she adds 48 new subscribers daily to her channel and enjoys 71.3k daily video views.

When was Casey Holmes’ wedding?

Casey has been married.

She marries a soldier named Davis Marlar.

He was a pitcher for the Army baseball team at West Point and a graduate of the United States Military Academy in Orange County, New York.

On March 25, 2017, the pair announced their engagement, and on October 28, 2017, they wed.

Son currently resides with the couple. At 10:44 in the morning on July 7, 2019, Casey gave birth to their kid.

The infant was given the name Mason Marlar.

Their rescue dogs, Daisy and Rose, live with them as well.

Casey Holmes Davis Marlar
Casey Holmes and Davis Marlar on their wedding source: Twitter

How did they first meet?

In Casey’s hometown, they first ran into each other in a pub.

David believed Casey and the woman were dating since their mutual acquaintance had invited them to the pub.

David was first uninterested as a result.

When they eventually got together, they realized they attended the same school, but Casey was in a higher grade.

At the time, they even added one another on Facebook and started messaging one another.

However, they were unaware of it at the time.

He clumsily raised a toast describing her as another man’s girlfriend when Casey requested him to make the toast.

Casey confirmed right away that she had no boyfriend.

They had a meaningful dialogue after the disclosure, which helped them get to know one another better.

They did not get to spend a lot of time together because Davis was in the military.

Her inquisitive followers frequently questioned how they managed to maintain their connection.

It was a result of the “little things” the two often do for one another, naturally with the aid of FaceTime.

Scandals of Casey Holmes

At the beginning of 2017, Casey Holmes opened up to her Snapchat followers about her personal issues.

Visitors flocked to her YouTube account to provide words of support for her.

While the specifics of the incident are unknown, viewers of her Snapchat story claim that she has been getting a lot of critical comments from a group of individuals who are eager to minimize her accomplishment.

She was one of the most sincere YouTubers, though, and many of her fans stood by her during this trying period.

Fortunately, things quickly turned around for her both professionally and personally when she introduced her personalized highlighter palettes for Smashbox and became engaged to her longtime fiancé within a short period of time.

They currently have a child together and are married.

What is Casey Holmes’ height?

She weighs about 51 kg and has a height of 5 feet 5 inches, according to Casey’s physical measurements.

Her dress size, shoe size, breast, waist, and hip measurements, among other information, are not available.

She also has the same shade of hair and eyes.

On the other side, she frequently dyes her hair blonde.

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Casey Holmes’ career path

A beauty specialist that is totally into hair and makeup is Casey Holmes.

She gained fame through her own YouTube channel, which she started on March 10, 2011.

The channel has 1.77 million members and 200,506,010 views as of March 2020.

She also started a second YouTube channel called “CaseyHolmesVlogs91” on June 8, 2013, and it has racked up 50,711,338 views and 653K followers.

Her fans love the videos she broadcasts of her stunning hauls from her numerous shopping trips and sprees.

She has a ton of in-depth videos on her YouTube channel covering a wide range of subjects, such as cosmetic lessons, fashion advice, daily routines, product evaluations, comparisons, and so forth.

She frequently publishes videos from her “Hits and Misses” series, in which she tells her viewers about the most recent things she’s been using as well as the ones she didn’t care for at all.

Casey Holmes has a separate vlogging channel named “CaseyHolmesVlogs91,” however she also occasionally uploads trip vlogs on her primary channel.

The majority of her videos are hosted by her alone, however, she occasionally works with other well-known YouTube beauty gurus like Laura Lee.

The most popular video on her channel, in which her inebriated boyfriend provided the voiceover for her makeup instruction, featured Davis, her husband.

She worked with the cosmetics company Smashbox to create two exclusive highlighter palettes in February 2017.

She initially wanted her channel to serve as a venue where she could showcase her talents as a cosmetics and hair artist.

But as her following increased, she diversified her content offerings to incorporate, among other things, DIY home design, shopping videos, and fashion.

While she was originally reserved in her videos, she gradually acquired confidence and warmed up to her followers, posting vlogs frequently, doing Q&A sessions, responding to private inquiries, and talking about relationships.

As her fame increased, Kin Community, a lifestyle network for female content creators, signed her.

Because of her approachable personality, Casey Holmes is popular among her fans.

Many of her supporters concur that she hasn’t changed throughout the years despite her immense popularity.

She hasn’t become egotistical, just more confident throughout the years.

She is renowned for her commitment to her work as well.

Casey communicates with her followers frequently and shows a sincere interest in what they have to say.

She published a video named “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation- First Impression (F.I.F)” in October of 2013.

In addition, Casey disclosed the new endeavor she has been working on October 3, 2017.

An online retailer of women’s apparel is called Rosie Daze Boutique.

On October 15, 2017, she also hosted a party to debut her business.