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Caroline Konstnar

Caroline Konstnar

Caroline Konstnar is a YouTuber, singer, TikTok star, and illustrator. Caroline Konstnar is most known for her sketch comedy and song parody videos on her eponymous YouTube channel. Konstnar rose to prominence in 2019 after releasing her viral video It’s Prom, which has had over 6.7 million views to date.

Her YouTube channel has around 763K subscribers and 25.292 million views as of early 2021.

However, she seemed to have vanished from the spotlight in recent months.

Early life and Childhood

Caroline Konstnar was born on August 4, 2003, in Florida, to American parents Seth Grossman and Liz Grossman.

Konstnar became her stage name afterward; the word ‘Konstnar’ means ‘artist’ in Swedish.

Joey and Talaia are her two siblings. Her astrological sign is Leo.

Education Details

Caroline was homeschooled and graduated from Laurel Springs School, an entirely online private school, before going on to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

She also trained as a ballerina at New York’s Valentina Koslova Dance Conservatory and the School of American Ballet.

Konstnar took first place in the South African International Ballet Competition in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2016.

Professional Career

Konstnar pursued a profession as an illustrator in her early years and shared her work on Instagram (@carolinekonstnar) for the first time in March 2016.

It quickly drew her notice on social media, allowing her to amass over 304K followers by March 2021.

She launched an eponymous YouTube account on August 9, 2018, where she frequently broadcasts comedic sketches and song parodies.

Caroline’s debut video, CornaCast Makayla and I Yell, was released on March 30, 2019, but it wasn’t until April 17, 2019, that her video named “It’s Prom” became a YouTube sensation, with over 6.7 million views.

Caroline Konstnar
Caroline Konstnar making a video for her youtube channel. Source: healthyceleb

The Jellyfish Song, I’m a Steak, The Nice Guy Song, Lonely Halloween Song, A Song for Belle, and The Depression Song are among the five songs included in the American YouTube star’s comedy EP This Is Underwhelming At Best, which was published in August 2019.

The STD Song, which was uploaded on May 17, 2019, and has over 6.36 million views, is one of her most popular videos.

Caroline’s YouTube account CarolineKonstnar has a massive 763K subscribers and 25.292 million views as of March 2021.

Konstnar is a TikTok celebrity and a ballerina-turned-social media influencer. Her unusual facial expressions and comic routines have undoubtedly earned her significant popularity on the platform.

Caroline has over 115.1K followers and 1.1 million likes on her TikTok account, @carolinekonstnar.

Net Worth and Salary

Caroline Konstnar has a net worth of $600,000.

According to reports, Caroline earns a significant chunk of money from social media sponsorships; her Instagram (@carolinekonstnar) has the potential to produce $914- $1,523 for every sponsored post.

Caroline’s self-titled YouTube channel is predicted to earn $9.5K – $152.3K per year, according to Social Blade.

Relationship Status

Caroline Konstnar maintains things low-key and seldom lets the online media interfere with her personal interests.

Konstnar is not publicly dating or involved in any speculated relationships as of early 2021.

Despite the hype, there was never any news about her lover or any romance stories.

She frequently turns professional on Instagram, posting her comic routines as well as illustrations.

Because her relationship status has yet to be confirmed, online sites are already claiming that she is now single—a claim that appears to be pretty believable for the time being.

Body Measurement

Caroline Konstnar stands 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Social Media

Her YouTube channel has over 763K subscribers & a total of 25.292 million views.

Her YouTube channel CarolineKonstnar has garnered a massive 763K subscribers & totals 25.292 million views.

Caroline has over 115.1K followers and 1.1 million likes on her TikTok account, @carolinekonstnar.

Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

The majority of Konstnar’s YouTube videos have been removed, with only a few remaining on her channel, prompting online speculation over what happened to her.

Furthermore, the new social media star displayed less activity online, which sparked clouds of intrigue.

Caroline later revealed in a YouTube video on November 23, 2020, that she has had bipolar disorder since the age of 15 and was dealing with its severe affects by the age of 16.

She also mentioned that one of her brothers had an intellectual handicap and the stress her parents were under after she noticed symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Konstnar said she wanted to make people laugh, the way she used to,’ while discussing her battle with depression.

Caroline appears to be back on track, having recently produced a YouTube video titled ADVICE from a REAL fake DOCTOR on February 25, 2021.

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  • Konstnar is an American YouTuber, singer & illustrator who is widely famous for her stints in sketch comedy & song parody on her eponymous YouTube channel.
  • Her YouTube channel has over 763K subscribers & a total of 25.292 million views.
  • Her YouTube channel CarolineKonstnar has garnered a massive 763K subscribers & totals 25.292 million views.
  • Konstnar has a net worth of $600,000.
  • She is not dating officially or has any rumored relationship.